Gotham Knights: All Characters [Playable & Non]

Decisions, decisions... Which of the four playable characters will you take along in your journey?

Cant decide which Knight you'll play with in Gotham, we got you with this comprehensive character guide.

Gotham Knights is taking us to somewhere we’ve never been before: a Gotham without Batman. The dark knight himself has died meaning that Nightwing, Batgirl, Robin, and Red Hood have stepped up to be the thin caped line that stops the city from falling into chaos. You can basically play as any of the four Gotham Knights Characters you want for the entirety of the game. But that doesn’t mean that each of the game’s four playable heroes is the same.

Key Takeaways

  • There are 4 characters for you to tinker with and best decide which one best suits your playstyle.
  • Each character has their own mechanics and abilities, this guide will help you decide exactly how they sum up in the game so you can pick a character and start your journey in the ever-brutal, crime-infested Gotham City.

Fans will need to carefully choose their knight based on how they want to play the game because each knight offers gamers a different gaming experience. Gotham Knights allow players to experience combat in four distinct methods, from heavy-handed tanks to stealth attackers, increasing gameplay diversity and even enticing gamers to team up with others to witness how various knights battle. Let’s dive further into each character and show you what it means so you can decide which character best suits your playstyle.

Every Bat-family member has their own special skills, advantages in battle, and more. Their execution of combos varies; for instance, Red Hood’s timed attacks make use of his firearms in a manner that other characters’ ranged strikes do not. Additionally, even though it’s not necessary, it’s a good idea to switch up your characters frequently because you’ll encounter various plot moments with each one. One of the game’s greatest hat tricks is the extent to which the game environment bends depending on who you’re playing as.

Let’s start off with our first Gotham Knight Character, Nightwing i.e., Dick Grayson.

Nightwing (Dick Grayson)

Nightwing in Gotham Knights

Richard “Dick” Grayson, has the distinction of being the first-ever “Robin”, fighting alongside Batman from he was a young boy right into his teenage years, before leaving Wayne Manor to forge his own path, and his own superhero identity as “Nightwing”. Grayson has donned Batman’s cowl multiple times whenever Bruce has been unable to do so, mostly due to his apparent death. Curiously, he doesn’t do so here.

Dick’s combat style is mostly focused on acrobatics because of his past as a circus artist, which enables him to maneuver easily throughout the battlefield. He can utilize enemies as launch pads to jump into the air and avoid assaults with amazing back handsprings thanks to the skills on his skill trees. With the addition of the ability to knock down opponents and collect momentum energy more rapidly, he may increase the frequency of his employment of special strikes.

Grayson also specializes in teamwork. He can gain darts that heal or even revive allies from a distance, and area-of-effect powers that buff and heal teammates.

Each of the four heroes has unique traversal abilities that you can unlock by completing their “knighthood” challenges. Nightwing’s is a mini drone that allows him to glide around.

Batgirl (Barbara Gordon)

Batgirl in Gotham Knights

If there is a person who would be a good fit to replace Batman in terms of talents, it would be Batgirl. She is a tech genius, acrobat, and great investigator. She has aided the cape wearer several times, first as Batgirl, then as Oracle, and lastly as Batgirl once more. She is James Gordon’s daughter.

Due to Barbara’s expertise with technology, she can interestingly hack the battlefield. For instance, she may use a few of her skills to deal tank damage without having her strikes stopped or to use her standard combos to block powerful opponent assaults. She may also heal herself by killing foes as well as restore herself after being knocked out.

When you want to eliminate foes swiftly rather than put up with drawn-out battles, Batgirl is a smart choice because she can hack the surroundings while attempting to remain discreet. She can cause distant environmental things like electrical panels to explode and has skills that render her invisible to electronic security equipment like sensors and cameras.

Through her knighthood challenges, Barbara unlocks the ability to glide around the city on her batwings. This traversal power is most similar to the ones found in the Arkham games.

Robin (Tim Drake)

Robin in Gotham Knights

Next up on this Gotham Knights Characters guide is, Robin. Tim Drake is the most recent incarnation of Robin and is the youngest of the four Gotham Knights characters. Unlike other Robins, Tim Drake discovered Batman’s identity on his own and wasn’t an orphan – at least, at the start of his story.

With most of his gadgets allowing him to shock or confuse his enemies long enough for the player to enter stealth mode, Robin’s gameplay has demonstrated that his character will rely more on stealth and diversions than the others. Robin is the ideal character for any player who wishes to experience a stealth playthrough in Gotham Knights, thanks to his invisibility suit that will let him walk past foes and his slingshot’s stun blast that would temporarily blind enemies. But if he is discovered, Robin has his dependable staff at his disposal to rapidly dispatch foes.

At the heart of Robin’s combat is his numerous gadgets, and since he is a genius hacker, his gadget variety will likely be the most in the game. Robin can use his staff to block incoming bullets while charging the enemy to close the distance to the biggest threats first, which could mean that Robin players will focus on single enemies rather than bouncing around a group. Because of this, Robin could get overwhelmed easily by larger groups or groups with tougher enemies, which is probably why Robin is classified as Gotham Knights’s Stealthiest Character.

Robin’s traversal ability is maybe the weirdest of the bunch. Using mystical satellite technology, he can teleport long distances, which effectively means holding the right trigger and slowly maneuvering a cursor to where you want him to reappear.

Red Hood (Jason Todd)

Redhood in Gotham Knights

The red mask is now worn by a guy by the name of Jason Todd, and it is Todd’s Red Hood who will appear in Gotham Knights. Red Hood was originally one of The Joker’s first identities. Todd, who was believed to have been put to death by The Joker, reappears as Red Hood, an antihero due to being resurrected by Ra’s al Ghul. Red Hood is more eager to use fatal force and weaponry to accomplish goals than the other available characters are.

Playing Red Hood is the easiest of all the characters. He compensates for his lack of sophisticated hacking and stealth talents with sheer damage. He has strong grab techniques and devastating melee and pistol ranged strikes. His skill in attaching concussive mines to captured adversaries, tossing them back at their allies, and detonating them with well-placed gunfire is a favorite. Talk about showing off!

Jason’s guns are more useful than his counterparts’ ranged weapons. If you keep your distance from foes, you can take advantage of the game’s manual aiming mechanics to rack up big damage multipliers. His momentum abilities let him unload clips rapid-fire and quickly reload for more.

Red Hood’s unique traversal ability lets him teleport around using magic floating platforms.

Those are all of the playable Gotham Knights Characters. Let’s give you a short intro to other big-name characters that you would bump into during your playthrough.

Gotham Knights Non-Playable Characters

Alfred Pennyworth

Alfred giving a pep talk to the Knights

The world’s top detective’s butler, he frequently served as a father figure, mentor, and doctor often patching him up. It remains to be known how he will respond in a world without Batman because he is defined by his relationship with the Waynes.

Mr. Freeze (Victor Fries)

Mr.Freeze in Gotham Knights

Once used as a punchline, Mr. Freeze eventually became something more with a tragic backstory involving him searching for a cure for his wife. His role in Gotham Knights is an antagonist, though with Mr. Freeze there’s usually something more going on.

Mr. Freeze is a menace to society once more, utilizing some form of weaponry that is causing thunderstorms and ice to sweep across the streets of Gotham. Carnage and chaos ensue as you could imagine and it’s up to the Bat Family to put a stop to his out-of-control scheming.

Harley Quinn (Harleen Quinzel)

Harley Quinn in Gotham Knights

After being duped by the Joker, former jail psychologist Harley Quinn ultimately threw it all out. The Joker is not mentioned in Gotham Knights, and given how independently Harley Quinn has been acting in recent years, it appears that she no longer requires the clown prince of crime.

Penguin (Oswald Cobblepot)

The Penguin in Gotham Knights

Another iconic and notorious villain that makes an appearance is none other than Oswald Cobblepot, better known as the Penguin.

The Penguin appears to be offering helpful information to our four protagonists more than acting as a threat. On one hand, we know Penguin to be nothing more than a menace to Batman, causing chaos and trouble wherever he goes – but he knows more about the Court of Owls than almost anyone else in Gotham.

Clayface(Basil Karlo)

Clayface in Gotham Knights

There are many different backstories for Clayface and a few different alter egos, at the moment we don’t know which Clayface we’ll be facing off against in Gotham Knights. But one thing remains the same, this malleable monster is one of Batman’s most deadly foes and will be a handful and a half for the Gotham Knights.

The Court of Owls

Court of Owls in Gotham Knights

The Court of Owls organization is the second major adversary that will prowl the streets of Gotham and trouble our Gotham Knights time and time again. The Court is constantly on the lookout and plotting. We might surmise that the Court of Owls holds the secret to Batman’s “death” as Penguin informs our heroes that the Court of Owls controls everything in Gotham and that Batman never had power over the city.

Batman (Bruce Wayne)

Bruce Wayne aka Batman

Bruce Wayne, best known as the caped crusader, Batman, is going to be absent from Gotham Knights, as he dies before the game even begins. Batman asks his Bat Family to keep fighting the good fight and protect Gotham from those that wish to harm it.

We’ll the some of the characters to avoid spoiling the game for some of you. That’s it for this Gotham Knights Characters Guide or more like a deep dive into the characters you can play as or be meeting in the game. We hope this helped and do check out more of our guides since you’re here. Thank you and see you soon.

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