How To Fast Travel In Gotham Knights [Explained]

All about unlocking fast travel in Gotham Knights and all fast travel locations

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Fast travel portrayal in Gotham Knights

Gotham Knights revolve around Gotham City, and Gotham City is a big city. Commuting by Batmobile is the only option but is very timely. You can also unlock a feature that makes you travel instantly: Fast travel. You must get used to Gotham Knight’s fast travel feature.

Key takeaways:

  • Gotham City has a large map and it is very tedious to travel with most commuting options.
  • Fast traveling takes a few seconds to travel from one place to another.
  • Fast travel needs to be unlocked, and all 8 fast travel locations need to be unlocked once also
  • The locations should be unlocked as quickly as possible to utilize them afterward.

There are eight locations in Gotham Knights where you can access fast travel, and there are 5 secret identities also of Gotham Knights. Fast travel increases the game progression manifolds and makes the gameplay more fluid. But fast travel will not be presented to you on a plate, it must be earned. You will need to unlock it.

Meet Lucius Fox at Foxteca Rooftop

Lucius Fox talking about drones
Lucius Fox tells about fast travel

Unlocking fast travel demands you to complete the main story till a particular mission first. You can’t travel fast till there, but fast travel after that. How to know if you have received that stage?

The mission that gets you to unlock the fast travel is mission 2.1: “AKA Oswald Cobblepot”. After you have heard Oswald’s message and approach Lucius Fox and complete the task, he assigns you.

The mission proceeds with a call from Lucius Fox – head of his own founded company, Foxteca. You might have realized that Lucius always provides the Bat-family with the necessary gadgets.

Fox will hand over to you a mechanical wing glider which you can use to glide around Gotham City in the flash of an eye. But there does exist a catch. GCPD makes drones patrol Gotham City, and the drones don’t tolerate any unauthorized flight. The drones shoot to fail the flight. You must hack the drones first.

Hack The Drones

To get rid of the drones you would have to scan them with the AR device you have. Reach the fast travel location and hunt the drones flying in and in the vicinity of the area. Get close to them, equip the AR device, and scan them. Then, Lucius will be able to override them, and the fast travel location will be unlocked.

Surveillance drone hacking
Hacking the patrolling drones

The drones are distributed across Gotham City in sections. You would have to scan all the drones of a section to make it drone-free zone and then do it for every section. But the scanning gets harder with time.

As the game progresses, you will face shielded drones. These drones cannot be scanned as per your will. They carry a shield, and the shield is disabled when the drones stop at a dock to recharge themselves. This will be your chance to scan them – seize it when you see it.

You will be able to tell if a drone is scanned, un-scanned, or at the dock visually:

  • Un-scanned drones have orange outlines.
  • Scanned drones have white outlines.
  • Docks have white outlines.

Use your AR pulse to view where the drones are – see through buildings and other structures. You might find it a very tedious task when you take it initially, but after using the fast travel you might find it to be worth the patience.

Fast Travel Locations

The fast travel feature can only be accessed from 8 designated places and they show up on the map as GPS locations. The places are mentioned as follows, along with the drone’s information that patrols in the section:

Fast travel locations
                                        All fast travel locations
  • Old Gotham: This is located at the Grand Avenue, which is south of Gotham City Cathedral. The location is guarded by 2 patrolling drones, one of which is shielded.
  • Southside: The fast travel spot is situated on Manchester Street, which lies on the west of Cobblepot Steel. This is an easy-to-secure place, so you can do it early on – the place is patrolled by only one drone that is too unshielded.
  • West End: This is located at Croydon Avenue, lying south west of the Gotham City Hospital. Right to say this is a guarded fortress. There are 3 drones patrolling the site, out of which 2 are equipped with shields.
  • Tricorner Island: The location can be unlocked from the Robert Kane Memorial Bridge. Tricorner Island is secured by 2 drones which are unshielded.
  • Bowery: Situated at Chester Avenue, on the southern-west of Monarch Theater, the fast travel location is guarded with 3 unshielded drones.
  • Gotham Heights – It is at Dyrford Avenue, in the southern-east of Gotham City University. Be cautious when infiltrating it, the location is guarded by 2 shielded drones.
  • Financial District: It is located at Barr Avenue, outside of the GCN. The spot should be easy to get hold of since it is secured by only 1 drone, which too is not shielded.
  • Bristol: This is on the Mercey Avenue, on southern-east of Saul Erdel Planetarium. Perhaps, the most difficult fast travel to unlock due to the very high protection of 3 shielded drones.


It must be known that at least 2 fast travel locations need to be unlocked before you are able to use the feature.

We suggest that you unlock all the fast travel locations as quickly as you can. This will help you in traveling to mission spots or other places you like much soon and quick, as compared to the conventional route you would need to adopt which includes ledges, roads, Batmobiles, roads, etc.

Unlocking all the locations indeed demands patience and time, but the locations only need to be unlocked once and the benefits follow every time you use them. It is also up to the player’s discretion when to use fast travel and when not to.

If it seems that traveling by Batmobile or Bat-cycle or any other way, is more efficient than fast travel then that may be adopted. Remember, fast travel is a tool to be used efficiently, just like other tools provided to you in gameplay.

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