Gotham Knights Find The Hidden Page [Completed]

The pages of Historia Strigidae were scattered throughout Gotham City and your goal is to find all 42 Historia Strigidae!

Find The Hidden Page Gotham Knights

Our guide will go over the details to find the hidden page in Gotham Knights. Most people are unaware, but the Hidden Page is also an Historia Strigidae.

In addition, there are approximately forty-two pages of Historia Strigidae hidden across Gotham City. They hold the secrets to the Court of Owls, and in order to find out their history, you must gather all 42 pages of Historia Strigidae.

Moreover, the map in Gotham is unlocked at the very start, so you can access the whole of it and visit places such as the Gotham Cemetry to find the Hidden Page.

Key Takeaways

  • There are 42 Historia Strigidae scattered throughout Gotham City.
  • They are a part of Collectibles in Gotham Knights. For instance, Batarangs are also Collectible.
  • Historia Strigidae contains the secrets of the Court of Owls, a group of evil assassins bred by the wealthiest families to do their bidding.
  • The hidden page in Gotham Knights is near the Gotham Cemetery.
  • A white cross marker will indicate that you’re close to the page.
  • Upon reading the area, scan the place with your AR to locate the Cache Marker.
  • You will find the hidden pages of Historia Strigidae.

Find The Hidden Page Gotham Knights

Strange Marking
After entering the Gotham Cemetery, scan your AR to find the Strange Marking on a tombstone!

Open your map and pinpoint the location of Gotham Cemetery. When you arrive at the cemetery, you’ll have to use your AR to scan the place and gather hints for the Hidden Page. Your AR will find a white cross or marking on one of the tombstones.

While standing in front of the Strange Marking, you need to look up, move the left side of the tombstone, walk straight toward the Columbariums, and scan the place with your AR.

After finding the first marking on a tombstone. you’ll find the other marking on a Columbarium!

On the right, you will notice another Strange marking on one of the funeral urns or Niches. Locating the second marking will prove that you’re a step closer to finding the Hidden Pages of Historia Strigidae.

Hidden Page
There are two Columbariums next to each other; go toward the middle of them and pick up the Hidden Page of the Historia Strigidae!

Additionally, there will be another Columbarian behind this one, and both of them will have a strange marking on each side of them. At the other side of one of these columbariums, scan the AR again and interact with one of the Niches to pick up the piece. As a result, you’ll receive the pages of Historia Strigidae.

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Final Thoughts

There are four playable characters in Gotham Knights; Robin, Red Hood, Nightwing, and Batgirl. These superheroes have taken the role of Batman to fight crime in Gotham City and to collect the Hidden Pages of Historia Strigidae.

Along these lines, they have unique skills and abilities to carry out their mission. Reading our guide on Gotham Knights All Characters, you can find everything about these playable characters to unlock their full potential.

My guide on “Find the hidden page Gotham Knights” has reached its end. Therefore, if you were able to find the Hidden Page in the Gotham Cemetery, you’ll be pleased to learn more about Gotham Knights through our collection of guides at VeryAliGaming!

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