Gotham Knights: How To Change All 4 Characters [Simple Steps]

Playing style of a player can hugely be varied by just switching the characters in Gotham Knights and this makes it crucial to know every detail of how to swap between characters in Gotham Knights.

How to change characters in Gotham Knights
Guide to swap characters in Gotham Knights.

Characters in Gotham Knights can be changed by traveling to BELFRY, which can be accessed from the Bat Menu Map Option.

Key takeaways

  • Gotham Knights allows the players to swap between four different characters.
  • Swapping from one character to another is important to achieve a higher skill level in Gotham Knights.
  • Changing characters in Gotham Knights changes dialogues and certain scenes.
  • The best time to swap characters is when you achieve level 15 using Nightwing.

How To Change Characters?

You can change your character in Gotham Knights by following the uncomplicated and straightforward steps.

Firstly, you should use your Bat computer to open the main menu. There, you will see 7 icons from which you will choose the map option.

Gotham Knights Locations
Gotham Knights Belfry Location

What comes next is that you should head to the ‘BELFRY’ location. When you reach that place, you will notice on your left side there are different suits unveiled.

Gotham Knights characters
Gotham Knights character suits

Last but not least, you will move near the suits and switch to any of the characters you want to interact with.

Switching from one character to another in Gotham Knights
Switching to a character

When you return to the game, your new character will be ready!

Should you change characters in Gotham Knights?

Changing a character in Gotham Knights might have some effects on dialogues as well as on some scenes in the game. Let me take the example of meeting with Harley Quinn in the game.

So, we have to get some info about Batman during the game by meeting with Harley Quinn. Below are the images of every Bat family meeting with Harley Quinn.

Red hood

Ineraction between Harley Queen and Red Hood
Red Hood meets Harley Quinn.

Harley Quinn knew Red Hood for a long time as he was the first Robin in the bat family. The image above shows how much these two characters know each other.

Harley Queen knew Red hood for a long time as he was the first robin in the bat family. The image above shows how much these two characters know each other.
Response of Red Hood

Bat Girl

Meeting with Harley Queen
Bat Girl meeting with Harley Quinn

One of the best sidekicks of Batman is Bat Girl. Bat Girl helped Batman in failing Jokers and Harley Quinn’s evil plans. The above image shows a meeting with Harley Quinn.

Response of Bat girl to Harley Queen
Bat Girl responding Harley Quinn


Meeting with Harley Queen
Harley Quinnchatting with Nightwing

Another one of the best sidekicks of Batman is Nightwing. Nightwing surely gave Harley Quinn and Joker a hard time. These images show Harley Quinn and Nightwing chatting with each other.

Harley Queen meets Nightwing
Reply of Nightwing


Meeting with Harley Queen
First time meeting with Robin

Tim is the new Robin after Red Hood and Nightwing. This boy is getting intension among the enemies just like other bat family members. So, these images show his first-time meeting with Harley Quinn.

First time meeting with Harley Queen
Robin replying to Harley Quinn

So, you can clearly see how dialogues are different when every Gotham knight’s character meets with Harley Quinn.

During a patrol or mission, you cannot change your character. If you wish to switch characters, you must conclude the current mission and begin a new one with your desired character.

It’s important to note that playing with a different character might pose challenges in leveling up. In Gotham Knights, character levels are shared equally among all characters. So, if Batgirl reaches level 8 and you decide to switch to Red Hood, he will also be at level 8, saving you from starting over.

When to change characters in Gotham Knights?

The best method to choose the character is to test every character by swapping one with another. In addition, you will be able to grasp the abilities of each character properly. Consequently, you will know which character suits your playing technique.

Finally, you must remember that if you really desire to have a great experience with Gotham Knights, try to play with Night Wing from level 0 to 15 and then interchange between characters. In this manner, you would actually enjoy the abilities of every single character. That’s all from this article; for more guides on Gotham Knights, see our links below.

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