Gotham Knights: How To Glide With All Characters

This guide will help you learn how to Glide in Gotham Knights with all the playable characters.

Gotham Knights How To Glide
Gotham Knights How To Glide

Gliding is one of the famous traveling abilities returning from Arkham games. Yet, many players are still unaware of unlocking the ability and how to Glide in Gotham Knights. Surprisingly, there is no tricky rule to perform the Glide, and it involves some requirements to unlock in the gameplay and simple keybinds. 

For players uninitiated, Gliding is a unique transportation ability of each of the characters in Gotham Knights. It allows players to travel fast around Gotham City to reach the crime scene early and impose law and order. However, unlike Batman Arkham, players will have to unlock the Gliding to traverse the massive open world of Gotham Knights. 

Meanwhile, unlocking the Gliding involves meeting significant requirements for each character. For that instance, this guide will detail how to glide in Gotham Knights for all of your characters. With that said, let’s get right into it.

Key Highlights

  • Gotham Knights also have a Gliding feature that allows players to traverse the map by air and fast travel anywhere.
  • Unlike previous Arkham games, Gotham Knights involve unlocking the Glide feature first for each playable character.
  • For that instance, players must complete Timed Strike, unlock Knighthood by completing ten premeditated crimes and complete the Against All Odds challenge. 
  • After that, players will be able to Glide with the specific character with Knighthood skills using RT, R2, and SPACE for Xbox Series X/S, PlayStation 5, and PC, respectively. 

Unlocking Gliding In Gotham Knights

As said earlier, Gliding in Gotham Knights begins with unlocking it first for your character. You might want to unlock the game’s ability for all four playable characters. 

Batgirl Gliding
Batgirl Gliding

To unlock that, players will need to complete the Timed Strike. For those who do not know, these practice challenges involve players perfectly timing their attacks to deal the best damage and make the most out of their combat. Although it may seem a little tricky to tackle initially, the practice sessions with dummy enemies will make it perfect. 

Timed Strike Training
Timed Strike Training

That is about it for the first requirement of Timed Strike. You do not have to claim Timed Strikes during the real combat, and just completing the training session is the first step towards gaining your Gliding ability in Gotham Knights. If you want to learn more about this training, you can check out our guide on Timed Strike Gotham Knights for keybinds and more. 

The second and major requirement for performing the Glide in Gotham Knights is to unlock the Knighthood for your character. Meanwhile, unlocking the Knighthood skill tree for each character might not seem easy, but we have covered you with a detailed guide. 

Players must complete over ten mandatory premeditated crimes in Gotham City to unlock the Knighthood skill tree. These open-world crime activities in Gotham City involve collecting clues, leading to bigger crime planning by notable enemy factions. You can check out our detailed guide on Gotham Knights premeditated crimes on how to find and complete them to earn the Knighthood for all four characters. 

Premeditated Crimes
Premeditated Crimes

Lastly, players must also defeat three enforcers in Gotham Knights as part of the storyline. These three enforcers are rare in the city and involve special considerations like combat moves and tricks to defeat. However, if you are following the pattern of Timed StrikesUnlocking Knighthood after completing the premeditated crimes, you will be able to discover these three enforcers easily. Or you may encounter these enforcers during the campaign. 

In short, players can quickly discover these mobs while progressing the storyline or engaging with the open world of Gotham Knights. Whatever your approach is, keep track of the Against All Odds challenge to defeat all three enforcers. After that, you will be all set to unlock the Gliding ability in Gotham Knights. 

Against All Odds
Against All Odds

How To Glide In Gotham Knights

Now that you have completed all the primary Gliding in Gotham Knights requirements, you should be able to perform the maneuver in your gameplay. To confirm that, return to Belfry, and you will be able to see a cutscene for Gliding unlock for your specific character. Remember, you will have to unlock the Knighthood tree for every character to be able to unlock the Gliding in Gotham Knights. 

Once the unlock is confirmed, you can visit any skyscraper in Gotham City and go airborne. You might also want to hold down R2 on Xbox to fire up the glider immediately. As for the PlayStation 5 players, you will be holding down RT on the controller. Meanwhile, PC players can use the SPACE bar or their designated button in Controls to start the Glide in mid-air. 

Apart from unlocking the Glide and learning how to use it in Gotham Knights, it is worth noting that this maneuver is pretty different for all of your characters. The Batgirl will be able to Glide using the cape to move across the skylines of Gotham City. Moreover, Nightwing’s Gliding effect is almost similar to Batgirl, but he uses a mechanical Glider instead of a cape to traverse the city. 

Nightwing Gliding
Nightwing Gliding

On the other side, Robin’s hero Gliding ability is entirely different and will be slightly confusing initially. Although the keybinds for his Glide are the same, Robin tends to teleport anywhere he wants instead of traveling airborne using some physical transportation platform. The game will give players eight seconds to decide the particular direction and location where they wish Robin to teleport while airborne. 

Robin Gliding
Robin Gliding With Time Limit to Teleport

Lastly, Red Hood’s traversal ability is also unique, as he uses some spiritual platforms to hop and move across the city in mid-air. It might look slightly off as the jumps are small and can take huge time, but still learning how to glide in Gotham Knights for all heroes can still be beneficial. 

Red Hood Gliding
Red Hood Gliding

Final Words

Unfortunately, the Gliding feature is not readily given to players like in the previous Batman Arkham games. But still, working your way into the storyline and challenges to unlock Gliding is still a great approach from developers. In essence, it allows players to engage with the world around them and learn all the major aspects of Gotham Knights. Only then can players efficiently utilize the Gliding feature to fast travel across the map. 

That is about it for our guide on how to glide in Gotham Knights. Do you find this guide helpful to unlock and learn the unique Gliding feature for each of your characters in the game? We would love to hear your thoughts in the comments section below. 

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