Gotham Knights Max Level: Everything To Know

Gotham Knights has a max level of 30, but completing the first playthrough helps unlock further 10 levels in New Game+

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What is a max level in Gotham Knight and how to reach it? read our guide to find out.

Reaching Max Level in Gotham Knights differs from most RPGs and since its release, a lot of players have been confused about the leveling-up system. There are two different level caps in Gotham Knights, the first is limited to Level 30, and the second one ends at Level 40. Progressing through the game helps in leveling up but there’s much more to do for reaching the max level. 

Without further delay, let’s learn everything about the max level in Gotham Knights and how to reach it.

Key Takeaways

  • The max level in Gotham Knights has a limit of 30-level.
  • The 30-level cap can increase to 40-level after completing the first playthrough.
  • There are more effective ways to gain experience for leveling up faster.
  • Each level-up gives characters Action Points to use in Skill Trees.
  • Character level is not the same as Power Level.

What is the Max Level

There is a limit to leveling up in Gotham Knights, once you’ve reached it, you stop gaining XP for level up. The limit is Level 30, which is also considered the maximum level. However, level 30 is the max level for your first playthrough only. To unlock an extra level-up possibility, you need to start another playthrough. 

Once you complete the main storyline with max level 30, start new gameplay. Make sure it’s the “New Game +” and not “New Game”. In this second gameplay, the level cap is increased to 40. You can raise 10 extra levels up by doing new missions and side missions added in your second gameplay. Don’t forget, New Game + is unlocked only after you have finished your first playthrough fully with a max level of 30. There is no shortcut to directly start a game with a 40-level cap.

A good side of Gotham Knight’s level-up system is that if you increase your level with one character, the other three characters will level up equally too. 

How To Reach Max Level Fast

Gaining XP Fast

Sooner or later you’re going to reach max level, but there are multiple ways to speed up the process. Whether it’s for unlocking New Game + or to acquire new skills in the skill tree, the following are the best methods to gain XP and hit the max level cap in Gotham Knights faster:  

Side Missions

Completing the main missions that follow along the storyline give off a generous amount of experience, but they won’t be enough alone. The game offers side missions pretty frequently, these missions are more manageable and give off generous XP too. 

Track down Side Missions with the help of a Map. They will be frequent, as the enemies are acting up routinely since Batman is gone. So, keep an eye out for a red mark on the map, it will show up if there is criminal activity going on.

Stop Premeditated Crimes

While exploring Gotham city, you will run across crimes happening on the streets. If you stop these random crimes by fighting enemies, you get Clues in the form of red glass. These Clues help you detect bigger premeditated crimes and stop them. So collect as many clues as possible before your trip back to Belfry and start tracking down criminals associated with premeditated crimes. Stopping premeditated crimes gives huge XP which plays an important part in leveling up.

Play In Multiplayer 

Gotham Knights is a co-op RPG, meaning it allows players to bring along a friend to defeat enemies. Take advantage of it and invite a friend. Not only will you defeat big bosses easily, but the XP gain speed will also double up. While your friend completes the main missions, start working on the side tasks.

Currently, there’s a limit of 2 players in a game. However, the game’s developers have announced another multiplayer mode known as Heroic Assault to be released soon. The mode will support 4 players playing together. 

Fight High-Level Enemies

Defeating any enemy provides XP to the player. Nevertheless, starting up fights with superior enemies is way more beneficial as it provides more XP. Make sure to fight enemies with the same level as you or higher. The stronger enemies the better!

Make sure to have your best gear on to beat higher-level mobs easier. Also, this contributes to another reason why playing in multiplayer is better than solo. Two low-level players can take down high-level enemies with some teamwork.

Gather Collectibles

There are 4 types of collectibles in Gotham Knights which help you gain XP upon collection. These 4 types of collectibles are:

Explore each district in Gotham City for collectibles. Keep track of how many collectibles are collected and how much is left by going to the map and looking at the bottom right corner of the screen.

Benefits of Reaching Max Level

Upon leveling up, all four characters in-game get Action Points (AP). Players can use these points to choose a skill in the Skill Tree of each character. There are a total of 4 Skill Trees for every character, so use your Point carefully because you can not undo the choice. 

Skill Tree Of A Character

Even if you gained an Action Point while playing with Red Hood, you can use one to choose a skill for the other three characters individually. This way you avoid repetitive gameplay. Not to forget, you level up all 4 characters at once. Whether you played with Red Hood or Batgirl, the level increases for all characters. 

All 4 characters have different skill sets, the abilities to choose from are numerous and help each character get stronger. The more strong you are, the better your chances of obtaining powerful gear and equipment.

Character Level Vs Power Level

Power Level Of Gear

You might be wondering why each character has two levels. Well, one is a normal character level which we are discussing today, but the other level, also referred to as Power Level is based on gear stats. When you wear a gear, it has stats of defense, total health, damage, and other armor abilities.

In short, all the equipment and armor you equip increase your power level. It has no direct link with the character’s level you gain by XP. 

Final Remarks

Reaching max level in Gotham Knights might take a lot of tasks and multiple fights with the mobs, but the hard work is worth it. You get to replay the game with stronger enemies and new challenges. So what are you waiting for? Invite your friend and start your journey to high levels. 

We hope our detailed guide about the max level in Gotham Knights helped you. Happy Gaming!

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