Gotham Knights Multiplayer Not Working [Quick Fixes]

Is Gotham Knights multiplayer mode not functioning? Are you constantly getting the Failed to join session error? Then you have landed on the right guide to find the best, simple, quick and easy solutions to eliminate this problem.

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The all-new action and adventure-packed role-playing game Gotham Knights has been taken like a storm by Batman and DC fans, especially for its unique feature of multiplayer gaming.

Unfortunately, like any other normal game, Gotham Knights also faced some minor inconveniences. Just recently, the majority of both pc and console players were reporting about getting the session joining error every time they would attempt to play the co-op multiplayer mode.

Later on, that issue got resolved by the game developers after many bug reports by players. You can check that out here. Gotham Knights’ official Twitter page also announced a small server fix after the reports as you can see here:

official tweet from gotham knights twitter page on the multiplayer server fix.

However, some of the players are still not able to get into the multiplayer mode so we have compiled a list of solution-based tasks you can attempt one by one to play the multiplayer co-op mode if you are also one of those players.

Key Takeaways

  • Gotham Knights Multiplayer mode has grabbed a lot of attention in the online gaming community.
  • Simplified and easy solutions you can follow to make your multiplayer mode functional.
  • Alternative solutions if the mentioned ones do not work.

If you are still unable to join or play the multiplayer mode, even after the server fixes are done by the game developers, then here are 8 solutions mentioned below you can carry out one by one after the other to make sure your multiplayer feature is functioning again.

Game Server Updates Check

Gotham Knight’s servers may be closed due to maintenance or patch notes updates hence the multiplayer mode may not work so you can’t do anything about that except wait till the servers are running up again. You can stay updated on server maintenance or patch updates by following Gotham Knights’ official social media pages. You can also ask your friends or other players on different gaming forums to stay updated on the server checks.

Game Is Bugged

If this is the case, then you can simply just exit out of the game and then start it again, wait a few moments to see if that will instantly fix the multiplayer error for you.

Internet Connection problems

Make sure you have a secure, strong and fast internet connection as often internet disconnection and low speed are common factors where you are not able to join and play multiplayer. Restart your internet and then try to connect again.

Additionally, for PC players you must check to see if your connectivity to the game servers is not being limited by an anti-malware program downloaded on your PC. If you do have any firewall or anti-malware software, then make sure to turn them off before starting the game.

Cross-Play Feature Not Available For Gotham Knights Multiplayer

We are quite certain that many of you have attempted to cross-play online between the console and PC version of gotham knights hence your not able to play together, as unfortunately, this feature is not currently in the game. PC and console players can only play the game with each other on platforms which are similar.

However, if requested by many players, the game developers may consider adding the cross-playing feature, making it more dynamic and fun. You never know.

Data Files of Game Corrupted (For PC)

In certain instances game files can also get damaged due to malware, storage media problems or your PC malfunctioning. This can contribute to the multiplayer co-op not working as well. In order to make sure your Gotham Knights files are not in the crossfire, you can install a anti malware program or check your storage and pc functionality.

Another way is to verify Gotham Knights game files on steam to check for any corrupted data. Here are the steps you can carry out:

1) Open up steam.

2) Look for Gotham Knights in your library.

3) Right click on the game and and you will see properties. Click on that.

4) Look for the local file tab.

5) Click on the verify integrity of game files button.

file integrity verification process on steam platform for gotham knights (PC players).

After the verification is completed, you will get a notification. Open up the game and see if that helps the multiplayer problem.

Swapping Host in Multiplayer

Often there is also a common bug where you are unable to play in a random’s or friend’s lobby if they are the host in the multiplayer mode or vice versa. So to fix that, leave the current multiplayer lobby, make your own, and then invite others. That should also do the trick.

The Game License Must be Recent (PS5 and PS4) [Steps]:


  • On PS5’s main page, open settings, go to the user and accounts and look for other.
  • Select restore licenses and then restore to start the process. Wait until the process is finished.
  • Once completed, restart your console and check if multiplayer is working and the issue is fixed.

For PS4, the same steps have to be carried out as above. You will just find the account management option in place of users and accounts.

Initiate Game at The Original Launcher

Last but not the least, this step applies to both console and PC players if you are still facing trouble playing Gotham Knights multiplayer. This usually works for almost every online game on all gaming platforms.


To sum it all up, even after trying out all of the above-mentioned solutions, if the online multiplayer feature is still not working out for you, then we would highly suggest you contact the Gotham Knights support team to further assist you in this regard. We hope this guide was useful to you.

In the time being, you can also check out our other fresh and up-to-date game guides prepared for you to enrich your game knowledge, mechanics and sense.

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