Gotham Knights: Owl Head Puzzle Solution [Step By Step]

An in-depth step by step solution of the Gotham Knights Owl Head Puzzle in Case 5.2. Images detailing the solution also included.

Gotham Knights Owl Head Puzzle Guide

Players encounter the Owl Head puzzle in Case 5.2 when they have to find a viable path out of a room. In the middle of the room is a spherical contraption resembling an owl. Upon further exploration, players can discover pressure plates situated around the room.

Key Takeaways

  • Solving the Owl Head puzzles requires stepping on the pressure plates in the correct order.
  • The Fourth plate is the most difficult to find and is directly above the third pressure plate.

How To Solve Owl Head Puzzle

There are four pressure plates, two on the floor near the Owl Head and two on nearby walls. To solve the puzzle, players need to press the four plates in the correct order. 

Gotham Knights Pressure Plate One

Location Of First Plate

  1. The first plate is behind the Sphere above an owl statue. Players must grapple to the plate to press it, which will rotate the Sphere.Gotham Knights Pressure Plate TwoLocation Of Second Plate
  2. When on top of the owl statue and Plate One, looking down towards the left of the Sphere, players will find Plate Two. Grappling down and pressing the plate will rotate the Sphere once again.Gotham Knights Pressure Plate ThreeLocation Of Third Plate
  3. Plate Three is on the other side of the Sphere. After the Sphere has finished rotating, run towards the third plate and press it for the second final rotation.Gotham Knights Pressure Plate FourLocation Of Fourth Plate

    Puzzles are fun and creative; however, the main crowd playing Gotham Knights are those looking for action. Fortunately, there are only twelve puzzles across the 14 hours of main story content. The puzzles are generally accessible, the hardest being the Owl Head puzzle solved above, but with the right tips and tricks, you can tackle them efficiently. 

    My Experience With Owl Head Puzzle

    The Owl Head puzzle in Gotham Knights is not as complex as a puzzle, but rather, the location of the plates makes it tedious. I struggled the most with locating the fourth pressure plate, and that challenge is expected to be the same for all players. You can follow my points to easily tackle the fourth pressure plate, so it does not impact your progression.

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