Gotham Knights Perfect Attack [Attack & Dodge Guide]

The combat mechanism in Gotham Knights includes the perfect attack and perfect dodge. We'll go through both of these in our guide.

Gotham Knights Perfect Attack

Gotham Knights Perfect Attack requires practice to execute. There is also another pattern that players can use before the Perfect Attack, and it is called the Perfect Dodge. They are a part of Gotham Knights’ combat mechanism, which, when executed perfectly, can stun the enemy and deal immense damage.

Moreover, there are a few instances where you can use perfect attack/dodge. For instance, if a mob of enemies surrounds you, you can strike them down. The move allows your character to dodge an incoming strike and counterattack with a mighty force.

Additionally, you can mix up a few three or four combinations of attacks simultaneously and knock down the enemy. Our guide will talk about how to execute Perfect Attack and Perfect Dodge and how to practice them in the training room.

Key Takeaways

  • You can practice Perfect Attacks in the training room.
  • Under advanced training, select Perfect Evade.
  • Perfect Attacks require precision and practice making them a bit complicated at first.
  • Perfect Dodge requires a similar concept and provides a massive advantage in a fight.
  • They can build momentum and a unique style to your character.
  • You need to make sure you have Perfect Evade unlocked under the Skills tree to perform the Perfect Attack.
  • The buttons to perform the Perfect Evade are; Circle for PS, B for Xbox, and Space Bar for PC.
  • Players can perform Perfect Attack using X on their PS controller, A button for Xbox, and Left-Click for PC.

Perfect Evade/Dodge

Perfect Evade
The move allows your character to dodge an incoming attack swiftly, allowing for a counterattack!

Before you can perform the Perfect Attack, you need to learn how to dodge enemy attacks. For that purpose, you can practice in the training room with a dummy and perform Perfect Evade. It would be wise not to rush into the Perfect Attack because it will only confuse and mess up your moves.

Players can execute the Perfect Dodge by watching the spikey white indicators shown on any part of the enemy. Here’s a scenario you can imagine. If an enemy is charging at you and intends to punch you, wait for his fist to close in on your character, and then quickly press the Circle button on your PS Controller or B button on your Xbox or the Space Bar on your PC to dodge the Attack.

Dummy Training
During training, you will notice a white spikey indicator. You can take its help and Press the dodge button to perform Perfect Evade!

Your character will swiftly evade the punch and cover distance to react to the next Attack, if any. It does not matter if you’re a PS, Xbox, or PC player because the moves are the same despite the difference in the platform. However, the keys to perform the actions can differ, which is why I have mentioned them with respect to their consoles. 

Now that you have mastered the Perfect Evade/Dodge, Perfect Attack will be easy. Continue reading our guide to find out more about the Perfect Attack.

Gotham Knights Perfect Attack

Advanced Training
Browse through the Advanced Training to practice the moves!

Perfect Attack and Perfect Dodge are part of the exact mechanism. However, they are executed differently; the only noticeable difference is between the Dodge and the counterattack. There are a few indicators in the game that help players with executing special attacks and skills. For instance, if an enemy charges at you with a fist, the game will highlight the body part which will make contact with you.

You can identify and retaliate almost immediately without getting hit. Additionally, due to the skill set/tree which you acquire by completing challenges and progressing through the game, you can use them in fights to make them even more exciting than they already are.

The Perfect Attack is one skill that allows you to have fun within the game and mess around with your enemies. However, to practice the move, you need to head to the training room and select Perfect Evade under the Advanced Training section. Perfect Evade is a move that comes before the Perfect Attack, and it works by dodging an incoming attack and counterattacking the enemy.

Once you’re in the training room, you have to wait for the enemy or dummy to charge at you. As soon as his punch or kick reaches you, an indicator will be highlighted in white to inform you of the Attack. It will spike when the enemy gets too close; this will be your moment to quickly press Circle on your PS controller or B on your Xbox controller to evade the Attack and then quickly press the X button on your PS controller or A button on your Xbox controller to perform the Perfect Attack.

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Final Thoughts

Skills Tree
Before you mindlessly rush into battle after finishing your training, check your skills tree to see if the Skill has been acquired. Otherwise, it will not work!

Once the Perfect Evade and Perfect Attack is executed, you’ll have the option to mix a few other attacks to turn them into a combo, resulting in a complete decimation of the enemy. While the enemy is down, you can also Grab them with the R1 button on the PS Controller and make multiple attacks. To perform the Attack on a PC, you must press the Space Bar to do a Perfect Evade and then left-click on your mouse to execute the Perfect Attack.

As you are already aware, the Perfect Evade can take a few tries in a battle to execute. It can look easy in a training room when you’re against a dummy player. However, you are at a disadvantage in an actual match against mobs of enemies or tough-to-beat characters.

Practice makes perfect, and once you’re able to perform the Dodge, you can execute the Perfect Attack, build momentum, and driving force for increased damage to your enemies. With that, I conclude my guide on Gotham Knights Perfect Attack.

Hopefully, you’ll be able to use these moves against your opponents and mix them with a few combinations of your choosing. For more guides on Gotham Knights and multiple other games, be sure to browse through a collection of our guides on VeryAliGaming!

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