Gotham Knights: Premeditated Crimes [Locations Guide]

Here you will learn how to find and complete Gotham Knights premeditated crimes.

Gotham Knights Premeditated Crimes
Gotham Knights Premeditated Crimes

In addition to the shaky launch of Gotham Knights, players also report trouble with Gotham Knights premeditated crimes. Since the game has myriad separate open-world activities like premeditated crimes, some players face issues finding and even completing these activities. Meanwhile, it is not much of a problem and requires a simple strategy to unlock and find these criminal activities and enhance your first playthrough experience of Gotham Knights. 

In essence, premeditated crimes are part of the open world’s activities and require players to discover them by roaming around. This involves discovering clues through communication and ongoing street crimes in the city. Moreover, players can also find premeditated crimes on their map with red indicators. All you need to do is visit these criminal activities and neutralize them to save the day in Gotham Knights. 

With that said, let’s discuss more details you need to know about finding premeditated crimes and how to complete them efficiently to earn sweet rewards. 

Key Takeaways

  • Premeditated crimes are open-world activities players can encounter or search while playing Gotham Knights.
  • On the other side, these activities also involve collecting the clues that lead to the significant criminal factions that cause trouble in the city. 
  • As a member of Gotham Knights, you can play with any characters to complete these premeditated crimes by tracking the inverted red triangle indicators on the map. 
  • You will also have to collect all the clues and return to your hideout at Belfry to investigate the main culprits of criminal activities.
  • Moreover, completing the side activities will reward each of your characters with a Knighthood tree to enhance your gameplay experience even further.

How To Find Premeditated Crimes

Before finding premeditated crimes, firstly, you might want to ensure that you have completed the second case file, The Rabbit Hole in Gotham Knights. Soon after that, players will be able to discover the premeditated crimes around the map with red indicators. 

Premeditated Crimes Indicator on Map
Premeditated Crimes Indicator on Map

Players can easily track these ongoing crime scenes to complete the activities and earn different rewards. Additionally, there are two ways to play and achieve premeditated crimes. Players can either defeat or interrogate the criminals involved in these crimes, the choice is entirely yours. 

Whatever your decision is, you will be able to receive different clues and details with each premeditated crime. It is almost like side quests in the game, where you will collect various hints on the map connecting to specific criminal activity. This way, players can pursue the ultimate Gotham Knights gameplay and achieve hefty rewards. 

Now that you know how to unlock and find the premeditated crimes in Gotham Knights, you might also want to know what to expect from each activity on the map. In essence, these criminal activities are not all the same. It means that you will also be able to discover criminal actions based on different factions, such as mobs and freaks.

Fortunately, the game allows you to see these details on the map to identify which faction is causing trouble in a specific portion of the map. All you need to do is to go out on Night Patrol to identify and engage with the criminal activities marked with red indicators to complete the premeditated crimes. 

Also, players must not confuse other markers on the map for premeditated crimes in Gotham Knights. Players may also find white indicators that are opportunistic crimes and are more minor and easy compared to premeditated crimes. Only the red indicators of the upside-down triangle are premeditated crimes that will detail the type of criminal activity, the difficulty, and the factions involved. 

However, both opportunistic and premeditated crimes are sometimes related. It is because completing the opportunistic will yield numerous clues that can trigger the premeditated criminal activity in Gotham city. So keep collecting these clues to progress in the illegal activity in the game.

Completing The Premeditated Crimes

Apart from discovering these criminal activities, players must complete all or a minimum value of these premeditated crimes in the game. These crimes range from bank heists to defusing bombs and also protecting civilians. Moreover, higher-level premeditated crimes can start with waves of enemies and massive combats. For that instance, players must be prepared for every crime scene to avoid losing progress in the middle. 

You can complete these crime series with any character in your game. For instance, if you were Night Patrolling with Robin, you can return to Belfry, start with Red Hood’s Night Patrol, and discover unique premeditated crimes in-game. 

Rewards For Premeditated Crimes

Now that you know how to find and complete the side crime activities in Gotham Knights, players must also be aware of the rewards they will receive in the end. Completing these premeditated crimes will allow your character to receive the Knighthood. It is unlockable for all of your characters in Gotham Knights. 

Knighthood Reward from Gotham Knights premeditated crimes
Knighthood Reward from Gotham Knights premeditated crimes
Requirement for Knighthood for your Character
Requirement for Knighthood for your Character

All you need to do is to complete at least ten premeditated crimes to unlock Knighthood. Remember, you need to complete ten activities with each character to be able to receive the Knighthood. Since premeditated crimes are already enjoyable, completing ten side missions will not be a problem for players. 

That is not all, players will also receive bonus XP and Momentum Abilities for their character, which are essential for progressing the storyline in Gotham Knights. 

If you cannot discover more premeditated crimes on the map, you may have to return to Belfry to investigate the existing clues. The main reason behind it is that players will only be able to progress these activities once they have enough clues and an investigation at Belfry. 

Final Words

Premeditated crimes in Gotham Knights are one of the best open-world activity that engages players with the massive stretching of Gotham City. These activities offer an ideal gameplay experience to acknowledge the ongoing crimes and take the right action by investigating the clues and bringing the culprits to justice. 

That is about it for our guide on Gotham Knights premeditated crimes. Do you find this guide helpful for finding and completing these side activities? We would love to hear your thoughts in the comments section down below. 

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