Gotham Knights: All Secret Identities

Gotham Knights is a game set in Gotham City. This guide will tell you everything about Gotham Knights Secret identities compromised.

Gotham Knights Secret Identities Compromised
Guide to Secret Identities

Gotham Knights is an open-world game set in the most awesome interactive and dynamic City Named Gotham. This guide will tell everything about Gotham Knights Secret Identities Compromised.

Key Takeaways

  • Gotham Knights has 5 Secret Identities.
  • Finding all secret identities unlocks the Solid Alibi Achievement.
  • Solid Alibi trophy protects the Batman identity.
  • These identities are available after Batman’s Last Case.
  • None of the identities are missable; all are collectible.

Technique for Gotham Knights Secret Identities

Identities are marked by the white symbols on the map and named Secret Identities Compromised. Hence, to complete this, you have to interact with the machinery placed on the wall and feed fake data about Bruce Wayne into it to protect Batman’s Identity.

Be aware there will be enemies and a plethora of security cameras and sensors. You have to do this task without being spotted by any enemy or camera. If by any chance you get spotted by the camera, you will have to wait until the next night to complete the task.

There are a lot of methods to avoid waiting till the next night.

The three best methods are:

  • Close the game and restart from the title screen. This will take you back to the point where you will start the achievement.
  • Return to the Belfry Headquarters to avoid waiting for the next night.
  • Complete the Fast Travel points achievement. You will not have to manually go back to the point where you attempt to complete a secret identity-compromised task.

Batman’s Email

After Batman’s last Case, you will be able to play this achievement. Click on the escape button if you are playing on a PC or laptop. A log window will open where you will see a map of the city and different options at the top left corner. Then, Go to the email section you will see a mail.

Moreover, that mail will be sent to all the characters with the subject Secret Identity Compromised. Hence, in that mail, Batman will be informed about the potential threat of his identity breach.

He will inform that people have started searching for keywords such as Bruce Wayne and Batman online. To avoid it, You will have to grab certain files and codes and upload them to different terminals at different locations.

Batman Email
Email About Possible Identity Breach

Gotham Gazette

Desired locations are marked as white Batman symbols on the Map at the west end. Therefore, pinpoint the location. Go to the location. It will be at the top of the building. Beware of all the cameras in the vicinity.

Server Location-1
Disable Camera Through Panel to Upload Files – Image Captured By Us

To check the range of cameras, you will see a red light coming out of the cameras, and their span will show the vicinity and blind spot. Now, move to your left you will see a panel go towards it and disable the camera.

Now, to your right, you will see another panel. Go towards it and upload the code to complete the first task at the first location. After completing the return to the Belfry headquarters to respawn for the next location.

Server Location No 1 Panel
Upload Files Into the Panel to Complete Mission – Image Captured By Us

GCPD Main Office

You will be respawned for the second location. Go to the map and point to the location. After that, you will reach the top of the building situated in the west of the city, and a tower will be in front of you. This task has 3 stages, which you can see at the top right corner of the screen.

These are:

  • Find out the server.
  • Upload the Data/code into it.
  • Remain Undetected.

Jump to the tower and see the possible threats. Then, you will see a guard covering the entire area. Jump down and wait until the guard gets out of sight. Once he is out of sight, immediately run and disable the camera to reach the bottom of the tower.

Now, Disable the camera of the tower from the panel at the bottom of the tower. Wait until the guard takes the complete round and gets out of sight. But, the main server is guarded by a protective layer of red lasers. Thereafter, you will see a panel on the wall to disable the layer and upload data to the server.

Server Location 2
Location 2 Server Guarded With Lasers – Image Captured By Us

Afterward, go back to the belfry headquarters or restart the game to respawn to the next location.

Waynetech Lobby

Now, you will be respawned again for the third location on the south side of the city. Moreover, the location is 142 meters far from your current position. Therefore, the location. You will see a building right in front of you.

You cannot get into it from the main door as the guard protects it, and you cannot take the risk of getting caught. At the side of the main door, you will find an air conditioner vent. Jump to it and enter the building.

You will see a lot of places are guarded by layers of laser and cameras. You have to walk around the entire main hall without getting detected by the camera to solve the Secret identities. Then, you will reach the other corner of the main hall.

However, The main server is in the room, which is guarded by the light laser. Further, disable the layer of laser from the panel and enter the room. Then, you will see a plethora of open cupboards and drawers. The main server exists between them. At last, upload the files and escape the building without getting caught.

Server Location 3
A panel of Location No 3. Upload Files into it. – Image Captured By Us

GCPD Docks

Next, You will be respawned again in the old Gotham City, and the desired location exists at a distance of 130 meters from your current position. Next, reach the location, and you will see a heavily guarded place.

However, you can easily reach the server undetected. Wait for the guard to move at the back of you and disable the camera from the panel. Cameras and a Metal grill guard the server.

Server Location no 4
Panel Of Server at Location 4. – Image Captured By Us

You will see a panel on the grill. After that, turn off the camera, which is right above the server. Access the server by jumping across the grill. Thereafter, upload the files and then escape the location without being detected.

Iceberg Lounge

Location five of the secret identity exists in the North of Gotham City, called as Financial District. Reach the location. Moreover, the last server exists in the Iceberg Lounge building. Move to the right side of the building.

Then, you will see a vent enter into it, and it will end in another room. Thereafter, use the second vent to get into the area where the server exists. But always beware of the cameras and laser lights.

Now, move to the area to your right. You will see a panel on the wall. This panel will disable the laser guarding the room where the box and whine exist that you have to collect to complete the mission.

Server Location no 5
Last Panel Upload Files and unlock Solid Alibi Trophy – Image Captured By Us

Now, wait until the camera rotates to your opposite side. Once it’s done, enter the room you will see a box open it. It will be empty, and then collect the whine that is present in the cupboard right beside the empty box.

Leave the room, and you will see another big panel in another room that exists right next to the room with an empty box. Upload the files into that panel, and that panel will be closed after you are done. Leave the building and return to Belfry Headquarters.


After the completion of the mission, you will be able to unlock the Solid Aibi Trophy and additional reward Chroma Gray Ghost. Press the escape key, go to the gear option in the top right corner, and then into styles, and you will see this reward. Apply it to the suits of different characters and enjoy.

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