Gotham Knights Talon Suit [Unlocked]

Wearing suits reflects your character's looks, and there are enough for all four playable characters in Gotham Knights!

Gotham Knights Talon Suit

Gotham Knights Talon Suit is one of the fourteen suits players can unlock in Gotham Knights. The developers put in a tremendous amount of effort and detail in perfecting the game; these suits are one of the few examples.

The unique variants, styles, and various suits perfectly go on board with our four playable characters. Some suits can be unlocked by progressing through Gotham Knights, whereas some are complicated. We’ll go through unlocking the Talon Suits along with a few bonus suits in our guide.

In addition, players can unlock suits in one of two ways. You all must already be familiar with crafting, right? As you progress through the game, you’ll come across particular blueprints.

Key Takeaways

  • You can identify a blueprint with a Green holographic glow which acts as an indicator.
  • There are 14 suits in the game which means there is one or many suits designed for all of the playable characters in Gotham Knights.
  • The Talon Suit is a tough one to unlock and is associated with one of the secret side activities.
  • The signal to get the blueprints for the Talon suit is when you receive multiple Alerts from Alfred as you roam around Gotham.
  • There are five Talon Caches you need to find to unlock the suit.
  • You can also transmog the Talon Suit under the Gear tab.

Players can use blueprints to craft suits, and you can later transmog them under the crafting menu. The pieces you need can be looked upon from the Loadout and Crafting tabs. They may seem jumbled up, but there’s no point in being confused.

Side Activities
You can access these activities in the menu!

Let’s shift our focus toward the second method. Players can obtain some suits from ‘drops’ by completing side quests or any open-world activities. Don’t get any wrong ideas, guys; you won’t get a complete suit from one of them, only the blueprints!

Consequently, the Talon Suit features Talons and requires five Talon Caches to unlock. To locate the Talon Caches, you must access the menu and scroll toward Side Activities. Under the list of many other activities, your point of focus will be on the Side Activity by the name of Talon Cache.

However, the suit is difficult to unlock because your regular AR can’t detect Talon Cache. Therefore, you’ll need to stay alert for Alfred to contact you when you are nearby.

I’ll go through each of the five locations where you can find Talon Cache.

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Southside District Cache 1

Cache 1
It is located near the shoreline close to Ocran Chemicals.

To find the first Talon Cache, you need to travel toward Lower Gotham along the shoreline of Ocran Chemicals. The game makes it easier for you to locate the Cache via Alfred’s alert call, which you will receive once you’re close. There will be an ancient painting on the walls for every Cache you find.

Talon Cache Sculpture
You can find each of the five Talon Cache by examining these paintings!

The green glow will indicate that you’re in the right spot. Examine the place, and you’ll receive the first Cache.

Gotham Heights in North Gotham Cache 2

Cache 2
Gotham City University

The Talon Cache is scattered throughout every corner of Gotham. Luckily, you don’t need to unlock certain areas in the game to access them. You’ll have the whole city to yourself!

To locate the second Talon Cache, you need to visit North Gotham and roam around Gotham City University. On the maps, you can see the label; “University Drive” Next to the building.

Head inside the hallway and turn left. You’ll find the wall inscribed with paintings. Examine it and receive your second Talon Cache.

Downtown Gotham, Financial District Cache 3

Cache 3
Close to the Elliot Centre and within the Gotham Subways.

To find the third Cache, you must travel to Downtown Gotham and go underground. There will be a few shop labels you can quickly identify, and they are as follows; Star City Trust and The Short Cut will be opposite each other, and a Liquor store will be on the front. The stores will be near Gotham’s Subways.

If you see these labels, you’re on the right track. Move straight up and take a right turn, and you’ll find another painting or a sculpture carved on the wall. Analyze it, and you’ll receive your third Talon Cache. Only two more to go!

Bowery of New Gotham Cache 4

Cache 4
You will find the fourth Cache above the front entrance of Falcone Residence!

The Talon Cache is placed in Old, New, North, Downtown, and Historic Gotham, almost covering the entire Gotham map. The fourth Cache will be in New Gotham on the south side of the Bowery.

Climb the Falcone Residence building entrance, and the painting will be right in front of you, waiting to be examined!

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Historic Gotham Toward Old Gotham Region Cache 5

Cache 5
You will notice the painting next to a fountain.

It is probably one of the fastest Cache to acquire out of the other four Talon Cache. Head toward Old Gotham and visit Gotham City Hall. While you roam City Hall, the Sculpture will be visible to you next to a fountain in the middle. See, I told you it would be easy to find.

Now that you have all five Talon Cache, you can access the Gear Tab and select the styles you want to apply the transmog, which is the Talon Suit in Gotham Knights!

There are numerous other gears ready to be unlocked. Players can customize their unlocked suits according to their preferences and roam the city in style! That was all from my side, and I hope you guys can find all pieces of the Talon Cache through the help of our “Gotham Knights Talon Suit” guide!

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