GOW Ragnarok: Missions List [Main & Side]

If your looking for a list on all the main missions in GOW Ragnarok with worthy side quests, then you have landed on the right page.

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GOW Ragnarok: Missions List [Main & Side]

Our guide presents you the list of all main missions chronologically arranged, in GOW Ragnarok, including some crucial side missions in order along the campaign, with a bit of their description and the rewards you can get upon completing them.

Without wasting any more time, let’s get right into the guide.

Key Takeaways

  • GOW Ragnarok has 18 primary and nine important side missions or quests.
  • The 18th prime mission is unlocked once you complete the 17th.
  • Not all side missions reward players, so only those who drop off the best loot have been mentioned.
  • These rewards contain a variety of armor.
  • We have mentioned spoilers warnings before the main and side missions for players still finishing the game’s story mode.

Warning: The list below contains some story spoilers from the primary missions of the game campaign.

Main Missions List In GOW Ragnarok

The primary storyline campaign of the GOW Ragnarok has 18 main missions or quests in-game, also called The Path. Finishing The Path missions will end the campaign part of the game. Here are their names listed below with their ending rewards players can get:

Surviving Fimbulwinter

The beginning of GOW Ragnarok. You get to command Kratos and travel across a winter zone terrain with assistance from a sled and two wolves. Adding on, you can also do this mission easily without difficulties.

Mission Rewards:

  • 250 XP points (Atreus)
  • 500 XP points (Kratos)

The Quest For Tyr

In this quest, you will be hunting Tyr, the Norse God of War. Located in the realm of Svartalfheim, you will have to deal with marshlands, brutal dwarves, and dangerous traps as you navigate this walkthrough.

Mission Rewards:

  • 375 XP points (Atreus)
  • 750 XP points (Kratos)

Old Friends

You will now play as Atreus in this mission, accompanied by Sindri, as they try their best to hunt down the enraged Freya.

Mission Reward:

  • 750 XP points (Atreus)

Groa’s Secret

Back to playing Kratos again in this quest; you will embark on a path to the realm of Alfheim. It starts with Kratos arriving at the Mystic Gateway and entering the Strond after a quick talk with Ratatoskr.

Mission Rewards:

  • 750 XP points (Atreus)
  • 1500 XP points (Kratos)

The Lost Sanctuary

It starts after Kratos returns to Brok and Sindri’s house after a dangerous rendezvous in the Tower Of Light. This story takes place across the realm of Jotunheim, where Atreus also has a strange encounter with a lively woman called Angrboda.

This mission has no rewards.

The Reckoning

This mission features a returning character, Freya, who crosses paths with Kratos. They both continue their path to Vanaheim, looking for a way to break off the curse set on Freya by Odin, which traps her in Midgard.

Mission Reward:

  • 2500 XP points (Kratos)

The Runaway

Followed by a heated argument between Kratos and Atreus in The Reckoning; this begins with Kratos and Freya departing Vanaheim and Atreus escaping Brok and Sindri’s home to make his independent journey through Midgard.

Mission Reward:

  • 2250 XP points (Atreus)

Into the Fire

Once again, you play Atreus as he becomes the center of attention in this story as he navigates through Muspelheim, a realm filled with fire everywhere. Seeking to find the truth to his questions, he uses the mask given to him by Odin to guide and assist him.

Mission Reward:

  • 2500 XP points (Atreus)

The Word Of Fate

This mission is halfway through the campaign’s primary mission in the game. You get to play Kratos again as worries and fears are at a high level, with Atreus vanishing from the previous quest, but as always, Kratos devises a strategy to get him back. Subsequently, Freya resents Kratos for this plan, but he hunts for the Norns in Midgard for solutions.

Mission Rewards:

  • 4500 XP points (Freya)
  • 4500 XP points (Kratos)

Forging Destiny

It continues with Kratos and Freya on a quick search through Svartalheim to upgrade Draupnir into a weapon to duel against Heimdall in Asgard, who is planning to eliminate Atreus, so the duo both land their best efforts to reach Asgard as fast as they can.

Mission Rewards:

  • 5250 XP points for both Kratos and Freya.

Unleashing Hel

Atreus and Thrud are on a mission through Heilheim as they hunt for the one last piece of the Mask of Odin. Meanwhile, the unknown Kratos makes his way back to Sindri’s and Brok’s home and asks Sindri if he found a route to Asgard, which, unfortunately, he cannot do even after all his efforts. As a result of the setback, Kratos tries to rest throughout the night.

Mission Reward:

  • 3000 XP points (Atreus)


With the Hel-Hound, Garm unleashed and spreading chaos and devastation globally, Atreus arrives back to Midgard after spending a long duration in Asgard. However, he is terrified to face his father, but Kratos gives him a warm reception.

Mission Rewards:

  • 3500 XP points (Atreus)
  • 7000 XP points (Kratos)

Creatures Of Prophecy

It occurs again in Vanaheim, where Atreus and Kratos combine joint efforts with Freya to search for her twin-brother Freyr, who gets abducted by the hands of the captains of Einherjar.

Mission Rewards:

  • 4000 XP points (Atreus)
  • 8000 XP points (Kratos)

Unlocking The Mask

Getting to play Atreus again, accompanied by Thor, they travel through Niflheim and Asgard to search for the last missing piece of Odin’s mask.

Mission Reward:

  • 4500 XP points (Atreus)

Hunting For Solace

After the shocking aftermath of Unlocking the Mask, Atreus and Kratos search for the missing Sindri in the entire Midgard.

Mission Rewards:

  • 5000 XP points (Atreus)
  • 10000 XP points (Kratos)

The Summoning

In this second-last mission, Kratos and Atreus attempt to reach Surtr’s forge via Muspelheim to follow his lead and get near the ashen man.

Mission Rewards:

  • 7500 XP points (Atreus)
  • 15000 XP points (Kratos)

The Realms At War

Realms At War is the second last mission in GOW Ragnarok, featuring the final boss battle of Atreus and Kratos with Thor and Odin throughout Asgard and Midgard.

Mission Rewards:

  • 20000 XP points for both Freya and Kratos.

Beyond Ragnarok

This mission is unlocked after you finish The Realms At War and after the post-credit scenes. It starts in Midgard and is on the 18th number in order. However, the game does not show the full completion of this quest. It is necessary to complete all 46 side missions or Favors if you wish to finish Beyond Ragnarok.

Mission Rewards:

Not provided.

Warning: The secondary quest’s list below also contains some spoilers.

Important Side Missions

After the main missions, you can attempt 9 of these fundamental side missions in the game to obtain the best loot. In-game, these are known as Favors. They are essential to interact with secondary characters and grab many rewards. Below are the names of these side quests with their top-notch quality drop-off rewards:

In Service Of Asgard

The first side mission in-game, starting in Svartalfheim. It provides the best early-game armor for Kratos.

Mission Rewards:

  • 500 XP points (Kratos)
  • 250 XP points (Atreus)
  • Nidavellir Ore (used for crafting Nidavellir’s Finest armor set)
GOW Ragnarok Nidavellir's finest set from the side quest; In Service Of Asgard.
Kratos showcasing his Nidavellir’s Finest armor set

Secret Of The Sands

This quest takes place in the realm of Alfheim. Linked to the weird noise Atreus heard and briefly notifies everyone.

Mission Rewards:

  • 1500 XP points (Kratos
  • 375 XP points (Atreus)

Song Of The Sands

You can do the Song Of The Sands upon finishing the secret of the sands and the path quest the reckoning.

Mission Rewards:

  • 1500 XP points (Kratos)
  • 375 XP points (Atreus and Freya)

The Mysterious Orb

Find the orb and return it to the dwarf Lunda.

Mission Rewards:

  • 1000 XP points (Kratos)
  • 250 XP points (Freya and Atreus)
  • You can also craft Lunda’s armor set from this quest if you recover the broken pieces.
gow ragnarok lunda's armot set from the side mission; The Mysterious Orb
Kratos showcasing his Lunda’s armor set

Freya’s Missing Peace

This mission is all about Freya. She, Kratos, and Atreus journey through the place where her wedding took place.

Mission Rewards:

  • 1500 XP points (Freya)
  • Regal Vanir Garments
  • Mardoll
  • Steel Harmony
GOW Ragnarok Regal Vanir Garments set from the side quest; Freya's Missing Peace
Freya showcasing her Regal Vanir Garments set

Spirit Of Rebellion

In this quest, you must retrieve Durlin’s hammer and return it to him.

Mission Rewards:

  • 3000 XP points (Kratos)
  • 750 XP points (Freya and Atreus)
  • 1 Mountain Splitter
  • 30 Whispering Slab

The Lost Treasure

It starts right after the spirit of rebellion quest in the realm of Svartalfheim.

Mission Rewards:

  • 3000 XP points (Kratos)
  • 750 XP points (Atreus and Freya)
  • Svefnthorn
  • Alberich’s Treasure (containing Hacksilver x5000 and Jewel of Yggdrasil).

The Broken Prison

This mission occurs in The Raven Tree in Niflheim as soon you cross a recently constructed bridge, where you will have to search through a ruined prison.

Mission Rewards:

  • 3000 XP points (Kratos)
  • 1000 XP points (Freya)

Scent Of Survival

You will be running behind Helka and get to control a boat of paper in this mission.

Mission Rewards:

  • 250 XP points (Freya and Atreus)
  • 1000 XP points (Kratos)
  • Allows authorization to The Crater.

Final Thoughts

To sum it all up, this brings us to the end of our missions list guide. We hope that with the help of this guide, you will get a chronologically ordered scope of all the missions in-game with the best rewards you can get from the featured critical side quests/missions.

Do give us feedback down below in the comments. If you are also interested in watching the entire cutscenes movie of the game, here is a video we recommend you watch.

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