Why Granblue Fantasy Relink’s Post-Game Content Is Better Than Its Main Story

The real fun actually starts after the main story is completed.

Granblue Fantasy Relink
When Post-game content is better than main story

Granblue Fantasy Relink’s story mode is quite good, and we can see both fans and critics loving it. All the 11 main story chapters of this J-RPG are well-connected and well-crafted.

However, the real fun starts when you finish the 20+ hours-long main story. Yes, the New Game+ and Chapter 0 give a more competitive gaming experience than the main story.

Key Takeaways

  • Granblue Fantasy Relink’s 20+ hours main campaign is entertaining, but it gets more fun after you finish all 11 chapters.
  • As new difficulty levels and quests are unlocked, players’ skills are put to the test against stronger-than-ever enemies for better-than-ever rewards.
  • As new rewards are unlocked, character customization also peaks, resulting in a customized and more in-control gaming experience.
  • A solid update roadmap ensures new features, challenges, and characters so that players don’t lose interest.

I wrote this especially because I have seen a few fans disappointed with the short story mode, not knowing the real grind starts after the main story is completed. Let me explain how so:

New Difficulty Levels & Quests

Completing the main story automatically unlocks the Veteran Skyfarer grade. This grade comes with three difficulty settings:

  • Hard
  • Very Hard
  • Extreme

Each of these settings allows you to play exciting and unique new quests that give you an unmatched experience. Completing the quests in these difficulty settings unlocks new rewards and promotes you to the next grade, i.e., Zegagrande Legend, which comes with two further difficulty settings:

  • Maniac
  • Proud

You guessed it right: the main story was just a piece of cake, and the real grind starts now. Each of these settings challenges your skills to the utmost level. However, while the villains are more ferocious, so are the rewards.

Farm Exclusive Things To Upgrade Your Build

Playing the game in these difficulty settings unlocks many items unavailable in the main story. For example, the Gold Dalia Badges are a substitute currency, unlocking many exclusive rewards and upgrading weapons and sigils. And trust me, as good as these upgrades and rewards are, you will need them to master the new difficulty levels.

Similarly, you can get crewmate cards to unlock many characters for your crew. And this is only the tip of the iceberg. There are many other things, such as mastery nodes, to upgrade your weapons and deal more damage.

Character-specific Sigils, unlocked through Knickknack vouchers and Terminus weapons, are available only after you finish the main story.

Lucilius – The New Boss

The Final Vision quest
The Final Vision Quest (Source: Official GBF site)

Update 1.1.0, released in the middle of this month, introduced Lucilius, a new boss in the game, through the addition of a new quest: The Final Vision. Being at level 200, he is easily one of the deadliest bosses in the game and requires you to equip yourself with the maximum upgrades available properly. 

This post-launch addition of an exciting challenge also highlights the developers’ effort to keep the game more thrilling and hook the players even more. Even though the boss fight has received mixed reactions from the fans, my point stays the same, i.e., the post-game is better and more expansive than the story mode.

Customized Gameplay With Each Character

Now, this is something that I love about this game. You get to experience new things with each character. How so? Well, each character has its own set of skills and abilities. Whenever you fight a boss, the gameplay adapts to these different skills and abilities, allowing you to experience unique and customized gameplay.

A Defined Roadmap

The defined roadmap for upcoming updates also ensures more content for the endgame. According to reports, two more characters from the LegendaryEternals crew are set to debut in an update that will be released in April this year.

The update roadmap
The update roadmap (Source: Official GBF site)

These characters are:

  • Seofon
  • Tweyen

Seofon will be a great choice for close-range combats thanks to his dual-wielding abilities. Similarly, having a new character specifically excelling in melee combat is something that I’m excited to experience in the game.

Another thing about him is that he can deal 450% wind damage to his enemies while also boosting his allies’ attack power by 30%.

Tweyen, on the other hand, will be a good choice for long-range combats thanks to her magical arrows. And just like Seofon, she can deal 450% light damage. The plans for new additions indicate that with upcoming updates, the endgame will become more competitive and intriguing.

Mystery Update

A mystery update is scheduled to be released in May this year. While I did not find many details of this update’s content, their official site states the addition of a new character, Sandalphon, who’s a great attacker and can deal 450% light damage to the enemies. The update will also contain some mystery items that you will need to pay for, as per the official site.

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