COD MW2: Ground War Vs. Invasion [Comparison]

Comprehensively explained Ground War and Invasion playing styles and winning strategies

COD MW2 Ground War Vs. Invasion Cover
Fully explained how Ground War and Invasion are played

Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 has been released with two exciting multiplayer game modes: Ground War and Invasion. While Ground War did exist before in a different shape, Invasion is a completely new game mode. Players are discovering how the modes differ in the way their gameplay.

Key takeaways:

  • Ground War, by its rules, bears resembles the gameplay of Domination and Invasion bears resemblance to Team Deathmatch
  • Both modes are played on large-scale maps with about 2 to 3 dozen players on each side
  • Different load-outs, strategies, and gaming styles should be adopted to win matches in Ground War and Invasion

Since neither Ground War nor Invasion existed before in their current shape, gamers are trying to find how they can adapt to both modes.

Therefore, to be successful in both modes, it is vital to emphasize the difference between the two modes. Appropriate gaming strategies are to be adopted for each mode.

What Is Ground War?

Ground War is a gaming mode of Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 that, unlike Invasion, did exist before but in a very different shape. The current form is gathering more positive reviews.

The winning strategy of Ground War is the same as that of Domination and the rules are simple.

Ground War matches have 5 objectives, or bases, and 32 players on a side i.e., 64 real players at a time on a map. Either team will be fighting to capture most amount of objectives it can. Each objective acquired for 10 seconds gives the team holding it 1 point. The match is set up for 20 minutes.

Gameplay of Ground War COD MW2
Ground War gameplay Modern Warfare 2

Ground War Rules

A team can hold more than one objective simultaneously, and points are rewarded based on how many objectives are held:

  • 1 objective – 1 point for every 10 seconds
  • 2 objectives – 2 points every 10 seconds
  • 3 objectives – 3 points every 10 seconds
  • 4 objectives – 4 points for every 10 seconds
  • 5 objectives – 10 points for every 10 seconds

There is also a special rule play that instantly makes your team win if you can capture all 5 objectives for 45 seconds – tactical nuke.

Players receive a color indication of which objectives have been captured, which ones the opponent team has captured and which are vacant:

  • Red objective – The enemy holds the objective
  • Blue objective – Your team holds the objective
  • Yellow objective – The objective is vacant

Ground War Maps

Moreover, since Ground War involves many players in a team battling against the other team, the maps used for the mode are huge.

Choosing Spawn Location MW2
Selecting a spawn location in Ground War Modern Warfare 2

There are 6 playable maps of Ground War, some of those are also available for Invasion:

  • Al Bagra Fortress
  • Sarrif Bay
  • Sa’id
  • Taraq
  • Zarqwa Hydroelectric
  • Santa Seña Border Crossing

Obtaining eliminations in Ground War does not reward players with points – something that works in Invasion.

What Is Invasion?

In simple terms, Invasion is a Team Deathmatch game mode expanded on a very big scale. The mode has come out exclusively on Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 and manifold increases the Team Deathmatch experience.

The mode involves 20 real players on each team that is battling to kill as many opponents as they can. Killing opponents gives players points that decide which team wins the match. There is a race for 2000 points – whichever team achieves this score wins the match.

Playing Invasion in Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2
Invasion Gameplay in Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2

Invasion Rules

To bring a twist in the tale, there also are 20 AI-powered bots that are playing for each side – they land from parachutes in the game. Therefore, Invasion is a 40 v 40 large-scale death match. AI bots fill the vacant spaces in the large maps and also they make the game harder to win.

The difference between a real player and an AI bot can be told by looking at its icon on the map. A real player is displayed as a triangle whereas an AI bot is displayed as a circle.

Different points are allocated for every kill:

  • 1 point – Killing an AI bot
  • 2 points – Destroying an enemy UAV or a counter UAV
  • 3 points – Taking down a Chopper Gunner, Support Helo, or a VTOL Jet
  • 5 points – Killing a real player, shooting down an enemy Gunship, or destroying a human-controlled vehicle

Invasion Maps

Since there are so many players involved in the gameplay, the maps used are very large. 5 maps are used to play Invasion, most of which are similar to the maps offered in multiplayer modes:

  • Taraq
  • Guijarro
  • Sa’id
  • Santa Seña
  • Sariff bay

Playing Invasion To Win

At first look, Ground War and Invasion appear to be very similar. However, playing the modes for some time make the player realize that different strategies and gaming style should be adopted. The same playing style doesn’t secure winning in both game modes.

The winning strategies of Invasion include merging the playing style of a Team Deathmatch (TDM) with the precautions required of playing on a large map with many opponents.


Winning Invasion matches in Call of Duty requires a personalized arsenal:

  1. Loadout Customization: Set up your weaponry similarly to Team Deathmatch (TDM) matches.

  2. Comfortable Loadout: Choose a loadout that you are comfortable with and can secure kills efficiently.

  3. Weapon Flexibility: Any gun type (sniper, SMG, rifle, shotgun) can work. Practice and comfort matter most.

  4. Complementary Items: Ensure that your throwables and kill streaks complement your primary weapons.

  5. No One-Size-Fits-All: There’s no universal rule for weaponry. Use what you can get the most kills with and apply it as you would in a TDM: snipe from a distance, infiltrate with shotguns and SMGs, or provide backup with heavy machine guns.

Gun Shop of Call Of Duty Modern Warfare 2
Customizing and selecting loadouts from the shop

Strategic Planning

Be In Groups

Players should be tied to a group as it is easy to take down opponents when the player is in a group and it also makes it hard for the opponents to take the entire group down before being knocked out. Also, be wary of snipers camping to not get knocked and eliminate them.

Managing Kill Streaks

Since there are more than just real players in Invasion, bots and other enemy vehicles are to be obliterated also. Destroying gunships, chopper gunners and enemy UAVs gives immense points to your team and also eliminates the threat that these vehicles pose. So, prioritize eliminating these perks.

Chopper Gunner Killstreak MW2
Chopper Gunner Killstreak Ground War

While the enemy has to be left void of these perks, you must utilize these kill streaks. Be on the lookout for any packages that can be used to bring in these perks – this makes the game fall in your team’s favor.

Play Your Natural Game

Bring your A-game forth. If you take down opponents with SMGs – use them – or if you snipe very well – use the sniper. In the end, Invasion is about killing as many opponents as quickly as you can, something every COD player does as he is pleased. Play Invasion with your natural game.

Playing Ground War To Win

Ground War resembles in its gameplay to Domination but is much harder to win. The 5 objectives that are to be captured coupled with the 32 players on a side, a player is always running on his feet. But playing with a plan and strategy in mind can help in increasing your chances of winning.


Your loadout plays a crucial role in your approach to Ground War matches. With large maps and multiple objectives, it’s essential to tailor your loadout to your strategy.

  1. Objective-Centric: Ground War demands capturing objectives. Focus on loadouts that support this goal.

  2. Sniping: If you excel at sniping, protect captured objectives and keep enemies at a distance. Prevent them from approaching secured points.

  3. Close Combat: For close combat on large maps, opt for SMGs or rapid-killing weapons to eliminate enemies quickly.

  4. Kill Streaks: Choose kill streaks that contribute to securing objectives, as they’re vital in large-scale battles.

Adapt your loadout to your strengths and the needs of your team to succeed in Ground War.

Strategic Planning

Ground War is very different in the way it is played. The main objective is to secure more objectives and hold them for the longest periods. Your goal must not deviate from it.

Capturing And Retaining Objectives

Objectives over anything. The kills and deaths don’t count in Ground War, therefore all focus should be on securing objectives and maintaining a hold over them.

Teams shouldn’t be blinded by greed and look to capture all objectives and hold none since points will not be increased constantly. A specific number of objectives should be captured that can be retained for longer – this is a long-term winning strategy.

Effective Communication

One player cannot capture an objective, and neither can one player hold an objective from enemy groups attacking. Therefore, it is very important to effectively communicate with your teammates.

  1. Objective Support: You can’t capture or defend an objective alone. Seek help when defending and provide support when attacking objectives.

  2. Enemy Intel: Keep your team informed about enemy positions, camps, and snipers to enhance situational awareness.

  3. Vehicles: Coordinate with your team to use vehicles strategically. Plan attacks, push back enemies, and bring in reinforcements efficiently.

  4. Team Plan: Converge on a plan with your teammates to leverage the game in your team’s favor.

Taking Out Enemy Support

Ground War allows bringing in kill streak support such as UAVs, Chopper Gunners, and other aircraft. These hinder the progress of your team and hence if you have the right weaponry, aim to knock these out as a priority.

Ending Notes

By now you would have realized how much Ground War and Invasion vary from each other in the way the games are designed, played, and won.

The mindset, weaponry, and planning cannot be replicated in playing the two game modes. Therefore, players must prepare them before they are to play one of the modes, devise their plans accordingly, and prepare their load-outs.

To conclude, Ground War can be termed as a large-scale domination and Invasion can be termed as a Team Deathmatch played on a much bigger map. Obviously, the many differences exist between the original game modes and these large scale Ground War and Invasion.

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