GTA Online’s Cayo Perico – Here’s Everything We Know

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GTA Online is getting a new heist in just a day, so, to get you all ready, here are all the facts about it, for you to be prepared for the new content. Here’s the DLC’s trailer to get everyone up to speed: (Get GTA V for only $12!! here)

New Location 

The Cayo Perico heist will take place on the eponymous island, a beautiful tropical paradise in the Bahamas, one owned by El Rubio, a drug trafficker considered to be the most notorious one alive. Cayo Perico is the most secure private island in the world and the center of El Rubio’s operation. Despite the island’s sheer size and large play area, which would make the area; a great fit for free roam. The current information we have seems to suggest that will not be the case, Rockstar avoided confirming if the island will be available in free roam or not. There’s also a poll on the GTA forums asking players if they think the new area will be available to free roam, in which the majority of people answered that, yes, they think it will be. Yan2295, “a Rockstar insider”, replayed to this post with “Damn, looking at the results of this poll, it seems like a lot of people will be disappointed.”

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There is always the possibility that these rumors are being spread around to create discussion within the fanbase, but until the official release there’s no way to know.

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The Heist 

As confirmed by Rockstar, this will be the first heist that can be finished solo. The players will have the option of taking on the challenges presented in either a stealthy or more direct approach. This is great news for people who would like to experience this new content without having to assemble an entire crew for it. As suggested by the trailer it also seems players will get access to a submarine to play around with in this new heist. (Get GTA V for only $12!! here)

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New Music Added To The Radio Stations 

Three new radio stations have been confirmed for the DLC release coming tomorrow. 

Kult FM 99.1 will be an interesting addition featuring artists like Iggy Pop and Joy Division. The host will be the lead singer of The Strokes and The Voidz, Julian Casablancas. 

Still Slipping Los Santos, is going to feature DJ Joy Orbison and will bring a mix of techno and house to Los Santos.

The Music Locker will also create its own Radio Station, the new nightclub in GTA Online will come bundled with a radio station to keep the party going while outside the club.  

Flylo FM and Worldwide FM will receive a bunch of new tracks as well. Both stations will get songs from experimental hip-hop artist, MF Doom.

This marks the largest update to the music selection in GTA Online, yet.(Get GTA V for only $12!! here)

The New Club 

As mentioned previously, a new club will be open, The Music Locker, this club will be a giant underground club right under The Diamond Casino.  It will have real-life gigs performed within the game, not unlike the Travis Scott performance in Fortnite. This new wave of music performances within video games is an interesting solution to their absence during the COVID-19 pandemic. Players who own The Diamond penthouse will also get VIP treatment in this new club.  

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Potential Release Hour 

If the pattern of previous GTA Online releases is to be followed, the DLC’s release will happen at 10 AM BST/4 AM EST/ 2:30 PM IST.  

This is all the info we currently have on the DLC, in less than 24 hours the new content will be out and we will see everything that Rockstar has prepared for us. 

What else do you think could be coming with this DLC? Let us know in the comments below what your theories or speculations are.

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