Guide: Disney Dreamlight Valley Pumpkin House

The Pumpkin House in Disney Dreamlight Valley can be found in the Forgotten Lands with an owner no one knows of.
A mysterious Pumpkin House in Disney Dreamlight Valley lies on the Forgotten Lands biome. Who is inside the house and what is the purpose of it?

The Dreamlight Valley universe is expanding fast and new possibilities are coming up. Upon exploring the dark and gloomy Forgotten Lands, players have been stumbling upon a huge Pumpkin House. Who does it belong to? Is it related to the upcoming Halloween event? Let’s dive into the guide to find out more about the Disney Dreamlight Valley Pumpkin House.

Key Takeaways 

  • Pumpkin House is a house that lies in the Forgotten Lands with an unknown owner.
  • The house is locked and serves no purpose currently.
  • Someone lives in the house but the door never opens up.
  • There are theories among the players about who the house belongs to.

Update: Revealed in the recent major update (7 June 2023), Pumpkin House belongs to one of our guesses – Fairy Godmother.

What Is The Pumpkin House

Pumpkin House has been sitting around all alone in the Forgotten Lands biome. The house is out of access currently and no player can enter it yet. The lack of information given about the house has resulted in many theories. 

The house is lit and the flower pots are taken care of, meaning that someone owns the place. We know that whoever the place belongs to, is definitely not released yet. Many players believe the upcoming Halloween-themed update might reveal the owner’s identity.

Players have been decorating the house’s surroundings as Halloween-themed and eagerly waiting for the new character to join them. 

Pumpkin House Location

The Pumpkin House can be found in the Forgotten Lands filled with green flames around. Once you have entered the Forgotten Lands, go straight and keep an eye on your left. The Pumpkin House is just behind the pond. It’s near the entrance and easy to spot. 

Pumpkin House Near The Pond

If you haven’t unlocked the Forgotten Lands biome yet, go to the Sunlit Plateau. With the help of the Map, find the Forgotten Lands entrance. Make sure you have 15,000 Dreamlights to unlock it. 

Pumpkin House Owner 

The mysterious character is making players curious. Many are already starting to place their bets. The Pumpkin, the green flames, the eerie environment, everything seems like a clue but no one is fully certain who might be living behind the door. Some of the top guesses not only by the players but also by us are:


In the movie, Cinderella is blessed by the Fairy Godmother who turns an ordinary pumpkin into a carriage. So it would make sense if Cinderella lives in the Pumpkin House as she traveled in it in the movie. Many discard the theory saying how can a princess get to live in a Pumpkin House, that too in such a creepy biome. 

Another theory regarding Cinderella is that she could be trapped inside the Pumpkin House. If that’s the case, we will help her escape the Pumpkin House in Disney Dreamlight Valley and join us in the valley with everyone else.


Fairy Godmother

Another huge possibility is that the Fairy Godmother herself lives in the Pumpkin House. Fairy Godmother is the one who turns the pumpkin into a carriage anyways, so many she turned an ordinary pumpkin into her own house! Also, another addition of a magician character in the game will add more fun to it. It has also been confirmed from the voice actors list that Fairy Godmother will be making an appearance sooner or later.


Maleficent from Sleeping Beauty is another character players placed their bets on. The eerie biome with green flames and thorns points out to Maleficent but why would she live in a silly Pumpkin House? That doesn’t suit her personality but the environment around the house is definitely giving off her vibes. 

Jack Skellington 

Jack from The Night Before Christmas is another guess of the players. He is a Pumpkin King of Halloween Town, making him a possible owner of the place. Not to forget, a Halloween update is announced so maybe he’s joining us in the Disney Dreamlight Valley. Moreover, he might not be alone. His wife Sally might join us too!

How To Enter Pumpkin House

For now, there is no way of entering the Pumpkin House. Maybe the upcoming event will unlock the door for us but currently, the door is locked shut. The locked door with someone inside indicates that the character has not been revealed yet. Many characters are to come, so let’s stick around and find out who is living in this cozy-looking pumpkin. 

Final Thoughts

No one can confirm who owns the Pumpkin House or what purpose it serves just yet. What we do know is there are exciting things coming up along with new characters. We hope the guide helped you catch up to the mysterious Pumpkin House. Many exciting things are to come in Disney Dreamlight Valley and we will try to keep you guys updated.

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