Stardew Valley: How To Make Truffle Oil [Steps With Images]

Truffle oil can be a very valuable resource in Stardew Valley and is relatively easy to get. This guide will show you everything about it.

How to make Truffle oil
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One of the ways to make a load of cash in less time is by making truffle oil and selling it. No matter what Stardew Valley character you play, you can turn truffle oil into something very valuable. In this guide, I will talk about how to get the most out of this valuable resource:

Key Takeaways

  • Get truffles in Stardew Valley by purchasing them from the traveling merchant or allowing barn-raised pigs to roam on the farm.
  • Use an oil maker to produce truffle oil; it takes six in-game hours to yield one from a truffle.
  • Maximize truffle oil production by planning ahead, expanding the pig count and barns, and preparing multiple oil makers.
  • Strategize during winter to efficiently use and recover truffle oil throughout the year.
  • Increase truffle yield with more pigs and barns, but ensure pigs are mature to find truffles and care for them properly.
  • Obtain hardwood for making oil makers by felling a Mahogany tree or breaking boxes and barrels in mines. Collect it daily for continuous oil maker production.
  • Gather truffles all spring and create truffle oil daily by following the mentioned steps.
  • Earn nearly a million gold by season’s end selling truffle oil: utilize 10 oil makers, running them three times daily for a total of 18 hours.

How to Get Truffle Oil

To obtain truffle oil, there are two simple methods. Firstly, you can buy truffles from the traveling merchant at 1500 gold each. The second, more cost-effective method involves allowing your barn’s pigs to roam the farm; they’ll discover truffles for you in spring, summer, and fall, excluding winter.

Truffle spread out in your farm to be collected.
Collecting truffles from your farm.

After harvesting as much of this truffle as you can find from your farm, you need to make truffle oil out of it. Truffles on their own, are not going to do you any good. For making truffles, you need to have an oil maker. The oil maker takes 6 hours of in-game time to produce one yield out of the truffle you used.  This is all about the actual process of making truffle oil.    

How to Make the Most Out of Truffle Oil:  

As mentioned above, the core process of making truffle oil is not very difficult. However, to make this resource viable, some time and effort are required. As I played through Stardew Valley to devise the best strategy and to test it, I made the following advancements that I now share with you:  

Preparing In Advance:  

As you cannot get any truffles in the winter, you should use this time to prepare for the rest of the year or the coming season. This will help you prepare beforehand and allow you to strategize an efficient recovery and usage of this resource according to how you have shaped your farm.  

Getting More Pigs and Barns:

I had initially three barns, only one filled with pigs. Over subsequent winters, I constructed two more barns in the same area and stocked them with pigs, which you can buy from Marnie’s shop in the northeast area of the Cindersap forest. Her shop remains closed on Mondays and Tuesdays. After rearranging my animals into one barn, I accommodated pigs in that barn as well, totaling four barns with 48 pigs.

Menu to buy animals from Marnie.
Buying pigs for your farm from Marnie.

Ensuring proper care for these animals is crucial for maximizing truffle yields. Use radiators or warmers in their barns and provide quality feed for optimal growth. Only mature pigs, not piglets, can find truffles. Purchase pigs well in advance of spring for them to mature adequately.

Pigs in your barn.
Looking after your pigs in the barn.

Preparing Oil Makers For Truffle Oil:

Oil makers are a key piece of equipment that you need to have at your disposal for making truffle oil from the truffle. You should make a healthy number of oil makers during the winter so that when you collect truffles, you have a working mechanism that continuously produces oil efficiently and in abundance.

A single oil maker requires the following to be made:  

  •  50 Slime  
  •  20 Hardwood  
  • 1 Gold bar  
Collecting truffle oil from the oil makers.
Collecting truffle oil from your oil makers.

You also need to be at level 8 of farming to make an oil maker. Among these, hardwood is the most difficult-to-get ingredient. “It is obtained by chopping down a Mahogany tree with an ax, a Large Stump with a Copper ax or better, or a Large Log with a Steel ax or better.”

Here are a few ways to get hardwood:  

  • 6 Large stumps respawn daily in the secret woods so that you can get 12 hardwoods from here daily. 
  • By breaking boxes and barrels in mines, you can get it as loot. 
  • At the Feast of the Winter Star, Robin may gift you 25 hardwoods.  

You can follow these methods, but you must try collecting hardwood daily so that you have as many as possible all the time. This way, you can make more oil makers over time and use them for making your truffle oil.  

The Result:  

Following the above steps, I collected truffles all spring long and used them to make truffle oil daily throughout the season. With whatever truffle my 48 pigs found daily, I made oil using 10 oil makers. As it takes 6 hours to get one yield out of the oil maker, I ran them 3 times a day for a total of 18 hours. With such a working system, I was able to make a fortune of close to a million gold after selling all my truffle oil at the end of the season.  

The Mayor’s Need Quest:  

During your gameplay, you might stumble upon the “The Mayor’s Need” quest. This quest requires you to make truffle oil and deliver it to the mayor. Well, guess what? I have already told you every possible way to get it done. Even if you are not taking on the project of making large amounts of truffle oil, it is still a pretty easy quest to complete for you.   

Menu showing the Mayor's Need quest.
The Mayor’s Need Quest.

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