Hogwarts Legacy: How To Unlock Locks? [Practical Solution]

This reading will cover every detail you need to know about unlocking locks at all levels.

How to unlock Hogwarts legacy Locks
Unlocking of Locks in Hogwarts Legacy

Many of the doors and locks in  Hogwarts Legacy are closed and locked. You can unlock them by using the spell Revelio near chests, locks, and other precious goods to highlight them, but you won’t be able to enter the chamber until you cast Alohamora on it. This shouldn’t be a problem if you’ve been keeping up with the side tasks in addition to the main quests.

Key Takeaways

  • Complete the main story Quest, “The Caretaker Lunar Lament.”
  • Unlock the Alohamora spell.
  • Open the locks at right angles until they turn and open.
  • Collect more Demiguises to unlock level 2 and level 3

In the beginning, you have to complete the first trial with Mr. Fig, and after that, you will complete the main story quest, “The Caretaker’s Lunar Lament.”

How To Unlock Locks By Alohamora Spell?

  1. The adventure begins when you complete the side quest, The Man Behind the Moons, and meet the hostel’s caretaker, Gladwin Moon.
  2. Gladwin Moon will teach you Alohomora, one of the Hogwarts Legacy spells.
  3. This spell is used to open doors and locks, but in return for it, you have to collect Demiguise Statues and give them to Gladwin Moon. Remember, you can learn Alohamora after reaching Level 14.
  4. You should approach the lock and cast an Alohomora spell on it to unlock any lock or door.
  5. After completing the Level 1 Alohamora spell, you will be upgraded to Level 2 and Level 3 spells. 

Unlocking Of Locks

You can unlock Hogwarts Legacy locks by playing the lockpicking minigame found in almost all Role-playing Video Games (RPGs). This game requires a specific mathematics skill: to place both wheels on the right sweet spot.

There are two essential wheels, the RED wheel and the GREEN wheel, which are rotated independently from each other and unlock Hogwarts Legacy Locks.

  • For the Green wheel, you have to move the wheel until the green light at the Bottom starts rotating. You need to hold an analog spot aiming right here at this sweet spot.
  • For the Red wheel, you have to move the wheel until the red light in the Middle starts rotating. Hold the analog point as this wheel turns to release the locks.

It is considered challenging to unlock legacy locks using a controller stick because you can face problems placing analog keys in the right direction.

You can quickly unlock the locks by placing them at Ordinal Directions (45° Angle).
So, in my opinion, it would help if you try this angle to unlock the locks rapidly instead of wasting time rotating the wheel in all directions.

Opening of locks at right points
Unlocking Of Locks

Level 2 And Level 3 Locks

Unlocking locks at levels two and three requires locating and collecting more Demiguise statues and giving them to Gladwin Moon.

Level 2: Collect nine Demiguise moons.
Level 3: Collect thirteen Demiguise moons.

Opening locks in level 2 and level 3 is a bit more complex than level one, so you should try to locate Demiguise as soon as possible. 

Demiguise Moon Statue
Demiguise Statue

Can You Find Demiguise At Day Time?

No, you can not find Demiguise in the daytime. To collect the statues, you must start your adventure only at night. So, I would suggest you try to find all the Demiguise at night, as you can switch to night mode in the game.

In short, this article focuses on two main things: casting the Alohomora spell on the locks and collecting Demiguise statues. Collecting these statues as early as possible would be best to upgrade to the next level more quickly.

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