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Destiny 2 Quest guide.

Destiny 2 players have always been known for grinding for every unique reward developers push into the game. In fact, Destiny 2 developers Bungie also want players to earn these rare rewards by completing the questline that explores the lore of the game. Memory Quest Destiny 2 is also one of these questlines that comes with the Destiny 2: Shadowkeep expansion. The expansion was released back on October 1, 2019, but is still making waves in the Destiny 2 community.

Key Takeaways

The “Luna’s Calling Memory Quest” in Destiny 2 is a weekly quest available after completing the Shadowkeep campaign. Here’s a breakdown of the quest series:

  1. The Bounty: Pick up bounties from three Lost Sectors on the Moon and defeat the enemy bosses.
  2. Firewall Data Fragment: Obtain the Firewall Data Fragment in the K1 Revelation area of Sorrows Harbor.
  3. The Memory of Sai Mota: Collect 20 necklace fragments in Sorrow Harbor and defeat enemies with Arc abilities.
  4. The Memory of Vell Tarlowe: Retrieve the Fragment of Vell Tarlowe by replaying the Nightmare Hunt: Fear mission and getting final blows through melee attacks.
  5. Other Memory Quests: These quests include The Memory of Toland, The Shattered, The Memory of Omar Agah, and The Memory of Eriana 3. They involve defeating powerful enemies and collecting memory fragments.
  6. Completion Reward: Completing all the quests in the series will reward players with the exotic hand cannon, Lumina.

What is even more unique about it is that this questline is available once every week enabling the players to earn new equipment as well as bounties. If you have finished the quest to keep the Vex off from the moon, then you will have to complete Luna’s Calling memory quest Destiny 2 to explore more lore. If you are wondering where to start the quest and how to finish, then worry not as we bring the complete guide for Destiny 2: Shadowkeep Luna’s calling questline. Let’s get right into it.

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The Bounty

The first quest that players will receive from the Eris Morn is The Bounty. As soon as you will talk to the NPC Eris Morn on the moon, she will ask you to pick bounty from three Lost Sectors on the Moon. Here you will have to kill enemy bosses in each of the Lost Sectors.

Before you go full gun blazing in the Lost Sectors, it is important to note that the enemies there has higher power as compared to the campaign of Shadowkeep. Players must consider the gear and other tools before entering the battlegrounds. The three Lost Sectors along with the powers are shown below.

The Three Lost Sectors
The Three Lost Sectors
  • K1 Communion in the Anchor of Light(Power 860)
  • K1 Crew Quarters in the Hellmouth(Power 880)
  • K1 Logistics in Archer’s Line(Power870)

Finishing up the fighting with the bosses will get you another task known as Firewall Data Fragment.

The Data Fragment

The data fragment is the first and most important part of the initial quest from Eris Morn. The top objective for the task is to reach the K1 Revelation in Sorrows Harbor. This can be found on the map. After going inside, rush to the boss arena without killing anyone. Here you will have to enter the pipe to unlock the door.

Memory quest destiny 2 Unlocking the Door
Unlocking the Door

Once the door is opened, players will have to enter the Data Fragment to finish the task. this can be done by holding the interaction button. after that players will be notified of the commencement of the first memory quest: The memory of the Sai Mota quest.

First Memory Quest Destiny 2: The Memory of Sai Mota Quest

From here the questline of Luna’s Calling of Destiny 2 begins. For that, you will have to collect 20 necklace fragments in Sorrow Harbor. However, there is a catch to that quest. Here you will have to defeat enemies with Arc abilities. For instance, you can use grenades to kill the Nightmare enemies. Or you can also use the melee with an off cooldown.

Memory of Sai Mota Quest
The memory of Sai Mota Quest

During the quest, players may encounter enemies like Ogres, Yellow-bar wizards, Acolytes, and Thrall. Since these are powerful enemies, so make sure to equip the arc abilities and prepare for the battle. Moreover, it is highly important for you to register the killing blow to receive the Necklace Fragment item.

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One of the best methods for the quest is to roam around the Plate of Sorrow’s Harbor. All the enemies spawn here so you can easily kill them. Or you can follow your own approach to finish the quest. After killing every enemy, you will have to go back to the Eris Morn and return the Necklace. She would immediately recognize Sai’s Necklace.

Sai Mota's Necklace
Sai Mota’s Necklace

The Memory of Vell Tarlowe

Just after the completion of Sai Mota,  you will have to wait for a weekly resent to receive another memory quest from the Eris Morn. The next quest you will be playing is the connection with the Memory of Vell Tarlowe. Here, you will be once again going for an enemy hunt and retrieving the memory item of Vell Tarlowe.

memory quest destiny 2
The memory of Vell Tarlowe

This will be available on the moon map as soon as the week resets. So you will not have to search it on the map to complete the Destiny 2 memory questline. As for the objectives, you will have to search for Fragment of Vell Tarlowe. You can find it by doing the replayable mission Nightmare Hunt: Fear and kill enemies by final blows through a melee attack.

For that mission, you will not need the ability off cooldown. However, what you will need is an extra pair of guns because of strong enemies. Do not be afraid to get help from you your teammates to damage the enemies to a point so you can register your final blow. Once the mission is completed and you have retrieved the Fragment, you will have to return to the Eris Morn and wait for the week to reset for another memory quest.

Fragment of Vell Tarlowe
Fragment of Vell Tarlowe

The Memory of Toland, The Shattered

The Memory of Toland, the Shattered is another short quest in the weekly questline of Eris Morn in Destiny 2. Unlike previous quests, Memory of Toland rewards players with one of the powerful items yet in the season. Toland was a warlock whose memories are haunting Eris Morn. The quest requires players to retrieve their warlock notebook and return it to the Eris Morn.

Memory of Toland The Shattered
The memory of Toland The Shattered

However, the first step towards completing the quest is to find and kill the Hive Trove Knight and loot the chest hidden in the location. Those who are wondering where to find the Hive Trove Knight must note that there is no fixed spawn location. You may find it in the Archer’s line but that will not be the same for most players. To ease things up players can search the following locations: the Hellmouth and Anchor of Light since Guardian Knights mostly spawn around these locations.

Considering you are coming from the Sanctuary, players can rush to the northeast point on the map. Here just around the large structure, you will be able to encounter the Trove Guardian. Or if you are coming from Archer’s Line, you will find the Guardian near the Witch’s Ritual area.

Hive Trove Knight
Hive Trove Knight

If you are unable to find the enemy in the Hellmouth, you can search for him at Anchor of Light. Players can see Trove Knight walking around the entrance of the sanctuary. Now that you can find the enemy, kill him to receive another objective for the quest. Just after killing the Guardian, you will receive a notification to head to the ledge and finish the jumping puzzle sequence.

The puzzle is fairly simple and does not involve much struggle. The pathways will spawn creating a road to the loot chest. After finding and opening the chest, you will be able to retrieve the lost Shattered Notes of the Toland. But that is not it for the quest. The notes do not have any pages.

For that, you will have to search for the pages of Toland’s notes. The quest objective requires players to do a search for the journal pages by killing an enemy with Hive Relic Sword. All you need is to start the Alatars of Sorrow event on the Moon and get to the killing with Swords. Once Toland’s journal is complete, you can return to Eris Morn to finish the quest.

Toland's Journal
Toland’s Journal

The Memory of Omar Agah

Another entry in Luna’s Calling weekly quest is the Memory of Omar Agah. This quest will also involve two straightforward objectives. Firstly you will be killing a powerful Hive Wizard with your Super Abilities. For the next objective, you will have to register precision kills with either a bow or sniper.

Memory of Omar Agah
The memory of Omar Agah

Once again Eris Morn is asking you to honor the memory of Omar Agah. This weekly quest reveals another fallen hunter’s lore who was brutally killed in Croatia’s Lair. According to Eris Morn, Omar Agah’s Guardian light was ripped from him and placed for the birth of Hive enemies. That is why Eris Morn is asking players to take on the journey to defeat the Hive Wizard.

As for the first objective, the best way to kill the Hive Wizard. It is important to note that this enemy should have a yellow bar. You can find them by loading them into the Scarlet Keep Strike. After the heavy fight, you must land Super Abilities once the boss is in low health. It is highly advised to take extra pair of guns of fireteam to easily complete the objective of the quest.

Scarlet Keep Strike
Scarlet Keep Strike

After you are done with the Hive Wizard, you will have to complete the second and final objective of the Omar Agah quest. This will involve killing the powerful enemies using Bows or Sniper rifles. An ideal place to do that will be Altars of Sorrow or Nightfall Strikes. Kill the powerful enemies with the precision kills to collect the 20 Throwing Knives of Omar Agah.

Throwing Knives of Omar Agah
Throwing Knives of Omar Agah

Ever since the release of memory questline in 2019, a lot has changed in the game. You will have to experiment with different characters and missions that suit best for the questline. But we would recommend considering the Player vs. Enemy missions since they are easy to tackle. After collecting all the knives, return them to the Eris Morn and wait for the weekly reset of the quest.

The Memory of Eriana 3

The final quest in Luna’s Calling series is the Memory of Eriana 3. In this quest, your first objective will be looting the chest from Hive or Fallen Lunas Scavenger beneath the surface of the Moon. This sounds fairly easy, but there are a few things that you need to know before going on the hunt.

Memory of Eriana 3
The memory of Eriana 3

The best location to start the quest is in Fallen Ketch in the Anchor of Light. Launch the mission and get inside the ruins of the ship. You will have to find the destroyed Walker Tank. Once found, you will trigger a lot of enemies along with the Luna’s Scavenger. He will have the yellow bar that will differentiate him from other enemies.

Take him out along with all the enemies. After defeating the Scavenger, players will be notified of the chest that will give the Letters from Wei Night. This is the first retrieval of the final quest.

Nightmare Hunt Isolation
Nightmare Hunt Isolation

For the next objective, players will have to kill 10 Champion enemies with the difficulty set to hero or high using Solar Subclass. You can either start an exotic grinding session with your Fireteam or drop into the Nightmare Hunt: Isolation to kill the 10 higher-difficulty Champions. When you are done with the killing, you can return to the Eris Morn to finally complete Luna’s Calling memory quests Destiny 2.

Final Words

The Memory quest Destiny 2 of Luna’s Calling is uniquely the well-praised series that rewards players with Tier 1 Powerful Engram. Not just that but the weekly quest with new lore to explore make them more enjoyable to farm. Now that you have all the details on how to start the memory quest, you can easily dive in and earn those sweet rewards as a completionist player.

Well, that is about it for the Destiny 2 Luna’s Calling questline. What do you think of our guide for Eris Morn’s memory quests? What is your approach for each of the weekly quests? We will love to hear your thoughts in the comments section down below.

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