Guide: Street Fighter 6 Drive Reversal

Getting cornered by opponents without finding an escape? Check out our guide on Drive Reversal in Street Fighter 6

Drive Reversal Street Fighter 6
A guide on Drive Reversal in Street Fighter 6.

Key Takeaways

  • Drive Reversal is a defensive counterattack move that allows players to push back enemies if getting cornered.
  • The Drive Reversal uses two Drive Gauge bars upon usage. Players must manage Drive Gauge accordingly in order to avoid entering an exhaustion state.
  • To execute Drive Reversal in Classic Mode, press Forward + HK + HP altogether while being in a blocking state.
  • To perform Drive Reversal in Modern Mode, press Forward + LB/L1 (button assigned to Drive Impact) together. Make sure you’re in a blocking state before execution.

Finding yourself corned by an enemy after performing a single mistake is a norm in Street Fighter. And especially during that time, when you’re getting showered by punches and kicks, you must perform a counterattack.

Luckily, Street Fighter 6 has introduced an incredible set of five new attack moves under the name “The Drive Gauge System.” One of these five attack moves includes a sort of Defensive+Offensive move called “Drive Reversal.” It is best known for breaking the opponent’s combos by guarding and striking back.


Drive Reversal Street Fighter 6
Successful Drive Reversal on Luke – Image Credits: VeryAli Gaming

Drive Reversal is a counterattack used against enemies who are gaining the upper hand in a battle. This Gauge will break the enemy’s attacks and give players some time to get a grip on the situation. Once performed, the counterattack will result in a low-damage attack that creates distance between the two players.

This distance is exactly what you require in order to strike back. You may already be familiar with Drive Reversal if you’ve played Street Fighter V and Street Fighter Alpha. The Gauge was known under different names, such as “V-Reversal” and “Alpha Counter.”

How To Use Drive Reversal

Drive Reversal for Lily in Classic Mode – Image Credits: VeryAli Gaming

First of all, make sure you are in a Blocking state or a successful Drive Parry before performing Drive Reversal. The blocking state will protect you from incoming attacks for the time being. Now, there are two different controls to perform Drive Reversal. It all depends on the Control Type you are playing on; Classic or Modern Mode.

Classic Mode

If you decide to stick around with the classic 6-button layout controls, then press the following buttons altogether:

  • Enter Blockstun and press Forward Button (Left Stick toward the front if playing on Controller) + Heavy Punch (HP) and Heavy Kick (HK) together.

Modern Mode

If you prefer the Modern Mode, a simpler Control Type, then press the following buttons altogether:

  • Go in Blockstun and press the Forward Button + LB/L1 (Or any button which is assigned to Drive Impact) together.

We recommend players stick to Modern Mode controls if they are new to fighting games, as the combos and Drive Gauge attacks here are much easy to perform.

Strategies To Use Drive Reversal Effectively

If you’re a newbie using Drive Reversal with no knowledge on hand, here are a few tips to help you start mastering the attack:

Keep An Eye On Drive Gauge Bars

You must know that Drive Reversal consumes 2 Drive Gauge bars. A Drive Gauge is fuel to the entire Drive System. If you run out of the Drive Gauge bars showcasing on top, your character will enter a Burnout state, leaving them more vulnerable to incoming attacks.

Therefore, manage the Drive Gauge effectively and avoid using Drive Reversal more than once at a time. A low Drive Gauge will automatically fill up, so wait till the bar refills on its own. Performing a successful Drive Parry does the same. Check out our guide on executing Perfect Parries in Street Fighter 6 for a better understanding.

Instant Attack After Drive Reversal

Drive Reversal deals low damage to the opponent, but the health replenishes back unless you perform your next attack instantly. So, once the opponent is thrown back from Drive Reversal, take that as an opening and use your counterattack in an instant. This will take the opponent by surprise and turn the entire round in your favour.

Use Before Special Or Heavy Attacks

Correct timing is the key. Since the main focus of Drive Reversal is to escape situations where the enemy is pressuring you, using Drive Reversal at a perfect time is necessary. Only use it right before you foresee a special attack coming or receiving constant heavy attacks, or else it’s a waste of Drive Gauge.

You may require using Drive Reversal more frequently on certain heroes than others. So, play around with this Drive attack and see which characters depend on its escape qualities more.

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Final Remarks

Players may forget about Street Fighter 6 Drive Reversal during fights; however, if mastered, the counterattack is a great escape move, especially against certain characters. Get the upper hand if you’re losing a round simply by using Drive Reversal. Goodluck Fighting!

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