Guide: Tears of the Kingdom Ishodag Shrine

This guide provides a step-by-step guide on how to solve the Ishodag Shrine in Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom.

Ishodag Shrine | Image by Veryaligaming

The Ishodag (A Windy Device) shrine is one of the easier shrines in Tears of the Kingdom, located in the Central Hyrule region. This guide contains the location of the shrine, a solution to the puzzle in the shrine and how to obtain the treasure chest in it.

Key Takeaways

  • The Ishodag Shrine is located in the Central Hyrule region, southwest of Hyrule Castle, between the quarry ruins and the Carok Bridge.
  • The shrine presents a beginner-level puzzle divided into three parts.
  • In the first part, players attach a fan pointing upwards to create an upward gust, allowing them to reach the top of an unclimbable wall.
  • The second part involves crossing water by using a plank and attaching a fan to create a makeshift boat.
  • The final part requires ascending another unclimbable wall by utilizing fans placed below a platform.
  • Players can obtain a treasure chest by creating an upward gust to reach a plank where the chest is stuck.
  • The chest contains an opal, which is the reward for successfully completing the puzzle in the Ishodag Shrine.


Ishodag Shrine Location | Image by VeryAli Gaming

Ishodag shrine in Tears of the Kingdom is located southwest of the Hyrule Castle, specifically between the Quarry Ruins and the Carok Bridge. The shrine is situated on top of a rocky hill and Hyrule Castle can be seen behind the shrine.


Ishodag Shrine | Image by VeryAli Gaming

The puzzle presented in the shrine is a beginner’s level puzzle, and essentially can be divided into three parts, and here is a step by step guide on how to solve it.

Part I

Gliding by Gust | Image by VeryAli Gaming

After entering the shrine, walk down the stairs and you will see an object (Fan) lying on the ground, and an unclimbable wall ahead.

  • Use Ultrahand ability to attach the fan pointing upwards,  to the ground.
  • Turn on the fan by hitting it with a weapon.
  • Stand on the fan and double jump to open the paraglider, the gust created by the fan, will give you enough height to reach the   top of the wall.

Part II

Makeshift Boat | Image by VeryAli Gaming

Next, you will see a plank and another fan lying on the ground. On your left there will be water, the goal of this part of the puzzle is to get to the other side of the water.

  • You can do that by building a boat, use Ultrahand ability to place the plank in the water.
  • Then using Ultrahand ability attach the fan to the plank, so that it points towards you and that is it, you have created yourself a boat.
  • Climb the plank and hit the fan.

Part III

Ascending to the exit | Image by VeryAli Gaming

Again there is a high unclimbable wall ahead of you, but this time it cannot be glided to, as in part 1. You will see two fans lying on the ground and a platform that can move vertically, infront of you.

  • Attach the two fans below the platform, so that they point toward the ground.
  • Hop on the platform, activate the fans and you will find yourself on top in no time at all!

Treasure Chest

Fan under rotating platform | Image by VeryAli Gaming

After you cross the water, you will see the unclimbable wall in front, but on the right side, you will notice a plank that has a treasure chest stuck to it, but it is not reachable.

  • Detach the fan from your boat and attach it to the bottom of the plank. But not on the side, where the treasure chest is attached. Point the fan toward you while attaching.
  • Activate the fan by hitting it. 
  • Climb the platform as you did in part 3, and glide from there toward the chest.
  • Open the chest, that’s it. The chest contains an opal.

Final Remarks

Shrines are an essential part of Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom, they provide players with exciting puzzles, and at the end reward them with treasure chests and Spirit Orbs. Spirit Orbs in turn are a way to level up in the game. Ishodag shrine too gives us these rewards and now you know how to solve it. 

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