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Halo Infinite Update Following Inside Announcement

This month, the 343 Industries team has announced a Halo Infinite update disclosed in the studio’s monthly Inside Infinite.

The original release date for the game was set for the family of Xbox consoles, but for reasons we are all aware of, the game was delayed. However, with a potential release date of November later this year, fans do not have long to wait until they can explore more areas of the Halo universe and follow Master Chief on a new mission.

Here is a tweet from their official Twitter:

Halo Twitter Page

Halo Infinite Information

Furthermore, in the March installment of Inside Infinite, audio team developers–Sotaro Tojima, Chase Thompson, Kyle Fraser, and Joel Yarger–discussed their latest plans for Halo Infinite. They also spoke about what they’ve learned from their previous Halo games.

Additionally, Thompson went on to mention how the team developed “new audio systems and technologies” to help create a more significant spatial awareness and an immersive experience for players when using headphones. Then he discussed some of the processes of how using reverb and propagation can dispense a natural soundscape reflecting the way sound can traverse through a virtual environment.

Queue Halo Soundtrack

Additionally, they also partnered with three composers to create the audio for the campaign which will feature “brighter and hopeful” music, featuring more major keys.

Each composer has their own specific set of skills ranging from choral, synths, and piano composition to directing full orchestras. The team hopes to bring a new but also familiar sound to players as they traverse through the game.

Lastly, the team shared their hopes for the game and thanked the Halo community for their feedback. Following the delay of Halo Infinite last year, the team mentioned their last few months will be spent refining content and more to make this Halo game the best it can be.

That’s It From Me

Are you excited to hear updates regarding Halo Infinite after the delay last year? Let us know in the comments below.

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