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Halo MCC is now Next-Gen Ready with up to 120 FPS

Xbox has officially announced that Halo MCC is now fully optimized for Xbox Series X/S, and ready for the launch of the next-gen console. The new features on the upcoming consoles include 4K experience, up to 120FPS, and  Split-screen with up to 4K on Series X.

All of the new updates will be available for free for all Halo MCC owners, and Xbox Gamepass subscribers, on November 17th.

343’s long journey

Halo MCC has had a very long and bumpy ride, starting with a few very public failures. It had a 15 GB release date update, players were stuck with continuous matchmaking errors and long wait times, and the entire game was super buggy all around.

It’s worth mentioning that 343 has come a long way since then, it stuck with the franchise through thick and thin.

They updated it continuously, providing later on 4K 60FPS experience on Xbox One X. Right now Halo MCC is available even on PC, with crispy 4K and no frames capping. 

Halo MCC has recently become a one of a kind. It’s now the one-stop experience for all halo gamers everywhere on all devices, even android phones through xCloud. 

For Next-Gen experience, you can buy an Xbox Series X for $499, starting this November 10th. Will you be subscribing to Xbox Gamepass? Do you think this is enough reason to buy the new console?

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