Interview: Hangry Took Inspiration From Guardians Of The Galaxy In A Comedic Culinary-Themed Action

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HANGRY - via Game Pill

Hangry is an upcoming hack-and-slash action RPG that takes the narrative design up a notch with a funny culinary-themed storyline. Players take on the role of a beast known as Hangry and utilize his hunger to navigate the dangerous world ahead.

Apart from a unique theme, you will also be able to enjoy a fast-paced action by dealing with multiple enemies and chomping off their HP with the right choice of Hangry’s stats and weapons. The game offers a decent challenge to players to adapt quickly to the combat style and progress through the dangerous world of Hangry. 

To discuss more about the level of design and inspiration around the world, we interviewed Mike Sorrenti, President of Game Pill, over an email. 

HANGRY - via Game Pill
Hangry- via Game Pill

Please introduce yourself and tell us a bit about your role on Hangry.

Mike: My name is Mike Sorrenti, and I am the President of Game Pill. I have worked on literally hundreds of games over the years starting with flash games and moving to PC and console. I have worked with big brands like Disney, Nickelodeon, Mattel, Hi-Rez, etc. My role on Hangry is as a Creative Director and Producer.

Can you elaborate on the world-building behind Hangry's universe, particularly the dynamics between food culture and adventure?

Mike: Set in a world where food is the end-all-be-all of the galaxy, you travel the galaxy as Hangry, a nomadic hunter who roams the wilds to find and deliver prized meals. Unfortunately for Hangry, he has an unnatural metabolism that puts him in a constant state of unrelenting hunger. If he lets it go for too long, he goes into a rage, becoming primitive and monstrous and devouring anything in his path.

On the upside, he can also absorb what he eats, taking on new traits and abilities. So, as long as he keeps his tastes discerning, he should be good… right? And then Hangry encounters the infamous Chef Goutra, a wannabe celebrity chef with deep ties to the criminal underworld. After a job gone wrong leaves him indebted to Goutra, Hangry unintentionally becomes a lynchpin in a class war over food supply chains controlled by the four most devious companies of cuisine.

To survive, Hangry must learn to conquer his hunger or succumb to the beast within.

Action Packed Gameplay
Hangry- via Game Pill

What inspired the concept of combining a snack-themed RPG with fast-paced action combat in 'Hangry: Hack 'n Slash RPG'?

Mike: You know that gnawing hunger that hits you like a ton of bricks? Well, that beastly sensation birthed the idea for Hangry: The Snack ‘n Slash RPG! It’s like when you’re stuck in traffic, torn between unleashing your inner road rage and zenning out with a deep breath.

Or imagine polishing off a whole cake and then grappling with the aftermath—either feeling gloriously guilty or grossed out, depending on whether you grabbed a respectable slice or went all in. Hangry isn’t just about the struggle against an empty stomach; it’s a battleground where your civilized side squares off against your primal instincts.

The initial looks on the Hangry look highly comedic and enjoyable experience. How did you balance the comedic elements of Hangry's insatiable appetite with the seriousness of battling fearsome monsters?

Mike: We were inspired by films like Guardians of the Galaxy, where they touch on serious issues, but it is mostly about the fun. A publisher told us recently that Hangry is Monster Hunter meets Overcooked, and we were happy to hear it.

HANGRY - via Game Pill
Hangry – via Game Pill

The game promises diverse landscapes, from BBQ woodlands to candy-coated caverns. How did you approach creating these visually distinct environments?

Mike: Our goal was to craft visually enticing environments that evoke a sense of craving while maintaining a realistic aesthetic. We deliberately avoided an overly saccharine Candyland appearance and instead opted to integrate elements reminiscent of food.

For instance, rocks designed to resemble cookies and leaves bearing a striking resemblance to cobweb cotton candy were among the creative choices we made to infuse the world with culinary charm.

Tell us more about the process of designing the various monsters Hangry hunts. How do their designs tie into the game's culinary theme?

Mike: The in-game creatures are crafted to mirror well-known dishes, like our adorable folding pizza bat or the hot dog monster that’s reminiscent of a dog. Our concept artist truly excelled in this aspect, drawing inspiration from the imaginative sketches of my school-aged daughter.

Every defeated monster yields ingredients vital for crafting various recipes, and mastering these recipes unlocks unique evolutionary enhancements for your character in the game.

Beta Gameplay
Hangry – via Game Pill

Can you describe the challenges players will face when engaging multiple enemies simultaneously? How does the game encourage strategic thinking in these situations?

Mike: In a mixed group of enemies, knowing what the enemy’s capabilities are and who to attack first is important. If enemies are ranged attack or flying, you may want to engage with them first and leave slower, more powerful enemies to fight in 1v1. The game encourages strategic thinking when combined with our weapons in the game, which can impact which types of enemies can be easily engaged. 

For example, a chain axe may allow for quick kills of longer-distance enemies but may be ineffective if too many brute larger enemies surround you.

'Hangry Mode' allows Hangry to increase in size and combat prowess. How does this mechanic change the dynamics of combat, and how do players utilize it effectively?

Mike: Entering “Hangry mode” grants you increased power but sacrifices precision in combat. While you inflict more damage, sometimes excessively so, it can result in failed missions and a shortage of collected ingredients. Players must exercise caution and make wise decisions to navigate this delicate balance effectively.

It allows the player to go berserk and take on large groups of enemies faster and more brutally, allowing the player to unleash powerful attack combinations in addition to weapons. For example, a single-blade attack in Hangry mode becomes two-bladed, and the speed and damage rate goes way up.

HANGRY - via Game Pill
Hangry – via Game Pill

You mentioned that players will be able to create their own combat style. How is this designed, and will players be able to upgrade or mix/match different weapons?

Mike: We have 4 core weapons plus standard attack styles mixed in that give the player the choice of what weapon to use based on the enemy type or encounter. Groups of enemies can also open opportunities for choosing to get close into the fray or maybe use the chain axe to keep them back further.

How many developers are actively working on the game, and how long has it been under development?

Mike: Our team scaled up to about 30 at the height of production. We have had a lot of talented and senior people come to help us, and they are drawn in by the concept, which I think is a very human thing. The feeling of being angry and hungry. And what do you do with those feelings?

Anything else you would like to share with the readers?

Mike: We would love people to taste-test our snack and slash! We would love any small support possible. We know that times are tough, but wishlisting or even sharing an article or link with others will help our project get noticed, and we are grateful for the support.  

We are also looking for early testers to give us gameplay feedback. Check to join our list, or just contact us directly via the game pill discord if you are interested!

Hangry is an upcoming hack-and-slash action RPG, under development by Game Pill. The game is scheduled for release very soon on PC.

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