Haunted Carriage Diablo Immortal [Walkthrough]

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Diablo Immortal is a newly released RPG by Blizzard Entertainment. The game has managed to win over a massive plethora of fans with its mesmerizing world and insane combat mechanics. The game has numerous events for you to partake in, including the Haunted Carriage Diablo Immortal event. This Haunted Carriage Diablo Immortal will guide you on everything you know about this event.

Key Takeaways

  • Diablo Immortal has different events, including the Haunted Carriage Diablo Immortal event, which is unique and not hard to complete.
  • To participate in the event, players should have cleared the main story and hit Paragon Level 60.
  • The haunted carriage spawns between 9 am to 11 pm server time, daily, and once someone completes it, the next carriage spawn time is after two hours.
  • The event starts at the Ashwood Cemetery and ends at The Ossuary.
  • Players should protect the carriage from monsters during the journey, and at the end, they fight a powerful foe called the Tax Collector.
  • Other players may be fighting alongside the player, but hitting the Tax Collector once is enough to get the rewards.
  • The Tax Collector is a formidable boss that players need to fight with their best gear and teamwork.
  • The event rewards players with Enchanted Dust, which is essential for upgrading armour and increasing gear’s primary attributes.
  • Players can farm the event by finishing it on all four difficulty levels.

Starting the Haunted Carriage Event

Haunted Carriage is one of the unique events in the game. The event itself isn’t necessarily hard and even rewards you with some good loot. It is advised that you tackle this event after you have cleared the main story and hit Paragon Level 60.

To partake in the haunted carriage event, you must be mindful of a few things. The haunted carriage spawns between 9 am to 11 pm, server time, daily. Once someone completes it, the next carriage spawn time is after two hours, so you want to get there on time if you don’t want to wait.

The starting point of this event is in the Ashwood Cemetery. If you are lucky and no one has done the vent before you, you will get a pop-up message telling you about the presence of the Haunted carriage. Click Ok on the message to start the Haunted Carriage Diablo Immortal Event.

This will then auto-navigate you towards the location of the Haunted Carriage. If you don’t want to use this and just want to go straight to the carriage, we have you covered. Make your way to mark on the map below as the Haunted Carriage always spawns in this specific location.

diablo immortal haunted carriage location

Location of the Haunted Carriage

Haunted Carriage Event Tips

Once you reach the Haunted Carriage, your primary goal is to escort it to its destination. The carriage will quickly start to just as will the monsters. The monsters will try to hinder the carriage’s journey, and it is up to you to protect it. These monsters are not that powerfully so fret not. You can easily take them on without any hard-hitting gear.

The haunted carriage journey will take you from the Ashwood Cemetery to the Eastern Garden and the Outskirts before finally ending in The Ossuary. Once you reach the destination, this is where you will be met with a powerful foe, The Tax Collector.

As this is an event, other players would be fighting alongside you, which might mean you won’t get the rewards, right? Well, worry not. All you need to get the rewards is to hit the Tax Collector once. The fight will mostly be in your favor due to the sheer number of players hitting the boss.

The Tax Collector

The Tax Collector is nothing to sleep at. The battle between you and the Tax Collector is a tiring one. If compared, it is most similar to the Vitaah Boss Fight. So, it is recommended that you fight this boss will your best gear since anything can happen in a raid.

The Tax Collector has an arsenal of attacks. In terms of its endurance, it is one of the most formidable monsters in the game, so your best bet is to rain hell upon him. Keep unleashing your abilities on him to ensure that his large health bar is chunked every time you hit him. Don’t take him as simple as a Hidden Lair Boss, as that will lead to your downfall.

Moreover, as there will be players around you, it won’t be hard to deplete his health bar completely. However, The attacking party needs some teamwork to take him down flawlessly. The support part needs to keep buffing the players fighting him so that they can withstand his relentless attacks.

The tank party needs to keep charging in while the main attack force keeps damaging him as much as possible. If you feel your attack output isn’t that strong, you can take care of the lesser monsters that the Tax Collector summons. Although do hit him once so you can get the rewards as well.

If you have any kind of CC on your party, it will benefit you greatly as you can keep stunned or dazed for the attacks to land accurately. If you still feel like this monster is too hard to deal with, you can change the difficulty to ensure it is up to your standards.

Haunted Carriage Event Rewards

Taking down the Tax Collector would lead to the completion of this event. The event grants the players with Enchanted Dust. This enchanted dust is vital if you wish to upgrade your armor later. The end of the game is filled with challenging monsters, so you will need to ensure that your gear is up to par. The enchanted dust can also increase your gear’s primary attributes, so use it on the equipment whose attributes you like the most.

image showing diablo immortal enchanted dust
Haunted Carriage Event Rewards

The Enchanted Dust is precious, so you might be wondering how you can gain more of it. Simply put, you can farm this event. As mentioned, you can change the game’s difficulty level, and with each difficulty level, you are basically facing off a different enemy (in terms of strength). So, all you need to do is finish this event on all four difficulty levels. You should try this with a high character level, so your farm up with ease and no actual threat.

This will allow you to gather a bunch of enchanted dust and help you progress in the main storyline.
This gear will be beneficial later in the game and during the Rite of Exile.

That brings us to the conclusion of our Haunted Carriage Diablo Immortal guide. Feel free to let us know down below your thoughts on this event!

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