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Hawkeye Update Lets You Restart Marvel’s Avengers Campaign

The Hawkeye update for Marvel’s Avengers has been highly anticipated by fans since its announcement last month. Not only will it add everyone’s favourite archer since Robin Hood (no not the GameStop one), it comes with the launch of the next-gen upgrade which is free for anyone who has already bought the game. Now, devs have revealed the upgrade will also add the option to restart the main campaign from the beginning.

Yesterday saw another developer’s stream on Crystal Dynamics twitch account. It saw their community and social media manager, Andy Wong, and narrative designer and writer, Hannah MacLeod, play parts of the Reassemble campaign. The stream opened by showing off the graphic below for the first time.

Not bad, huh? Whilst also telling us a bit more about what we can expect from the Hawkeye campaign, it also revealed that players can relive the whole adventure again.

“This is something we’ve been seeing over and over again on Twitter and socials and everything: ‘Can we replay the campaign? Can we replay the campaign?,'” Wong said during the stream. “You can on the 18th! You will keep everything you have; you keep XP, your gear, and everything. But you can replay the campaign from start to finish.”

With just over a week to go, the Hawkeye update looks like its worth the wait. You can check out our rundown of the next-gen upgrade for Marvel’s Avengers here. If you’re not sure whether to buy it, you can also watch our episode of Know the Game to see if it’s for you. Finally, you can get the game at 50% off – with the free next-gen upgrade – here (affiliate link).

Have you played Marvel’s Avengers? Are you excited for the Hawkeye Update? Let us know in the comments. 

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