New to PC? Here are 10 Staples of PC Gaming to Check Out

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Welcome to PC Gaming!

Whether you just built your first PC, custom ordered one, or maybe went for a gaming laptop, the sheer number of games available on the platform can be debilitating to new players. Even veteran players struggle to figure out what to play and find themselves staring at their desktop or Steam library instead. So we compiled a list to help newcomers find their niche and maybe help veterans rekindle their love of a classic, here are 10 Staples in PC Gaming.

10. Garry’s Mod

Some hate it and some love it but Garry’s Mod, available on Steam, is home to one of the biggest communities around. The game has a monstrous amount of game modes, mods, and custom content. Whether you want to RP as a citizen of a city or Clone Trooper, or maybe want to play Trouble in Terrorist Town, Garry’s Mod has something for everyone and can be an enjoyable experience for new players.

9. Counter Strike: Global Offense & Counter Strike Source

Also available on Steam are the two most popular tactical shooters/Russian language learning platforms. If you want to mess around on custom maps and get a feel for the original Counter Strike then Source is always fun; and if you want to dip your feet in a more competitive experience then Counter Strike: GO is always a good way to smash your new keyboard.

Image Credit: Valve

8. World of Warcraft

World of Warcraft is certainly one of the longest-lasting and most successful MMORPGs of the last two decades. You and friends can fight your way through the world of Warcraft as you find loot and defeat dungeon bosses.(Get 60 days pre-paid WoW subs here)

7. Tower Unite

Tower Unite, available on Steam, is a community focused game in which you can build out your own house, completely customize your own avatar, and play social games with friends and strangers alike.(Get Tower Unite for $15 here)

6. Elite Dangerous

Elite Dangerous is sci-fi space explorer focused on allowing the player almost total autonomy. You can fight pirates, be a smuggler, pilot space holiday cruises, exploit the resources of distant stars, and engage in PvP.(Get the base Elite Dangerous game on Steam for only $7! -among other versions- here)(Pre-order the upcoming Elite Dangerous: Odyssey from the Epic Games Store here -use code VeryAli at checkout-)

5. War Thunder

War Thunder thrusts players into the seat of classic tanks, planes, and warships from a multitude of nations to participate in grand battles. If you like fast paced battles and historically accurate vehicles (weak spots included) then you’ll love War Thunder.

4. Arma 3

Arma 3 is a military tactical shooter by Bohemia Interactive. The game focuses around large operations in an open world environment in which you can achieve you goals by foot, in a vehicle, or in the air. The benefit of this is the lively community and multitude of mods which gives the game endless value. (Get Arma 3 at 25% off here)

3. Paradox Grand Campaign Collection

This entry isn’t any single game, rather a collection of games, it includes Crusader Kings, Europa, Victoria, Hearts of Iron, and Stellaris. No matter what era of human history you consider yourself a student of, if you’re a fan of grand strategy games, then this entry will intrigue you.

2. League of Legends

League of Legends is a free-to-play title that has been a pillar in the PC Gaming and MOBA communities for years. You get to choose to play as one of over 140 different and unique champions. Their somewhat recent addition of Team Fight Tactics in the game also gives players a leisurely, though sometimes tense, game of auto-chess. (Get League Of Legends Gift Cards here)

1. Half Life 2

Released by Valve in 2004, Half Life 2 was an absolute blockbuster of a game that reached heights that few others can even come close to. It has ascended to being a household name for most people. It has an engaging story, gameplay that still holds up, and is certain to leave you waiting for more, just like the rest of us.(Get Half Life 2 here)

That wraps up our Top 10 PC Games for new and old players alike. Do you agree with our list? If not let us know what your top 10 would be in the comments below. Otherwise check out our coverage of WoW Classic: Burning Crusade or information about Elite Dangerous’s upcoming expansion!

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