Here’s Why Ghost Of Tsushima Can’t Outrun Sekiro

Why Sekiro is unmatchable against the Ghost of Tsushima.

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Here's Why Ghost Of Tsushima Can't Outrun Sekiro

Both Ghost of Tsushima and Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice are extremely well-received video games that have managed to gather immense popularity among the community. Although both games explore samurai warriors and Japanese culture, they vary greatly in gameplay mechanics and overall player experience.

There has been an ongoing discussion among fans about which game is better, with some believing that Ghost of Tsushima cannot surpass Sekiro, and here’s the reason why.

Key Takeaways 

  • Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice and Ghost of Tsushima are both popular games based on Japanese folklore and history, and they have the hearts of gamers worldwide.
  • Both games have awesome mechanics and storylines providing players with an amazing experience.
  • They both offer unique sets of skills and mechanics to master as we progress throughout the game with Sekiro being more complex to master compared to Ghost of Tsushima 


Ghost of Tsushima is based on a samurai named Jin Sakai who sets out on a journey to liberate Tsushima from the Mongol forces led by a ruthless Khotun Khan. The player utilizes stealth and different combat tactics to defeat his enemies. It is a fun game to play, as the story relates to real-life events like the Mongol Invasion of Japan.

On the other hand, Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice presents the story of a shinobi named Wolf who embarks on a journey to rescue his kidnapped master known as the divine heir. As we progress throughout the game, we encounter powerful enemies, mythical creatures, and an epic showdown between the main Antagonist “Genichiro Ashina” and the final boss “Isshin the Sword Saint”.

Sekiro reflects its classic lore from “FromSoftware,” which has been quite imaginative and creative in making these kinds of games to attract players and peaking interest in their games. Therefore making its narrative far more interesting than Ghost of Tsushima.

Combat System

The combat system of Ghost of Tsushima is pleasing and fluid, focusing on swordplay and precision. Players can interact quickly and engage in fast-moving duels with enemies or use stealth strategies to take them out quietly. Plus, I found it to be much less punishing than Sekiro’s.

Sekiro is the creation of Hidetaka Miyazaki, known for creating games that brutally punish the player into trying multiple times to defeat just one boss. To play the game, one truly will have to master the combat arts. Without much practice and experimentation with skills, you will not be able to progress much into the game. 

Besides skill-based combat, the exclusive feature of this game is the parry system, which allows the player to defend against upcoming attacks with his katana. When mastered, the game becomes much more satisfying to play and is quite helpful when fighting powerful foes.

Sekiro has a more creative way of fighting with its latent abilities, prosthetic tools, and Parry system. It engages the players and keeps them playing the game despite its difficulty to master.

Sekiro combat
Credits: Shirrako YouTube

World Design

The world of Ghost of Tsushima is vast and eye-capturing, rebuilding the sight of feudal Japan with its captivating landscapes and detailed graphics with vibrant colors making players roam the world freely and engage in side quests, and uncovering the secrets hidden on the Island of Tsushima.

It is a wonderful experience for players who love open-world games and admire beautiful scenery. However, I would only play it as an enjoyment, as I faced fewer challenges than Sekiro.

ghost of Tsushima
Credits: Flurdeh YouTube

Sekiro, on the other hand, has a dynamic design, lush forests, towering castles, hidden paths, shortcuts, and secrets to uncover as the story progresses. It has a unique atmosphere and locations filled with various kinds of enemies where the player can travel and practice their combat. Though not superior to the Ghost of Tsushima, it has a unique art style with a bit of similarity to Dark Souls 3.

Credits: Flurdeh YouTube

 While both games are beautifully built, the art style of Sekiro is unmatched. It creates various scenes, from the Ashina Reservoir to the Senpou Temple Mt.Kongo, allowing the players to experience different scenes, thus making the game more interesting.

Let’s Settle The Debate

Even though Ghost of Tsushima is an amazing game with a beautiful landscape and a satisfactory story, it’s still not up to par with Sekiro’s insanely hard-to-master mechanics and combat systems. I would enjoy more challenging and focused gameplay like Sekiro and consider playing Ghost of Tsushima to relax and explore its beautiful map.

Ultimately, both games are amazing in their respective positions; nevertheless, Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice is just in another league. With its intense difficulty and more compelling boss fights it is clear that Ghost of Tsushima can never outrun Sekiro.

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