Interview: Highway Police Simulator’s Morality System Will Change The World Around Players

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Highway Police Simulator - via Z-Software

Highway Police Simulator is an upcoming Action-Adventure Simulation game that takes players to the heart of American Patrol battles in the fictional Caminora. The game spices up the challenge with a Story-driven gameplay and demands special considerations for choice of tools and vehicles to progress. 

Even more the game features incredible attention to detail like inspecting vehicles in accidents, communicating, and collecting evidence, which makes the overall gameplay highly engaging. With all of these features into play, we could not help but have an interview with Andreas Heldt, Founder, and CEO of Z-Software to discuss what more to expect from the upcoming Highway Police Simulator. 

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Highway Police Simulator – via Z-Software

Please introduce yourself and tell us about your work on Highway Police Simulator.

Z-Software: Hello, my name is Andreas Heldt, and I am the Founder and CEO of Z-Software. And with me is our Producer, Marcin Kugla, who manages the development cycle. 

What inspired the fictional US region Caminora and its open world?

Z-Software: We have used a mix of different North American states here. You will therefore find several biomes that represent both American and Canadian regions. In the Highway Police Simulator, Caminora is a state that is very versatile and should reflect the perfect look and immersion of professional police work. 

Highway Police Simulator - via Z-Software
Highway Police Simulator – via Z-Software

As per the announcement, the game features both casual and simulation modes. How do these modes cater to different players’ preferences?

Z-Software: Well, the casual mode is more for the cozy and casual player, where you get a little support, and it’s easier to achieve success. The player should concentrate on the story and still experience a little action. The game is also more forgiving of the odd mistake. 

The simulation mode is exactly the opposite. You have all the freedom the game offers, but of course, you have less UI help, must use more tools like maps, and have more consequences for your behavior. Here, professional detective and highway officer work really takes center stage. 

We think that this makes the Highway Police Simulator particularly interesting and sets it apart from the competition.

While the teaser was short, it definitely gave me 'Hot Pursuit vibes.' Can you share some details on how cop chases will work? Will it include the classic equipment like jammers, turbos, and EMPs?

Z-Software: Well, we don’t want to give too much away here yet, but to support your vibes I would say that we will make the chases as varied and exciting as possible. 

This includes different types of drivers as well as situations to make each chase unique.

Highway Police Simulator - via Z-Software
Highway Police Simulator – via Z-Software

The morality system allows players to shape their own police career. How will these choices tangibly impact the story and environment?

Z-Software: We are very proud to allow the players of Highway Police Simulator to experience their decisions visually and on the gameplay side. 

Therefore, the world in Caminora will change depending on the player’s decisions. 

And, of course, this will also influence the story, which will offer different endings.

With the option to play as a male or female officer, did you incorporate any gender-specific storylines or challenges?

Z-Software: No, there will be no differences between both genders. Just the visual aspects that will let you play a female or male character, but the player can… sorry I do not want to spoil 🙁 It is simply too early to talk about it.   

Chopper In Action
Highway Police Simulator – via Z-Software

What design details did you focus on to offer an immersive gameplay experience to players?

Z-Software:  Besides the morale system and the simulation mode, we have implemented a lot of usable vehicles, and I am not just talking about cars (smile). For example, the helicopter, which you can control yourself. 

Thanks to the Unreal 5 engine, they already look impressive. Furthermore, we will give the police officers in Highway Police realistic tools with which they can carry out the daily tasks of a highway officer.

How long has Highway Police Simulator been in development, and how many developers have worked on it?

Z-Software: We started to work on HWPS some years ago. Currently, our development team consists of over 30 members.  

Character Interaction
Highway Police Simulator – via Z-Software

The announcement mentions a diverse open world. Does that mean the game gives players the freedom to complete missions with their approach, or is it focused on linear gameplay?

Z-Software: Since Autobahn Police Simulator, we are used to offering players non-linear content. For us, an open world is intricately linked to offering the player as much freedom as possible. That is why we have the simulation mode, where players are free to decide what they want to do next.  

Last but not least, our specially developed procedural system helps us to generate many randomized missions and events to make our world feel even more alive and immersive. 

What are you most excited for players to experience in the Highway Police Simulator?

Z-Software: Where do I start! There are really so many unique features that make HWPS special and give players the feeling of being a Highway Police Officer. 

As we are aiming at a slightly grown-up target audience, my personal favorite is the shooting system. The so-called shootouts provide additional excitement during the game and present the player with tough decisions. But honestly, different team members of our team have different favorite features of the game. We will see what the players will like most.

Highway Police Simulator - via Z-Software
Highway Police Simulator – via Z-Software

Are there plans for a DLC post-release with new vehicles, missions, and world settings?

Z-Software: We have not yet revealed all the content that will be included in the main game. For example, another vehicle will definitely change the gameplay. 

The topic of DLC is certainly always present, but at the moment, we want to concentrate on finalizing the main version and providing the audience with a great experience.  

But yes, we have plenty of ideas for further content thanks to our experience 😉 

Anything else you would like to share with the readers?

Z-Software: I would be delighted if many interested simulation gamers would follow us on our social media channels on Instagram, YouTube, TikTok, and Discord. 

There is always the opportunity to talk to us, ask questions, and follow the development. 

We hope to see some of the readers online again 🙂

Highway Police Simulator is an upcoming Action-Adventure Simulation game, under development by Z-Software. The game is planned to be released in 2024 for PC, Xbox Series X/S, and PlayStation 5.

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