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Hitman 2 Levels Will Soon Be Portable to Hitman 3 on PC

After hitting a snag with importing Hitman 2 levels to Hitman 3 via the Epic Store, IO Interactive has found a solution.

Hitman 3 is looking to be quite the capstone to the trilogy, offering a wealth of upgrades and retrospectives on its two prequels. Already before its release, IO promised that Hitman 3 would include graphical upgrades to the first two titles. More recently, executive producer Forest Swartout Large suggested that upcoming DLC would feature the previous titles’ maps.

But another promised feature—the ability to import levels from Hitman 1 and 2—has faced some hiccups. Epic Games have exclusive selling rights to Hitman 3 for twelve months. This meant there was no way for Steam users to port their previous data over to the Epic store.

This led to the news that players would have to buy Hitman 2 anew on Epic for the import to work. Fortunately, that is no longer the case.

In a post on their forum, IO announced that they have a solution “worked out.” It’s currently in testing stages, but should be ready by month’s end:

In terms of timing, it’s definitely a case of sooner rather than later. Even with the longest estimates we’ve looked at, the solution will be fully rolled out before the end of February. We’ll keep you updated with the next steps.

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If you plan to import Hitman 2 levels to Hitman 3, be sure to check out Io‘s helpful guide. Remember that your Hitman 3 progress will be wiped after the process. Therefore, they recommend you do this before starting the game. You can get Hitman 3 on PC through the Epic Games Store as a timed exclusive or here for console versions.

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