Hogwarts Legacy Broom: How To Use + Upgrades

Even with Quidditch cancelled, brooms are still in style. And to make them even better, take advantage of the speed upgrades with the help of this guide to make getting around quicker and easier.

Your beloved broom is the next-best means to travel swiftly across the world, excluding fast travel with Floo Flames, even though you may eventually get flying mounts as you progress the story.

Key Takeaways

  • In a magical world like Hogwarts, getting around is just as magical, i.e., on a flying broom.
  • You can get your first Broom by completing the quest “Flying Class.”
  • There are multiple brooms available for purchase, and not just that. Brooms have 3 slots for speed and acceleration upgrades.
  • Getting those upgrades requires players to take part in a timed trial, which subsequently unlocks the upgrades for purchase in Hogwarts Legacy.

About The Author

I am not just a regular fan of Harry Potter games, but I am also a guru of Hogwarts Legacy, thanks to 120+ hours in the game. Here I am confident to share my suggestions and recommendations for Broom and upgrades. 

How To Get and Use The Broom

Flying around and exploring this magical world is part of the magic || Image Captured By Us/VeryAliGaming
  1. Advance in the Main Plot: Progress through the main storyline until you complete the quest called “Jackdaw’s Rest.”
  2. Unlock “Flying Class” Quest: After completing “Jackdaw’s Rest,” you’ll be given the quest “Flying Class.” Accept Everett Clopton’s offer for a flying lesson.
  3. Complete the Flying Class: Participate in the flying lesson provided by Madam Kogawa and take a tour of the castle by air. Choosing this option results in a point deduction from your house but is worth it for the experience.
  4. Fast Travel to Hogsmeade: After completing the “Flying Class” quest, use fast travel to reach Hogsmeade.
  5. Visit Spintwitches Sporting Needs: Head to Spintwitches Sporting Needs, located across from Ollivanders in Hogsmeade. The store may be closed when you first arrive.
  6. Purchase a Broom: Inside Spintwitches Sporting Needs, you can buy a broom of your choice for 600 galleons. If you don’t have enough money, consider selling equipment or looting containers, camps, and treasure chests to accumulate the required funds. You can also open the Eye Chest using the Disillusionment Charm for an easy 500 Gold.
  7. Equip the Broom: To equip your broom, hold the corresponding button (L1/LB/Tab, depending on your platform) and press B/O/3.
  8. Broom Controls: While on the broom, the controls are similar to walking. You can ascend or descend using the right analog stick and activate a temporary speed boost by holding down LT/L2/Left Mouse Click.

Now that you have the broom ready let’s explain on how to get those sweet-speed Broom Upgrades.

Hogwarts Legacy: Broom Upgrades

Flight Test Quest || Image Captured By Us/VeryAliGaming

Buying your first broom unlocks the “Flight Test” quest from Albie Weekes. This quest takes you to a meeting with Imelda Reyes on the Quidditch Pitch. As soon as you begin the Broom Trial, you must beat her previous time, which is visible at the top of the screen.

Here are some helpful tips to beat Imelda’s time for the quest:

  • While you don’t need to hit all 22 rings, missing one will deduct 3 seconds from your own time.
  • You will get a speed boost from the golden bubbles between the rings. They are sufficient enough that you won’t need to use your manual boost. Blowing a bubble will also fully recharge your manual boost, so make use of it.
Meeting with Imelda || Image Captured By Us/VeryAliGaming

In order to finish the mission, go back to Albie’s store. Await his notification by Owl Post that the upgrade is available for purchase for 1000 Galleons. Subsequent upgrades will require you to complete two more of Iselda’s time trials. You can start those quests for the second and final upgrade by speaking to Mr. Weekes.

Here’s more detail on the final two upgrade quests:

  • Broom Upgrade II – complete the side quest ‘Sweeping the Competition.’ (Cost: 4,000 Galleons).
  • Broom Upgrade III – complete the side quest ‘The Sky is the Limit.’ (Cost: 7,500 Galleons).
The Broom upgrade is ready for purchase || Image Captured By Us/VeryAliGaming

My Verdict

While the quickest way to travel around the castle and outside is using Floo Flames, but sadly, it’s not much fun – especially the Floo Flame Lady that comes with it. That’s why brooms are my go-to choice for travel. The feeling of freedom and exploration they offer as you soar around the castle’s surroundings is hard to beat. I personally find Wild Fire and Sky Scythe Brooms the best when it comes to broom styles. Both brooms have been my traveling buddy, and I enjoyed upgrading them further for some extra speed. So, choose your favorite-looking broom now and get ready to soar through the skies with simple upgrades!

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