Hogwarts Legacy Best Broom [Tier List]

If you’re just getting started with adventure in Hogwarts Legacy, it’s expected that you have questions like where you can buy the broom and which broom is best to buy. Here all of your questions are answered as I have invested more than 120+ hours in the game!.

Best Brooms in Hogwarts Legacy
Best Brooms in Hogwarts Legacy
About The Author

Shoaib Rashid has invested more than 120+ hours in Hogwarts Legacy. He has gone through the game extensively, so you can easily trust any information he provides related to the game!

If you are fond of exploring the Hogwarts Legacy world while traveling through the air, then a broom is the key equipment that makes you fulfill your desire. You will soon lay your hands on the first broom in the game and learn much about its usage and more. There are a variety of brooms, but I will discuss about the best picks.

Key Takeaways

  • Complete Jackdaw’s Rest quest and unlock the Flying Class task.
  • Attend Madam Kogawa’s’ Flying class in Hogwarts Legacy.
  • Buy a broom from the Spintwitches Sports Needs shop, which is in the Hogsmeade.
  • For basic brooms, you will have to spend the 600 Galleons.
  • For the premium ones, you will have to complete the task of balloon popping challenge.
  • For upgrading, players are required to complete the side quests, and they will also have to spend Galleons according to each upgrade.
  • All brooms basically differ in their appearance and have no difference in functioning.

Best Brooms Compared

Here is a comparison table of my best Brooms in Hogwarts Legacy. Each stat can be sorted to view the highest and lowest values, which has been done for your convenience:

1Ember DashAlbie Weekes600
2Hogwarts HouseAlbie weekes600
3Moon TrimmerAlbie Weekes600
4Wind WispAlbie Weekes600
5Yew WeaverAlbie Weekes600
6Family AntiquePriya Treadwell2500
7Night DanceChallenge: Pop two sets of balloons while on your broom.N/A
8AeromancerRohan Prakash3000
9Lickety SwiftChallenge: Pop five sets of balloons while on your broom.N/A
10Wild FireChallenge: Pop ten sets of balloons while on your broom.N/A
11Sky ScytheLeopold Babcocke5000
12Silver ArrowArn5000
13Bright SparkChallenge: Pop 15 sets of balloons while on your broom.N/A

How To Get Broom?

To acquire a broom in Hogwarts Legacy, follow these steps:

  1. Complete “Jackdaw’s Rest” Quest: Progress through the main story until you complete the “Jackdaw’s Rest” quest. This will allow you to attend your first broom class with Madam Kogawa.

  2. Broom Class: During your broom class, you will learn about broom mechanics and get the chance to experience flying over the castle.

  3. Visit Spintwitches Sports Needs Shop: After completing your broom lesson, head to Hogsmeade. There, you will find the Spintwitches Sports Needs shop. Note that this shop opens after you’ve completed your broom lessons.

  4. Choose and Purchase a Broom: Inside the shop, you can browse and select the broom you prefer. Purchase your chosen broom by spending 600 gallons in Hogwarts Legacy.

If you still get confused regarding the broom unlock then you can check out our guide, How to unlock Flying Broom.

Don’t stress out if you run out of money or gold items as there are several ways to earn it in the Hogwarts Legacy. To make things more convenient for you we have also written a guide on How to earn more money in Hogwarts Legacy. Read it up for additional information.

Albie Weekes
Albie Weekes (credits: SAM BRAM)

Ranking Of Brooms

There are 13 types of Broom in Hogwarts Legacy, out of which five are unlocked when you complete your Flying Class and can buy the remaining from different vendors or by completing the balloon pop challenge. All of the 13 brooms are ranked from bottom to top below:

  • Ember Dash Broom
  • Hogwarts House Broom
  • Moon Trimmer Broom
  • Wind Wisp Broom
  • Yew Weaver Broom
  • Family Antique Broom
  • Night Dance Broom
  • Aeromancer Broom
  • Lickety Swift Broom
  • Wild Fire Broom
  • Sky Scythe Broom
  • Silver Arrow Broom
  • Bright Spark Broom
Ballon Pop-Up Challenge
Ballon Pop-Up Challenge

Ember Dash Broom 

Ember DashAlbie Weekes600The perfect broom for those with a fiery temperament.

The feature that makes the Ember Dash Broom one of the best brooms is its blazing tail and appealing sleek body that attracts players the most. The good part is that you can get this broom at the game’s beginning from the Spintwitches shop, and it costs 600 galleons. Compared to the other fiery tail brooms, Ember Dash’s style and body are better than the others.

Those who belong to Gryffindor can go for this one as fire is also the element of their house and will make it appear as a great combination.

Hogwarts Legacy Ember Dash Broom
Ember Dash Broom

Hogwarts House Broom 

Hogwarts HouseAlbie Weekes600A broom enchanted to celebrate your particular Hogwarts house pride.

It is the second best broom I have is the Hogwarts House Broom. The most distinct feature you can see in this broom is that it starts to appear according to the house it belongs to. It changes the color in accordance with the house as if you belong to Slytherin, then its color will be green. The overall appearance is also perfect, and you will have to spend 600 galleons to purchase the Hogwarts House Broom.

If you are a player who wants people to recognize your house before you may land on the ground, then this one is the perfect choice.

Hogwarts House Broom
Hogwarts House Broom

Moon Trimmer Broom 

Moon TrimmerAlbie Weekes600Finely crafted from ash, this broom is built for stability.

Speaking of the Moon Trimmer Broom, this one is adored for the accessories such as the lantern attached to the front side, and there is a brown-colored pouch on the tail. Its design is simple yet decent, and the seating area is well-designed. The purchasing cost of the Moon Trimmer Broom is 600 Galleons.

Moon Trimmer Broom
Moon Trimmer Broom

Wind Wisp Broom

Wind WispAlbie Weekes600A stylish broom with a light touch - quite literally.

Now the next best broom is the Wind Wisp Broom. It has one feature similar to the previous one, i.e., a hanging lantern on the front. Furthermore, it has curves and its seat is more modified and seems comfortable, and the whole style is pretty unique. You can take it out at night as the lantern will help you roam around in the dark. You can have it for 600 Galleons.

Yew Weaver Broom 

Yew WeaverAlbie Weekes600A comfortable and speedy broom with a unique woven design.

Moving on to another best broom which is Yew Weaver Broom. There are not many distinct aspects about this one as it looks ordinary, but best for those who prefer the simple-looking broom. The little detailing, we get to notice is on the back side which is covered with cloth, and there is a wave-like structure crafted on the front. It offers fine performance, and you can buy it from a broom shop at the same price: 600 Galleons.

Yew Weaver Broom
Yew Weaver Broom

Family Antique Broom

Family AntiquePriya Treadwell2500This heirloom broom has been passed down for generations.

This broom gives off antique and old fashion vibes and has a very rough appearance. The blisters of the broom are black in color and are quite messy or tangled. The handle is a bit crooked, and the seat is equal to being. To buy this Family heirloom, you will have to reach out to Priya Treadwell, she is a vendor, and you can find her at the South Sea bog. The cost price of the Family Antique Broom is 2500 Gold coins or Galleons.

Hogwarts Legacy Family Antique Broom
Family Antique Broom

Night Dance Broom

Night DanceChallenge: Pop two sets of balloons while on your broom.n/aA nimble broom with an impressive style.

The Night Dance Broom is pretty fashionable as there is white and brown clothing on the body, and there is a proper seat in this broom. Besides this, the handle is perfectly shaped, and there is also some stylish work done on the bristles. You can easily obtain and, without even spending a penny, you will have to complete the balloon-popping Tier 1 challenge in which you will have to pop two balloons and then you will get the Night Dance Broom as a reward.

 Night Dance Broom
Night Dance Broom

Aeromancer Broom

AeromancerRohan Prakash3000A smooth ride that cuts through the air like a potioner slicing ingredients.

The Aeromancer Broom looks more like a broom for witches as an adorable cauldron placed on the curved handle. It has fine black blisters and a good seat area. This is also the best broom, and those who like the aesthetic style can opt for the Aeromancer broom. You can purchase it for 3000 Galleons from the Rohan Prakash vendor, who is located near the Marunweem Bridge in the south part.

Aeromancer Broom
Aeromancer Broom

Lickety Swift Broom

Lickety SwiftChallenge: Pop five sets of balloons while on your broom.n/aDesigned with aerodynamics in mind, this broom will make travel a breeze.

The Lickety Swift Broom is also the best broom, and although it doesn’t have the fiery bristles, there is a pretty cute basket on the tail that makes it overall look super amazing. The brown color of this broom is quite catchy, and has a very comfy seat, also, the silver lining on the handle is like a cherry on the top. The way to obtain this broom is also convenient, as all you have to do is to complete phase 2 of the popping balloon challenge.

Wild Fire Broom

Wild FireChallenge: Pop 10 sets of balloons while on your broom.n/aA broom that captures an untamed nature with a little spark.

If you are looking for Ember Dash Broom’s upgraded and more modified version then Wild Fire Broom is the one. This looks too eye-catchy due to its blazing and hot appearance, and there is a silver-colored tiny bell on the handle which looks fascinating as well. You can have this broom by completing phase 3 of the balloon-popping challenge, in which you will have to pop 10 balloon pairs in Hogwarts Legacy.

Sky Scythe Broom

Sky ScytheLeopold Babcocke5000An agile broom for the flyer who wants to look impressive when demonstrating their myriad skills.

The Sky Scythe Broom is uniquely and amazingly designed, and you will surely love flying on it in the Hogwarts Legacy. The spiral style has been made on the handle, and the seat is also distinct. The tip of the Sky Scythe broom is more like a brush, and the bristles are of dark-green color that seems perfect with body color i.e., Dark red or maroon. Visit Leopold Babcoke to get this broom by spending 5000 Galleons, and his shop lies in the East North Ford Bog.

 Sky Scythe Broom
Sky Scythe Broom

Silver Arrow Broom

Silver ArrowArn5000Designed by the famous broom-maker Leonard Jewkes, this broom is perfect for handling the competition.

It is one of the most enticing brooms in the Hogwarts Legacy. Being demanding, it is quite expensive and costs you 5000 Galleons. The tip of the broom is arrow-shaped, and the body color contrast with the seat, making it alluring. You get to see the fine golden bristles with a touch of black on them, and also, there is a well-crafted design on the tail. There are following side quest. steps which you will have to do to get this broom.

First, you will have to complete the Carted Away side quest, and then you will get to meet Arn, who resides in the South of Hogwarts, and from him, you can purchase this broom.

Bright Spark Broom

Bright SparkChallenge: Pop 15 sets of balloons while on your broom.n/aFly among the stars with a broom that celebrates them

This is the last best broom, and it is the Bright Spark Broom. As the name says, it is a Sparkling broom with a bewitching style. There are two extremely bright stars hanging on the top side, which look magical, and the handle is also pleasing to look at. The entire color contrast is best, and there is beautiful silver work done on the tail part. You will have to complete the popping challenge in which you will be required to pop 15 sets, and after finishing it this broom will be yours.

Hogwarts Legacy Bright Spark Broom
Bright Spark Broom

How To Upgrade Brooms?

After buying your first broom in the Hogwarts Legacy, you will be introduced to the upgrading By Albie. These upgrades will help you in improving your broom entirely. But to get these, you will have to complete the side quests in which you will have to do some tasks. Each side quest will have the same objective, but the difficulty keeps on increasing as you unlock the next quest.

  • Upgrade 1: Complete the side quest: Flight Test, and you will have to spend 1000 Galleons.
  • Upgrade 2: Complete the side quest: Sweeping the Competition, and you will have to spend 4000 Galleons.
  • Upgrade 3: Complete the side quest: The Sky is the Limit, and for this one, you will have to invest 7,500 Galleons.

I have tried my best to keep this brief as much as possible. If you want to learn more about upgrades then you can visit the Broom Upgrades.

Do Brooms Affect Your Game?

Now the main question is does the selection of broom really matter in terms of performance in Hogwarts Legacy? The answer is simple NO! Picking up any kind of broom won’t make any difference in its working and they all are just different in their appearance. However, you can upgrade your broom to enhance it. It’s all up to you which broom you want to get for yourself.

Closing Remarks

I hope that after reading this guide you are aware of the best brooms in Hogwarts Legacy and what are the major difference between all of them. These brooms are considered best based on their looks as there is nothing like performance and quality stats. Let us know which broom you find the most attractive and why. See You all Potter Heads.

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