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I have been playing Hogwarts Legacy for more than 6 months, and have found the best talent build you can use!

Featured Hogwarts Legacy Best Talent Builds
Best talent and builds in Hogwarts Legacy

Hogwarts legacy has been recently released and has taken the full attention of all Potterhead gamers. Hogwarts legacy has many talents that players can polish to use some spells and abilities. Here is every talent you should focus on.

Key Takeaways

  • Hogwarts legacy offers 50 talents.
  • A player has been bounded by a spending limit of 36, which is when they max out their level.
  • There are five types of talents: Core, Stealth, Dark Arts, Spells, and Room of Requirements.
  • The best spells for each talent at the most important spells are mentioned here.
About The Author

Shoaib Rashid has invested more than 120+ hours in Hogwarts Legacy. He has gone through the game extensively, so you can easily trust any information he provides related to the game!

Best Talent Builds Summary

Here is a summary table for the Best Talent Builds in Hogwarts Legacy:

No.Spell NameTalentLevel No.
1Transformation MasterySpells22
2Bombardo MasterySpells16
3Descendo MasterySpells16
4Glacius MasterySpells16
5Diffindo MasterySpells5
6Depulso MasterySpells5
7Confringo MasterySpells5
8Incendio MasterySpells5
9Accio MasterySpells5
10Leviso MasterySpells5
11Avada KedavraDark Arts22
12Curse SapperDark Arts22
13Crucio MasteryDark Arts16
14Imperio MasteryDark Arts16
15Slowing CurseDark Arts16
16Enduring CurseDark Arts16
17Disarming CurseDark Arts5
18Knockback CurseDark Arts5
19Stunning CurseDark Arts5
20Blood CurseDark Arts5
21Protego MasteryCore22
22Stupefy ExpertiseCore22
23Basic Cast Airborne AbsorptionCore16
24Protego ExpertiseCore16
25Evasion AbsorptionCore16
26Stupefy MasteryCore16
27Wiggenweld Potency 2Core16
28Revelio MasteryCore16
29Spell Knowledge 3Core16
30Ancient Magic Throw ExpertiseCore5
31Spell Knowledge 1Core5
32Basic Cast MasteryCore5
33Protego AbsorptionCore5
35Spell Knowledge 2Core5
36Wiggenweld Potency 1Core5
37Petrificus Totalus MasteryStealth22
38Sense of Secrecy 2Stealth16
39Sense of Secrecy 1Stealth5
40Human DemiguiseStealth5
41Focus Potion PotencyRoom of Requirements22
42NoxiousRoom of Requirements22
43Thunderbrew PotencyRoom of Requirements22
44Maxima Potion PotencyRoom of Requirements16
45HeadacheRoom of Requirements16
46Invisibility Potion PotencyRoom of Requirements5
47Edurus Potion PotencyRoom of Requirements5
48FertilizerRoom of Requirements5

The talent system is there to allow players to modify some skills and abilities of their characters in the direction they want. It is certainly, not possible to make every character of the game have every skill and ability, so flexibility is given to the player to build their player as they wish.

It is to be noted that a character cannot unlearn one talent and/or replace another as per their wish. This alarms a player to spend their talent points wisely. There are 50 talents that the player can select from, and the spending limit is 36 until the player reaches the max level of 40.

Below are all the best talents that Hogwarts Legacy has to offer. A table is provided, followed by the most critical talents from that category.


  1. Level 5 Spells:

    • Confringo Mastery: Offers more projectiles for increased damage output.
    • Levioso Mastery: Attacks numerous targets efficiently.
    • Diffindo Mastery: Provides the ability to go through enemies, dealing significant damage.
  2. Close-Range Combat Spells:

    • Incendio Mastery: Creates an area of effect, useful for close-range combat situations.
    • Accio Mastery: Grabs multiple targets, setting them up for further attacks.
    • Depulso Mastery: Attacks numerous targets, useful for finishing off enemies after setting them on fire with Incendio.
  3. Level 16 Spells:

    • Bombardo Mastery: Deals immense damage and scatters enemies effectively.
    • Descendo Mastery: Scatters enemies, but lacks the strength of Bombardo.
    • Glacius Mastery: Deals huge damage to enemies and can target multiple foes.
  4. Level 22 Spell:

    • Transformation Mastery: Enables the player to make objects explosive, dealing colossal damage and targeting multiple enemies effectively. Highly recommended for dispatching enemies swiftly.
Level No. Spell Name Spell Description
22 Transformation Mastery Makes object explosive
16 Bombardo Mastery Attacks numerous targets
16 Descendo Mastery Attacks numerous targets
16 Glacius Mastery More projectiles
5 Diffindo Mastery Goes through enemies
5 Depulso Mastery Attacks numerous targets
5 Confringo Mastery More projectiles
5 Incendio Mastery Creates an area of effect
5 Accio Mastery Attacks numerous targets
5 Leviso Mastery Attacks numerous targets
Best spells talents
Spells talent
Spells talent of Hogwarts Legacy

Dark Arts Talents

The table below contains all the best spells of Dark Arts.

Level no. Name Description
22 Avada Kedavra Eliminates all cursed targets
22 Curse Sapper Gains HP after killing cursed targets
16 Crucio Mastery Damages numerous targets
16 Imperio Mastery Mind-controlled targets blow curses
16 Slowing Curse Arresto Momentum inflicts curse
16 Enduring Curse Prolongs curse period
5 Disarming Curse Expelliarmus inflicts curse
5 Knockback Curse Flipendo inflicts curse
5 Stunning Curse Stupefy inflicts curse
5 Blood Curse Dished out damage impacts all cursed targets
Best dark arts builds

Blood Curse is the spell available at the early level 5. The importance of the spell lies in the fact that it helps maximize the utility of the Dark Arts tree. It is to be noted that initially, curses are less efficient.

Dark Arts talent
Dark Arts talent Hogwarts Legacy

Disarming Curse and Stunning Curse are the other spells to be used if the cursed nature is to be utilized since Expelliarmus and Stupefy are frequently used in the game.

Level 16 brings with it Enduring Curse. This curse helps align other curses right on target so that more damage is dealt. If your goal is to increase the span of the Unforgiveable Curse, Crucio Mastery, and Imperio Mastery should be used.

The high-level 22 avails the Avada Kedavra Mastery, arguably the game’s most potent spell. The spell is the best for a player if he has to create a robust Dark Arts build. Another spell, Curse Sapper, is a talent that helps improve survivability and should be collected.

Core Talents

Level no. Name Description
22 Protego Mastery Breaks enemy shields and does damage
22 Stupefy Expertise Stupefy dishes damage
16 Basic Cast Airborne Absorption Flying targets hit and Ancient Meter builds
16 Protego Expertise Protego blocks attack enemies
16 Evasion Absorption Attacks dodged increases Ancient Meter
16 Stupefy Mastery Stupefy stun duration prolongs
16 Wiggenweld Potency 2 Healing Potion effectivity increases
16 Revelio Mastery Range of Revelio stretches
16 Spell Knowledge 3 Extra spell set gained
5 Ancient Magic Throw Expertise Expelliarmus can be thrown and weapons drawn down
5 Spell Knowledge 1 Extra spell set gained
5 Basic Cast Mastery Charges spell faster
5 Protego Absorption Protego blocking increases Ancient Meter
5 Swift Dodge effectivity increased
5 Spell Knowledge 2 Extra spell set gained
5 Wiggenweld Potency 1 Healing potion effecitvity increased
Best core talent spells

Level 5 offers a Basic Cast Mastery spell that helps craft more potent spells. Another spell is Protego Absorption, an Ancient Spell that is also very strong. Ancient Magic Throw Expertise becomes essential and beneficial if a player has learned the Expelliarmus Spell.

Core talents
Core talent Hogwarts Legacy

Swift spell aids fast travel. Not all areas in the game allow players to fly around so, it is necessary. Lastly, the Wiggenweld potion blocks all attacks thrown at players, which benefits many players.

Level 16 offers two important spells of the game: Basic Cast Airborne Absorption and Evasion Absorption. These two spells are deemed essential to build the Ancient Meter. More talents at this level are subjective to a player’s gaming style.

The best spells of level 22 are Stupefy Expertise and Protego Mastery. Stupefy Expertise is necessary since stupefy is frequently cast. Protego Mastery carries is only for players with a firm grip on timing blocks.

Stealth Talents

There are very few worthy spells for Stealth, but below are the ones deemed as most important.

Level no. Name Description
22 Petrificus Totalus Mastery Attacks numerous targets
16 Sense of Secrecy 2 Stealth effectivity increases
5 Sense of Secrecy 1 Stealth effectivity increases
5 Human Demiguise Allows to sprint with stealth
Best stealth talent spells

Like many other games, stealth is crucial for survival and game progression. The stealth talents are mainly used when some difficult areas are to travel sneakily. Petrificus Totalus is the best spell of this talent and must be included because of its one-hit kill ability.

Stealth talent
Stealth talent Hogwarts Legacy

Room of Requirement Talents

Level no. Name Description
22 Focus Potion Potency Focus potion period prolonged
22 Noxious Venomous Tentacula damages more and breaksshields
22 Thunderbrew Potency Storm effect size and damage improved
16 Maxima Potion Potency Damage increased and breaks shield
16 Headache Damage and period of Mandrakes improved
5 Invisibility Potion Potency Invisibility duration prolonged
5 Edurus Potion Potency Dodges attacks and makes invincible
5 Fertilizer Choming Cabbages are doubled
Best room of requirement talent spells

Room of requirement talents differs from others in that they demand more care for their complete utilization. These talents are to be either crafted or bought as consumables and have a stock of them in inventory for use as and when required.

Room of requirement talent
Room of requirement talent Hogwarts Legacy

Although some cons coexist with this type of talent, Room of requirement talent also has utility. They are used to increase plant and potion efficiency while combat is underway. Note that the combat can be undertaken successfully also without them.

The most prominent potions are the Edurus Potion and the Maxima Potion. The talent that supplements them is also a bonus that players embrace.

There is a constraint to the number of such talents that can be carried. A player only has one quick slot available for use. This way, players must use the items menu, select a different talent for the item needed, and then use the next one.

Best Talent Builds

All the available talents have been covered above, but the selection of the most superior talent comes down to the gaming style of a player and what makes him feel the most comfortable. To select a talent, a player should keep these two in mind: Damage, and Functionality.

  1. Damage-Oriented Build:

    • Prioritize unlocking spells with high damage potential, such as unforgivable curses and Dark Arts Talents.
    • Focus on maximizing damage output to make combat encounters easier.
    • Choose talents and abilities that enhance the effectiveness of damaging spells.
    • This build is ideal for players who prefer a more aggressive playstyle and enjoy quickly dispatching enemies.
  2. Functionality-Oriented Build:

    • Focus on unlocking talents and abilities that provide strategic advantages in combat.
    • Prioritize spells and talents that offer crowd control effects, such as slows and stuns, to control enemy movements.
    • Utilize potions and plants that provide tactical advantages and allow the player to gain control over the battlefield.
    • This build is suited for players who prefer a more tactical approach to combat, focusing on controlling the flow of battle and minimizing enemy threats.

Ending Notes

These were the best talents that a player can choose to get if he is unsure of his preferences.

Here are all the landing platform locations for the Hogwarts Legacy.

The ending note is that as a player spends time in Hogwarts Legacy, he becomes aware of what talents will empower him and give him leverage. He will also realize which talents is he more comfortable with and so he should try to build on those talents.

Otherwise, for someone not knowing how the talents differ, and sees all talents as substitutes, this guide shall suffice.

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