Hogwarts Legacy: Viaduct Bridge Puzzle Guide

Learn how to solve the Viaduct Courtyard bridge puzzle in Hogwarts Legacy and claim legendary outfit reward.

Hogwarts Legacy Bridge Puzzle
Hogwarts Legacy Bridge Puzzle

Among the many puzzles in the latest Hogwarts Legacy, the bridge puzzle is gaining much attention among players. Especially because the puzzle is hidden in plain sight and collects a unique reward, yet many players never pay attention to it. Thanks to the amazing and breathtaking world of Hogwarts Legacy and the sheer size of the map, it is pretty easy to ignore this puzzle. 

This guide entails everything you need to know about solving the bridge puzzle, and claim your reward for discovering and completing the puzzle added by developers in the game. 

Key Takeaways

  • Requirements: Ensure you have unlocked either the Incendio or Confringo spell.
  • Light the Braziers: Use the chosen fire spell on all four braziers on the Viaduct Courtyard bridge.
  • Observe the Manhole: Note the four symbols on the manhole cover, corresponding to Roman numerals.
  • Match Symbols and Roman Numerals: Match the symbols on the manhole cover with the braziers.
  • Rotate Braziers: Interact with each brazier and set them to their respective Roman numeral.
  • Unlock the Manhole: Once all braziers are correctly set, the manhole will unlock, granting access to the tunnel.
  • Collect Your Rewards: Inside the tunnel, find two chests containing random loot and legendary gear.

Hogwarts Legacy Bridge Puzzle

The bridge puzzle is as unique as the others and requires significant attention to detail from players. For those unaware, bridge puzzle is available at Viaduct Courtyard, a short bridge connecting the Great Hall and the Library Annex. But before you even visit the location, there is an important requirement that you must meet to complete the puzzle. 

Location of Bridge Puzzle
Location of Bridge Puzzle – Image by: VeryAliGaming

Requirement For Solving Bridge Puzzle

To successfully solve the bridge puzzle in Hogwarts Legacy, it’s crucial to have the Incendio or Confringo spell. Here are the steps:

  1. Progress in the Campaign:
    • Initially, players can explore Hogwarts and reach the Viaduct Courtyard bridge, but they may not have the necessary spell to complete the puzzle.
  2. Unlock Incendio Spell:
    • Progress through the campaign until you have unlocked the Incendio spell from Professor Hecat.
  3. Fast-Travel to Viaduct Courtyard:
    • After acquiring the Incendio spell, you can fast-travel to the Viaduct Courtyard location using the Floo Flame Fast Travel feature.
  4. Initiate the Bridge Puzzle:
    • Now that you have the required spell, you can engage with the bridge puzzle and complete it by lighting the braziers and setting them to their respective Roman numerals.

How To Solve Bridge Puzzle

Now that you have met the puzzle’s major requirement you must pay attention to the world and interactable elements in the location.

  1. Use Revelio:
    • Begin by using the Revelio spell to reveal the four Braziers on the bridge. This spell will make these interactable elements visible.
  2. Light Up the Braziers:
    • Once you’ve identified and revealed the four Braziers, use the Incendio or Confringo spell to light them up. Ensure that all four Braziers are lit.
  3. Locate the Unique Manhole:
    • Look for the unique manhole on the bridge. This manhole will have four symbols along with their respective Roman numerals.
  4. Observe the Symbols:
    • Pay close attention to the symbols on the manhole, as they are crucial for solving the puzzle. These symbols are also present on the four Braziers you just lit.
  5. Set the Roman Numerals:
    Bridge Puzzle and their Respective Roman Numerals
    Bridge Puzzle and their Respective Roman Numerals – Image by: VeryAliGaming
    • Interact with each of the four Braziers and set their numbers to match the respective symbols on the manhole. This step requires aligning the symbols on the Braziers with the Roman numerals.
  6. Solve the Puzzle:
    • Once you’ve correctly set the numbers on the Braziers according to the symbols, you will solve the bridge puzzle.Set III on this Brazier
  7. Access the Tunnel:
    • After successfully completing the puzzle, a brief cutscene will trigger, showing the manhole on the bridge opening. This opens a path to go underneath the bridge.
  8. Retrieve Your Rewards:
    • Enter the tunnel and explore to find two chests containing random loot and potentially legendary gear as your rewards.
Set I on this Brazier
Set I on this Brazier – Image by: VeryAliGaming
Set IV on this Brazier
Set IV on this Brazier – Image by: VeryAliGaming
Set II on this Brazier
Set II on this Brazier – Image by: VeryAliGaming

Rewards Of Bridge Puzzle

After solving the puzzle, players can visit the tunnel underneath the bridge to collect the rewards. In the tunnel, you may find two chests. Interacting with a small chest will hand out random loot to the players. Meanwhile, interacting with a large one will reward you with a legendary outfit. 

Final Words

Even though the bridge puzzle is one fraction of the detail among different quests and aspects, it is still worth trying in Hogwarts Legacy to claim the unique rewards. Especially players pursuing the completionist playthrough must solve the bridge puzzle to make the most out of their Hogwarts Legacy experience and enjoy the legendary outfit rewarded in the end. Moreover, you might also want to read the famous Chess Puzzle in Hogwarts Legacy to enjoy more rewards for your character.

That is about it for our guide on completing the bridge puzzle. Do you find this guide helpful for solving the mysterious puzzle on the Viaduct Courtyard? Share your thoughts in the comments section below. 

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