Hogwarts Legacy Chess Puzzle [SOLVED]

Not fond of chess? Here's a detailed guide to unlock the treasure loot protected by a chess puzzle in Hogwarts Legacy!

Hogwarts Legacy Chess Puzzle

Before we get on with our Chess Puzzle guide, players need to ensure they have the following spells in Hogwarts Legacy:

  • Wingardium Leviosa
  • Transformation
  • Depulso
  • Revelio

As the puzzle requires a player to perform four spells, we can break it down into five steps. The puzzle may seem complicated, but it is rather simple once you crack the trick. Various puzzles in Hogwarts Legacy require you to solve a puzzle before extracting the loot. However, players can easily access most of them without any complications.

A player may track down the treasure loot or chest and open it to collect the loot. You can find the location of this chess puzzle near the Phoenix Mountain Cave, Poidsear Coast.

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Key Takeaways

  • Use Depulso to spin the keys that clear the beams blocking the entrance.
  • Once inside, use Revelio to locate the missing chest piece.
  • The object can be of any shape and size and can be highlighted in blue aura with the help of Revelio.
  • Use Wingardium Leviosa to lift the object and bring it closer to you.
  • Cast the Transformation spell to transform the object into one of the missing chess pieces.
  • Identify the type of chess piece: a Rook, Knight, or Bishop.
  • Use the rules of chess to place the missing piece strategically and checkmate the opponent.
  • The Chess Puzzle will be solved, and you’ll have access to the loot inside the chest.

Chess Puzzle

You can find the Chess Puzzle in the above location!

Unlike other puzzles, such as the unlit Pyre and Eyeball Chests, the chess puzzle has three variants that you’ll come across. You’ll discover different variations when you step into the chess board and use the transformation spell on any object.

The object will transform into a Rook, which can move in a straight line horizontally and vertically. Additionally, it can also transform into a Bishop that can move around the chessboard diagonally. Last but not least, the Knight can move in an L-shape, which means two pieces forward and one space to the left. The pattern is for all four sides.

You will need to use the Depulso spell to rotate the keys!
  1. To initiate the puzzle, you will need to reach the entrance to the cave.
  2. You’ll find two keys lined adjacent to each other.
  3. Each key will have to be spun using the Depulso Spell. It is not a one-time spell; you’ll need to cast it multiple times until you cannot turn the key.
  4. Once both the keys are locked in, they will remove the beams blocking the entrance, and players can enter the cave.
  5. Walk inside, reach for the chess board, and use the Revelio spell to reveal the missing piece.
  6. By “reveal the missing piece,” I mean the Revelio spell will highlight a Vase, Pot, Chair, or any object for you to transform.
Missing Piece
The missing piece will take a form of a Rook, Bishop, or Knight!

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How To Tackle Different Variants of The Chess Puzzle

Revelio will reveal the object you can transform into the missing piece of the chessboard!

After the object is highlighted, I recommend employing Wingardium Leviosa to bring it closer to you to use the Transformation spell. The object will turn into a Rook, Knight, or Bishop chess piece. The game gets easy once you identify the chess piece.

Chess Pieces
Here are the rules for moving the three chess pieces!

Following are the methods to checkmate the opponent depending on the transformed chess piece;

  • Rook: Place it on the far left corner of the chess board so that it lines in a straight line with the opponent’s chess piece.
  • Bishop: Place it anywhere on the chess board, so it lines diagonally with the opponent’s chess piece. Remember, the Bishop can attack diagonally. You can think of the “X” shape with the Bishop at its center.
  • Knight: A bit hard to explain in text, but I’ll try to explain it to you guys! The Knight can move in an L shape. Imagine the chess piece in the center of the chessboard. Draw an imaginary L-shaped line with Knight at its center on all four sides. The end of the L-shape will be the place your Knight can move (two moves up, and one space to the left.)
After a successful checkmate, you can loot the box!

Once you place the chess piece strategically following the rules of chess, you will initiate a checkmate and solve the puzzle. Sometimes a treasure chest will spawn from the air, and you’ll be able to open it and avail the loot.

With that said, enjoy the rest of your game and make use of the rewards you receive from treasure chests! If you have any questions regarding this puzzle, feel free to ask in the comments below, and I will be happy to help you.

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