Hogwarts Legacy: How To Solve Depulso Room 2 [Simple Steps]

A detailed guide that will cover everything that you need to know about Depulso Room Puzzle.

Depulso room 2
Hogwarts Legacy Depulso room 2 Guide.

In Hogwarts Legacy Depulso, room 2 is a secret place where you’ll encounter one of the toughest puzzles in the whole game. Finding that secret spot might be tricky and challenging for players. You must complete all collections of “collectors editions” as well as the hidden Collection Chest. 

Depulso room 2
Depulso Room 2 Quest . Image Credits Gaming with Abyss

Before getting into the Depulso room 2, you must have already completed certain quests. Specifically The Hall of Herodiana side quest. It’s the first Depulso room puzzle that needs to be completed, but it will not be easy. Depulso room 2 puzzles are the most difficult to achieve and solve in Hogwarts Legacy, especially the second one.

Key Takeaways

  • You have to first complete The Hall Of Herodiana side quest in Hogwarts Legacy before doing the Depulso Room 2 quest.
    It is a late-game side quest in which you need to use spells like Accio and Depulso.
  • The side quest is divided into Four Puzzles.
  • You will find about Two Chests in which, one is just a regular chest and the other a Collection chest.
  • You must align the boxes in the room properly to advance further in the side quest.
Puzzles Of Depulso Room
Puzzles Of Depulso Room
  1. While solving the puzzles of Depulso Room 2, you’ll end up making many mistakes, but you can simply reset the room with your standard attack spell.
  2. That is done by shooting the Yellow light at the top of the room.
  3. Try not to get yourself hit by the moving cubic objects.
  4. That is because you will use the Accio spell to push and pull them across the room. Upon hitting yourself with one, it will result in the restarting of the entire puzzle! 

Finding The Depulso Room 2

Finding Depulso Room 2
Location Of Depulso Room
  1. To find Depulso Room 2 in Hogwarts Legacy, start in The Bell Tower courtyard and use Floo Flames fast-travel.
  2. Head up the stairs on your left to find a door.
  3. You’ll need a level 1 Alohomora spell, obtained after completing the Main Quest: The Caretaker’s Lunar Lement, to open it.
  4. Inside, use the Acio pull spell push button on the wall to access the puzzle.
  5. This opens a hidden wall leading to the Depulso Room 2 door.

The First Puzzle 

First Puzzle
First Puzzle
  1. Once you’ve entered the Depulso Room 2, there will be a door that will take you to the First Puzzle Room.
  2. There will be two puzzle rooms in Depulso Room 2, in which one room will have one chest, and the second room will be stored with a Collection chest.

Get The Chest 

Unlocking The Chest

Follow these steps to unlock the chest in the first puzzle.

  1. Upon entering, use the Accio spell to bring a large ‘T’ shape towards you.
  2. Jump down, and use Accio on the cube to your left.
  3. Connect this cube to another and move it to a dark, blank space on the parallel wall.
  4. Pull out two blocks from the wall and connect them to form a small ‘L’ shape in the middle of the room.
  5. Move the ‘L’ shape to the far left side.
  6. Climb the ‘L’ shape to access the second floor.
  7. The chest will be directly in front of you.

The Second Puzzle

Second Puzzle
Second Puzzle

Upon opening the chest, the room will reset, which will make way for the second puzzle. The positioning of the cubes will also be changed after the reset. You’ll see a pathway on the other side of the room. Solving the puzzle would be the only option to exit the room.

Exit The Room

Depulso Room Exit

Exiting the room might be tricky, unlike the previous one. Just do the same process as you did with the previous puzzle.

  1. Accio the “T” cube on the left, pulling it towards the right side of the room.
  2. Jump down to find two cubes: one on the ground in front of you and another above the first cube.
  3. Accio the upper cube, push it toward the wall, moving it to the opposite side of the room.
  4. Accio the ground cube and position it under the previously moved cube, connecting them.
  5. Push both cubes to create an “L” shape at the room’s end.
  6. Locate two cubes in the half hallway and push them to the room’s corner.
  7. Connect these cubes to the existing “L” shape for a total of 5 cubes.
  8. Accio the structure to the dark-spaced blocks in the room.
  9. Accio the 5-block structure to the rightmost wall space in the room.  

Forming A Big Structure

Forming Structure
Forming Structure

From now the steps aren’t that complicated 

  1. Shift the “T” structure in the room and connect it to the 5-block structure.
  2. Use Accio so that “T” can be attached to the structure on the right side of the room. It will create this sort of superstructure that can be climbed from one side of it. This will help you advance directly to the next puzzle.
  3. To climb it, you must start with the hollow side on the left of your structure. The gap will be between your structure on the right and an untouched structure on the left.
  4. Start climbing one block at a time, and at each step, you will come closer to the top.
  5. The structure you just made will just get you to the upper level of the Depluso Room in Hogwarts Legacy. 

After reaching the top, you will instantly see the gate in front of you. So that you can enter the next room. So get ready to solve another extensive puzzle. Don’t worry, though, because I’ll guide you just like I have until now. 

The Third Puzzle

Third Puzzle
Third Puzzle

The third puzzle room is the most challenging puzzle because now you’ll have to locate the collection chest. 

Get The Collection Chest 

collection Chest
Collection Chest in Depulso Room

When you enter the final room, you’ll see a set of cubes right in front of you. Follow the steps to get the right one.

  1. Use Accio to move the cubes to the left wall and push them to form an ‘L’.
  2. Midway through, climb to get a better view of more cubes.
  3. Make a three-layer cube shape, then move it right with the spell.
  4. Cast Accio to bring cubes closer to you on the left side.
  5. Shift the pillar to the room’s right side.
  6. Jump on the three-layer cube and move it using the spell.
  7. The spell will guide you to the end of the wall.
  8. Connect the end wall with other cube shapes.
  9. Climb onto the ‘L’ shaped cube and move it toward the wall.
  10. Climb the cubes to reach the collection chest.

So now you know how to solve the puzzle for the Depluso Room 2. You may find it difficult while attempting it in Hogwarts Legacy. Once you get the hang of it, you’ll have so much fun! Just follow our exact steps to complete the puzzle as quickly as possible. Enjoy the process and progress the entire mission to get the collection chest.

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