Hogwarts Legacy Easter Eggs

Looking for Easter Eggs in Hogwarts Legacy is a fun experience and this is a detailed guide that can make your search for them super easy.

Easter Eggs In Hogwarts Legacy
Easter Eggs

Hogwarts Legacy brings its fans tons of Easter eggs and secrets that give you a feeling of being relatable upon finding them. Today, I will also discuss these exciting Easter eggs that will surely leave you in AWE.

Key Takeaways

  • The common rooms have multiple secrets and Easter Eggs.
  • Some easter eggs are interactive, and some of them are just there for you to spot them.
  • Some secrets require you to use spells at certain locations to be able to view them.
  • Female characters have access to all the common areas, whereas boys in Hogwarts Legacy have little or no access to some areas.
  • There is a Chamber of Secrets in the Girl’s bathroom, which is a direct reference to the books.
  • Dorms are gender specific, and you can’t enter a girl’s dorm as a boy and vice versa.
  • You can see the goblet of the fire casket and Polyjuice Potion in Hogwarts Legacy.
  • Details added in the game are highly appreciable. The Perfect’s bathroom is similar to the one in the movie.
  • Only Hufflepuff house members are allowed to visit the Prison of Azkaban.
  • You can visit the bedrooms of professors to have a look at the details there.

Easter Eggs

Common Rooms

Barrel Easter Egg
Hufflepuff Common Room Barrel (Image Credits: T5G)

Common rooms feature amusing Easter eggs. In the Hufflepuff room, interacting with large barrels spills a drink over you. The Gryffindor room displays a moving portrait of a woman speaking when approached.

Slytherin and Ravenclaw rooms lack these interactive elements in Hogwarts Legacy.

Notably, female characters have unrestricted access to all common area locations, while male characters encounter restrictions in certain areas.

Wrong Dorm Easter Egg

Witches' Dorm
Wrong Dorm

Another Easter egg that we get to see is in the case of dorms. Boys and girls, or we can say witches and wizards have separate dorms, respectively, so if you try to enter in girls’ one, then you will come down by sliding through the stairs.

Chamber of Secrets

Chamber of Secrets Hogwarts Legacy
Chamber of Secrets

The Chamber of Secrets lies in one of the girls’ bathrooms. First, reach the floor flame of Lower Grand Staircase, take the stairs to move down, head to the right, and go through the corridor until you reach the bathroom.

The Chambers of Secrets will be there, but you cannot open them as you cannot speak Parseltongue in Hogwarts Legacy. But by looking more attentively toward the taps, you can see a snake marked on one of the tap faucets.

Furthermore, you can use the Revelio spell to open and collect the guide page.

Rabbit Hat Easter Egg

Rabbit Hat Easter Egg
Rabbit Hat Easter Egg

In the office of Professor Weasley, there will be a hat with rabbit ears covered with a glass dome. It can be a reference to the rabbit that changes into a hat repeatedly in chapter 4 of Harry Potter’s book series. Those who are hardcore fans and have read books can relate to this Easter egg.

Brewing Potion Easter Egg

Bathroom Stall Easter Egg
Brewing Potion Easter Egg

There is a witches’ bathroom on the second floor in Hogwarts Legacy. If you go up there, a whole juice potion will be set up inside one of the stalls. It reminds us of the part in the movie where Hermione prepares the potion while staying in the bathroom.

Casket-Goblet of Fire

Goblet of Fire Casket
Casket-Goblet of Fire

You can look for the casket in the room where trophies are kept. This casket contains the Goblet of Fire. This is another small Easter egg.

Prefect’s Bathroom

I must say that developers have put endless effort into adding so much detail to the Hogwarts Legacy. In the Faculty Tower, there is a prefect’s bathroom that looks almost the same as the one that we got to see in the movie.

The entire design and that mermaid painting on the wall look similar.

Forbidden Forest Quest

Follow the Butterflies Quest
Forbidden Forest Quest

In Hogwarts Legacy, players have to complete a quest named “Follow the Butterflies,” and for this purpose, they have to go to the Forbidden Forest. What makes it an Easter egg here is that in Harry Potter, Ron has to follow the spiders, and out of annoyance,

He says, “Why couldn’t it be ‘Follow the Butterflies?”

Wizard Chess Play Piece

Wizard Chess Play Piece
Wizard Chess Play Piece

By walking inside the room of requirement, look in the background, and you will see the chest piece behind the table and chest. This Easter egg references the scene when Harry, Ron, and Hermione go to play wizard chess in the Harry Potter movie.

This piece is particularly the one that Ron uses while playing.

Werewolf Room Easter egg

Werewolf Tapestry room Easter egg
Werewolf Room Easter egg

The Hogwarts Castle has a wide range of secrets for players to discover. The Werewolf Tapestry Room is one of them. Here, you can do two things; firstly, you can use the Lumos spell and see the tapestries showing you different story scenes.

Secondly, one of the tapestries will have a “K” written on the door. This door will lead you to another room where the statues of wolves and other objects lie.

Weasley Twins

Weasley Twins
Weasley Twins

In Hogsmeade, there is a Zonko’s Joke shop, and by going there, you can witness the Weasley twins. In the movie, they are seen as Fred and George Weasley twins.

Quidditch Easter Egg

Quidditch Game
Quidditch Easter Egg

You can visit Madam Kogawa’s office to witness the miniature Quidditch game. This is built thoroughly and amazingly represents the actual quidditch so far. Speaking of the golden snitch, it can be seen in common rooms,

Or when you enter with Professor Weasley in the room of requirement, you can see it flying.

Giant Squid Easter Egg

Giant Squid Easter egg
Giant Squid

The Giant Squid mainly resides in the lake of Hogwarts. There are two ways to catch up on this spectacular creature. You can look for it while taking the flying class, and the other way is to go to Slytherin’s common room and hit the window with a spell by using your magic wand.

After a few strikes, you will be able to get its sight.

Vanishing Cabinet

Vanishing Cabinet Hogwarts Legacy
Vanishing Cabinet

A vanishing cabinet is more like a source of transportation. It is seen in Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets. In Hogwarts Legacy, you can visit the Room of Requirement, and this cabinet will be in the back area.

Candy Store Easter Egg

Candy Store
Candy Store Easter Egg (Image Credits: SwanyPlaysGames)

If you are a candy lover, you must visit the Honey Duke store in Hogwarts Legacy. It has a tasty Easter egg; you can eat different candies. Eating those candies may make you float, and you can try different sweets for more actions like this.

Bedrooms of Professors

Professors' Bedrooms Easter Egg
Bedrooms of Professors (Image Credits: SwanyPlaysGames)

Another cool Easter egg is that you can go inside the professors’ bedrooms and wander freely. You may not be able to do anything special here, but the detailing is worth seeing, as how the developers have perfectly made each bedroom.

Rat Cup

Professor Weasley’s office got one more Easter egg for players. There will be a cup with a rat tail covered with a glass cage, and if you look closely, you will know that it presents the scene where Ron does magic on his pet and turns it into a cup.

Chess Board Easter Egg

Fool's Mate Easter egg
Chess Board Easter Egg

The Hogwarts castle is full of fascinating features. There is a chess board inside, and an interesting fact about it is that you can see chess pieces playing on their own.

Azkaban Prison Easter Egg

Azkaban Prison
Azkaban Prison Easter Egg

If you are a member of the Hufflepuff House, here is some good news. In Hogwarts Legacy, you get to play a quest that takes you to the Azkaban prison. You can also move around but won’t be able to explore the whole prison.

The Easter Eggs and Secrets in Hogwarts Legacy seem limitless, but I have tried to cover the most important among them. In the end, I hope that you may have enjoyed reading our guide.

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