Hogwarts Legacy Eyeball Chest Guide

Hogwarts Legacy Eyeball Chest is tricky to open, but it gets easier once you know the trick! Use the Disillusionment spell to sneak past it!

Hogwarts Legacy Eyeball Chest

You can find the Eyeball chests scattered across the map. To identify the Eyeball chests from any ordinary chest, you can notice the weird eye wiggling around, scanning the place and even the students! They’ll also stare at you suspiciously, and if you, like the rest, try to get close and see what’s inside, they’ll retaliate!

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Key Takeaways

  • Players cannot open Eyeball chests with brute force or strength-based spells you cook up in the potions class.
  • It requires brains and not brawns, so you’ll have to use your brains to open the Hogwarts Legacy Eyeball Chests!
  • There is a simple spell you can learn during a mission with Sebastian. The spell we’re talking about is none other than the Disillusionment spell.
  • Think about it: what does the eye want? It looks at you suspiciously instead, so the only way to unlock it is if you’re Invisible!
  • Once the eye is unable to see you, you’ll get a prompt button to open the Eyeball chest.
  • You’re rewarded with 500 Gold each time you open an eyeball chest.

Hogwarts Legacy Eyeball Chest

Secrets of The Restricted Section
You can unlock the Disillusionment Spell from the main quest!

To acquire the Disillusionment Spell, complete the “Secrets of the Restricted Section” main quest with Sebastion’s assistance. He will teach you the invisibility charm, which can be used for various purposes, including unlocking eyeball chests and earning Gold Galleons.

Disillusionment Spell
You’ll need to unlock the Disillusionment Charm!

To open the chest, ensure your character stays out of its line of sight, hides, and uses the Disillusionment spell. Once covered, approach the chest, and a prompt will appear for opening it, granting you 500 Gold Galleons.

If you can’t find the prompt button to open the chest, it’s likely due to using the charm in front of the chest. Avoid this and follow the method above for successful results.

Eyeball Chests in Hogwarts Castle

Eyeball Chest Location
You can find the first chest in the Library!

Players may find more of these chests within the castle compared to the outside world. Opening them yields rewards that can be used for purchasing expensive recipes and crafting ingredients.

However, the invisible potion, necessary for opening the eyeball chest, unlocks later in the game, making it unavailable for this specific task.

The castle has approximately 10 eyeball chests, offering up to 5,000 Gold Galleons when opened. These chests can be found within the School, with their locations being somewhat random. For instance, one can be found in the library’s restricted section.

To open them, use the Disillusionment charm away from the chest. Another chest is located near the Library Annex, which requires entering the Greenhouses. Look for a giant tree with submerged roots and a stairway behind it leading underground, where you’ll discover the Hogwarts Legacy eyeball chest.

The fourth chest is inside the bathroom near Professor Fig’s Classroom at the Astronomy Tower. Use the Disillusionment charm before approaching the eye chest.

Now, visit the Defence Against the Dark Arts Classroom Foo Flame and head toward the second floor. Proceed down the stairs and turn left to find the chest lurking behind the shadows! We’ve collected three, no, four Eyeball Chests, and it seems there are six or more to go?! I’ll leave the rest of these Eyeball Chests In Hogwarts to find, guys.

My Thoughts on Eyeball Chests

There are more than twenty eyeball chests you can unlock in Hogwarts Legacy. Each of these chests rewards a player with 500 Gold Galleons, which means it can be fairly easy to earn more than 10,000 Gold early on in the game and buy those expensive recipes! So far, there seem to be ten chests inside Hogwarts Castle. I’ve given you four locations, meaning you can earn 2,000 Gold Galleons right off the bat! The trick is to use the Disillusionment spell and open the chest!

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