Hogwarts Legacy Fwooper Den [All Locations]

You may run across common beasts like Puffskein frequently while exploring around in Hogwarts Legacy, but getting your hands on Fwoopers might be a bit tricky.

Fwooper Den Location in Hogwarts Legacy
A detailed guide on Fwooper Den Location in Hogwarts Legacy.

Fwoopers are a type of bird residing on the lands of Hogwards Legacy. These creatures resemble owls a lot, though they won’t help you deliver your letters like one. They spawn in a variety of colors, such as pink, yellow, green, and so on. If players are looking forward to vivifying their Vivarium or simply need to collect resources from Fwoopers, they can capture the creature and take care of it.

  • In-game Description: A Fwooper is a colorful bird that has a song known to drive people mad.

Key Takeaways

In Hogwarts Legacy, Fwoopers are owl-like birds found in various vibrant colors. There are four Fwooper Dens in the game:

  1. Southwest of Hogwarts Valley.
  2. In the Feldcroft Region.
  3. On Poidsear Coast.
  4. On the Clagmar Coast.

Players can also find a rare version of the common Fwooper called the Shiny Fwooper. To capture a Fwooper, use the Levioso spell and then capture it with a Nab-Sack. Harvesting Fwooper Feathers from Fwoopers allows players to upgrade their Gear at the Loom.

How To Find A Fwooper

When it comes to their location, Fwoopers live in a Fwooper Den. These dens might not be as common as Puffskein Den; however, they aren’t as rare as a Unicorn Den either. There are a total of four Fwooper Den locations in Hogwarts Legacy. If you know the right places, rescuing Fwoopers won’t be much trouble.

Here are the four locations of Fwooper Den in Hogwarts Legacy:

Location 1

Location 1 in Hogwarts Legacy Fwooper Den Location
Fwooper Den near Hogwarts Valley – Image Credits: The Ginger Empire

The first location is closest to the Hogwarts grounds, so if you are planning to travel on foot, check this area out.

  1. Travel to Hogwarts Valley, located toward the South Hogwarts Region. You can take a faster route by using a Floo Flame that teleports you to Keenbridge, a place inside Hogwarts Valley. Moreover, there is another Floo Flame at Northern South Sea Bog, also nearby the same Fwooper Den.
  2. Once there, travel to the Western region of the map.
  3. If traveling from Keenbridge, the Den is on your Southwestern side; however, if you’re traveling from Northern South Sea Bog, go toward the Northwestern area, and you’ll spot the Fwooper Den sign on your minimap.

Location 2

Location 2 in Fwooper Den Location Hogwarts Legacy
Fwooper Den near Feldcroft Region – Image Credits: Lofi Loki

The second location is a bit farther compared to the first one. But since you will be traveling there quite frequently anyways, you can rescue some Fwoopers during the process. The location is Feldcroft Region, and you will be going there for Treasure Vaults, Merlin Trials, and other quests throughout the gameplay.

  1. Feldcroft Region is on the Southwest part of the map. You can also use Floo Flame to Rookwood Castle for fast travel.
  2. Once at the Rookwood Castle’s Floo Flame, move a bit North till you see the Den’s icon on your minimap.

Location 3

The third Fwooper location is pretty distant from the Hogwarts grounds, and we recommend this area for players in their mid to late game.

  1. Travel to Poidsear Coast, located in the Southeastern region. We recommend players fly here or fast-travel at the Phoenix Mountain Cave Floo Flame.
  2. Upon arriving there, head east toward the hill area. It is located on the right side of a river stream.
  3. Once close, you will see the Den marked on your map. Go there and rescue the two Fwoopers you’ll find there.

Location 4

The fourth and final known location of Fwooper Den in Hogwarts Legacy is on the Clagmar Coast. It happens to be the farthest of all, too, and exists far Southeast of the map.

  1. Travel to Clagmar Coast by using one of the two Floo Flames; Clagmar Castle or South Clagmar Coast. You can also fly over to the place if you enjoy some exploration.
  2. Now, head Northwest of the land’s coast. Here you will find a Fwooper Den right next to the coast.

Are There Shiny Fwoopers

Shiny Fwoopers In Hogwarts Legacy Fwooper Den Location
Capturing a Shiny Fwooper – Image Credits: Descendant Gamer

Yes, Hogwarts Legacy does provide a Shiny variant of beasts that includes Fwooper too. Fwoopers come in white color if they’re a Shiny variant. Sadly, there is no specific location or method to find a Shiny Fwooper; running across one is purely based on luck. But you can perform a few tricks that might get you a Shiny Fwooper faster.

  • Go to one of the four Dens and rest there.
  • Go to a Den, save the game, and restart till a Shiny Fwooper respawns.
  • Keep revisiting the same Den for a new set of spawned Fwoopers.

How To Rescue A Fwooper

Rescuing Fwooper, or basically any other creature, takes good sneaking and pressing buttons skills. Once you make your way to one of the mentioned Fwooper Dens, here are the steps you can follow to catch one of these fast-flying creatures:

  1. Use the Disillusionment spell to blend yourself in the surroundings before getting closer to the Fwoopers in the area. Fwoopers can take off or move around too much if they spot you. You can skip this step if you’re good at sneaking.
  2. Once close enough, use the Levioso charm on them. This will help players surprise and levitate the creature.
  3. If the Fwoopers manage to get away, perform Arresto Momentum to slow them down.
  4. Finally, take your Nab-Sack out and start capturing the adorable beast by pressing the buttons.

Note: If you don’t know what a Nab-Sack is, it is a magical object players can use to capture a magical beast. You can unlock it by completing a main storyline quest called “The Elf, the Nab-Sack, and the Loom.”

Why Should You Rescue A Fwooper

Once you successfully rescue a Fwooper, you can place it from your inventory in your Vivarium– a magical sanctuary where you can take care of your rescued beasts- and brush and feed them regularly. The constant care of these fellas will result in them dropping “Fwooper Feather,” a quite useful resource.

Players can use these Feathers to upgrade their Gear. While you are upgrading your Gear at the Loom, it will require a Fwooper Feather in certain upgrades.

You can also purchase a Fwooper Feather from Hogsmeade’s Brood and Peck in 250 Galleons. However, having your own source of such materials is always recommended as you won’t have to spend extra coins. So, rather than spending cash for Fwooper Feather, rescue the beast yourself and take care of it in your Vivarium till it drops some Fwooper Feather.

Final Remarks

Hogwarts Legacy comes with various ways to keep yourself engaged, one of which is rescuing beasts and taking care of them. Fwoopers are one of those magical beasts, and they also provide useful resources if taken care of. Therefore, now that you know the Fwooper Den location in Hogwarts Legacy, rescue some of these odd-looking owls.

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