Hogwarts Legacy Gear Slots Full [SOLVED]

This guide will show you how to expand your gear slots in Hogwarts Legacy.

Hogwarts Legacy Gear Slots
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Hogwarts Legacy offers a lot of valuable items, equipment, accessories, and masks to utilize during gameplay. Moreover, Hogwarts Legacy provides a ton of gear to keep and use in the game. However, there is no such storage place in the Hogwarts Legacy build to keep unlimited valuables in the game. Moreover, you can only put 20 gears at a time in the inventory of Hogwarts Legacy. Now, what to do when your gear storage is full? This article will guide you on what to do when a message appears: Hogwarts Legacy Gear Slots Full.

Key Takeaways

In Hogwarts Legacy, you have limited gear slots for items, equipment, accessories, and masks. You can only keep 20 gears in your inventory, which includes items and masks. When your gear storage is full, you can do the following:

  1. Sell Unwanted Items: You can sell items you no longer want or need in the game. This not only clears up space in your inventory but also allows you to earn some currency.

  2. Trade Items: Consider trading valuable items with those you want to use in the gameplay. This way, you can exchange items and potentially acquire something more useful.

  3. Expand Your Inventory: Look for ways to expand your inventory capacity. There might be quests, missions, or achievements in the game that reward you with additional gear slots.

    Outfit Gear
    Outfit Gear in Hogwarts Legacy Gear Slots-Image captured by VeryAliGaming

    What to Do When your Gear Slots are Full?

    You can do the following things in this situation if you want to select some other gears:

    • Remove the unnecessary items permanently
    • Sell the unimportant items to the Traders

    Both methods will provide you with a replacement place for the new items.

    Steps To Remove The Unnecessary Items Permanently

    Handwear gear
    Handwear Gear in Hogwarts Legacy Gear Slots – Image captured by VeryAliGaming
    • Firstly, open the gear options in the main menu of Hogwarts Legacy during the gameplay.
    • Now, find the unwanted items in the gear slots list.
    • Notably, you must choose the item you don’t want anymore in the Hogwarts Legacy.
    • Next, left-click on the item you don’t want to be in your gear slots of Hogwarts Legacy.
    • Moreover, press and hold the L3 key appearing on the window screen for a few seconds.
    • Notably, this might take some time, so don’t worry about it.
    • Finally, you can delete the items you don’t want to keep in your gear slots by following the above steps.
    • Notably, using this technique, you can add new items you want to keep in your gear slots of Hogwarts Legacy.

    Next, this will create more space for the new items in the gameplay of Hogwarts Legacy. In short, following the abovementioned steps, you can quickly get the latest things on your gear slots.

    Suggested Items to Remove from Gear Slots

    Broom Gear in Hogwarts Legacy Gear Slots – Image Captured by VeryAliGaming

    As the Hogwarts Legacy progresses through the main Storyline, you can find many new items. However, the things you see in the gameplay are classified according to the level of your game and missions.

    The items you find during the early stages of gameplay are less valuable than the others. You can delete them from the gear slots to get your hands on new advanced gears. Indeed, this will allow you to put on new items.

    Benefits of Removing the unnecessary items

    The benefit of removing unnecessary items is that you can immediately add new items to the gear slots you find in the gameplay.

    Notably, to do so, you don’t need any stores or traders to get more space for the new items. Perhaps, in this sense, it will be a great help. Alongside the benefits, this method has some critical drawbacks, and you must be aware of them before using it.

    Drawbacks of removing the items

    Clearing items from the gear slots results in the permanent deletion of those items from your inventory. You won’t be able to access these items in the game anymore. While this allows you to make space for new gear, it’s important to note that you won’t receive any rewards for discarding the old items.

    To effectively manage your gear slots, we’ve provided a comprehensive guide that covers various methods to create more space. By following this guide, you can make informed decisions about your gear and inventory management.

    Sell the Unimportant Things to the Traders

    Wand Handles Gear in Gear Slots Full
    Wand Handles Gear in Hogwarts Legacy Gear Slots – Image captured by VeryAliGaming
    1. Sell Unnecessary Items: Trade items you no longer need to create room for new gear in your inventory.

    2. Clear Out Unwanted Gear: By selling these items, you can make space in your gear slots for new accessories.

    3. Enjoy New Accessories: Once you’ve traded the previous items, you can easily equip new accessories in your gear slots.

    Steps to Sell the unimportant things to the Traders:

    Next, you must follow the below-mentioned simple steps to trade the existing items with the traders in Hogwarts Legacy:

    1. Approach the traders in the game.
    2. Initiate a trade with them.
    3. Review the items currently in your gear slots and decide which one you want to exchange.
    4. Browse through the available items offered by the traders in exchange for your items.
    5. Select the specific item you wish to trade from your gear slots.
    6. Confirm the trade by selecting the “sell” option on the screen.
    7. Receive money or other valuable items as compensation for the trade.
    8. Enjoy the benefits of freeing up space in your gear slots and acquiring new items or currency.

      Benefits of selling unimportant things to the Traders

      Cloakes gear
      Cloakes Gear in Hogwarts Legacy Gear Slots – Image Captured by VeryAliGaming

      Firstly, our objective is to create room for new advanced gear in gear slots. Secondly, we don’t want to lose our valuables at a loss.

      For that reason, trading unimportant items in gear slots with exciting new things is helpful. Moreover, the benefits of using this method are:

      • Creates room for the latest valuable gears in the gear slot of Hogwarts Legacy
      • Compensate the traded item in the form of money and valuable items

      Despite having fruitful outcomes, the method of selling valuable items still has some drawbacks. Moreover, we will explain to you those drawbacks shortly.

      Drawbacks of selling unimportant things to the Traders

      Selling items from the gear slots in Hogwarts Legacy does have drawbacks. It replaces the items in the gear slots, and you can access these items later in the game. While it avoids the permanent deletion issue, there is still a loss as you don’t gain additional space for removing old items. The number of gear slots remains limited in Hogwarts Legacy.

      To effectively manage your gear slots and inventory in Hogwarts Legacy, explore various methods we’ve listed in our guide. Following this guide will provide you with a comprehensive understanding of how to handle gear slots in the game.

      How To Expand Gear Slots Capacity

      Facewear gear in Gear Slots full
      Facewear Gear in Hogwarts Legacy Gear Slots

      There is a total of 20 slots available for putting gears in Hogwarts Legacy. Moreover, to increase the number of places, you must complete the main quest: Merlin Trials in Hogwarts Legacy. Indeed, it will create some additional slots for the new gear in Hogwarts Legacy.

      Firstly, you must unlock the ability to complete the Merlin trials

      Merlin Trials Quest 

      You must complete the Merlin Trials Quest in the main Storyline. Notably, Merlin Trials Quest is a sort of mini-puzzle in Hogwarts Legacy. In addition, you must complete the puzzle after unlocking it in Hogwarts Legacy.

      • Unlock the Merlin Trials Quest in the Main Storyline of Hogwarts Legacy
      • Unlock the Separate Merlin Quests for rewards
      • Complete the Individual Merlin Quests
      • Redeem the Rewards for completing Merlin Quests


        The final and the most crucial thing is still yet to be considered. To unlock the Merlin Quests, you must complete certain spells in Hogwarts Legacy. In short, specific spells are the pre-requisite for unlocking the Merlin Quests.

        Therefore, checking our comprehensive and detailed guide on Hogwarts Legacy All Spells and How to Unlock Them would be best. Moreover, it will help you complete all Hogwarts Legacy’s spells.

        This sums up our detailed and comprehensive guide on what to do when the message appears: Hogwarts Legacy Gear Slots Full. Moreover, we have explained the two methods to create room for new items. In addition, we have presented each method in complete detail. Furthermore, we have explained how to permanently destroy things in the Hogwarts Legacy to create space for new items. Also, we have presented to you the trading method to create space for new items.

        Moreover, if you crave Hogwarts, you can visit our detailed and comprehensive guide on Level 1 Lock and Dogweed and Death Cap.

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