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A step-by-step walkthrough of a special side quest in Hogwarts Legacy

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Hogwarts Legacy: Ghost of Our Love

On your treasure chest hunting, collect another by taking part in a unique side quest of Hogwarts Legacy called Ghost of Our Love. It is unique because the point where you start this side quest varies depending on your house choice.

Due to the variation, there are four possible starting points to the Ghost Of Our Love quest, and we will discuss them separately, so whatever house you choose, completing this mission will be one of the easiest things you do.

Key Takeaways:

  • Ghost of Our Love is a unique type of side quest you would attempt because every house member will approach this mission differently.
  • The side quest can be started by attempting a main quest, which is different for each house and will guide you to a location where you have to find a map.
  • This map is known as the map of Floating Candles. It will guide you to a location unique to each house, which will take you to this map.
  • After acquiring the map, make your way to the main entrance of the Forbidden Forest. Casting a Lumos spell before stepping on the stone bridge will bring a set of floating candles toward you.
  • Then, all you need to do is follow these candles, and they will directly take you to a treasure chest inside the Forbidden Forest.

Activating The Side Quest

As said, there is a different location to start the quest for each house in Hogwarts. Along with that, there is an additional main quest for each house you need to take part in, guiding you to an important location.

In total, there are four starting locations. Before going there, no matter what house you choose, you will get a letter in your owl post that will assign you to a house-specific quest.

Upon completing that quest, they all will lead you to the exact location, on the door of Richard Jackdaw, a ghost. After the conversation with Jackdaw, you will have to find the map of floating candles; these will take you to your final destination.

Richard Jackdaw, the ghost
Your character conversing with Jackdaw


If you chose Slytherin as your house during the selection phase, you would get the quest, Scrope’s Last Hope. This mission requires you to be of House Slytherin and at least level five. The objectives of this mission are as follows:

  • Find Scrope’s Note in the Courtyard
  • Search for the next note
  • Search the pumpkin patch for another note
  • Meet Scrope at the water’s edge
  • Investigate the Grotto
  • Return to Scrope


Gryffindor students will find themselves doing The Hunt for the Missing Pages quest. It also asks for you to be level five. Start the mission by talking to Nearly Headless Nick as dictated in the letter you received. After that, follow these objectives:

  • Follow Sir Nicholas
  • Obtain rotten roast beef
  • Return to Sir Nicholas
  • Destroy the pumpkins to find the head
  • Speak to Richard Jackdaw


Hufflepuff house pickers will go for the Prisoner of Love quest as received in their owl posts. In this quest, you will pay visit to a person stuck in Azkaban. Moreover, if you are level five or above, you can attempt it and complete the following objectives.

  • Speak to Helen Thristlewood
  • Speak to Anne in Azkaban
  • Find what Jackdaw left for Anne
  • Leave the vault


Anyone who picked Ravenclaw as their house will land on the main quest, Ollivander’s Heirloom. Be above level five to complete this quest and linearly follow these objectives:

  • Investigate the Owlery
  • Return the bird sculptures to their perches

This ought to be a shorter quest than the other three, as it only requires you to solve a simple puzzle for Richard Jackdaw.

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Finding The Map Of Floating Candles

floating candles
The Map of Floating Candles | Snapshot by: VeryAliGaming

As we had four main quests completed by each house member, they will most certainly have four locations where they can collect the map of floating candles. This map will further lead you to a place on the world map where you will find a bunch of floating candles. Following those will take you one step closer to finish the Ghost of Our Love quest.


During your quest, when you are asked to investigate the grotto in that cave, you will look at a white wall with a red symbol drawn on it. This is the same wall from which the ghost of Jackdaw appeared to talk to you.

floating candles map location
Slytherin house members will find their floating candles map here

In front of the wall, there is a substructure. Place the piece of toast you collected on it. When you do that, you will open a secret area over there. That area will include the map of the floating candles you were looking for. Grab it to move forward.


After conversing inside the Hogsmeade cemetery, move a little North, and you will find yourself in front of a couple of graves. The grave on the right will have the floating candles map you crave. Take it and move to the following location.

gryffindor house pickers will find map here
Slytherin House Floating Candles map location | Snapshot taken by: VeryAliGaming


Hufflepuff house pickers will find the floating candles map in upper hogsfield inside a house near a shop. You can head inside the house by opening the main door, and finding the map will be easy.

floating candles map location
Members of house Hufflepuff can find floating candles map here


When you are at the Owlery during your main quest run, go to its highest point and walk toward South. Over there, you will see the desired map of floating candles lying on plain ground.

floating candles map location
If you belong to Ravenclaw house, pick up the floating candles map from here

Final Treasure Chest Location

map path trail of ghost of our love side quest
Treasure Chest located somewhere in the Forbidden Forest | Image Credits: VeryAliGaming

Now that we are all synced and on the same path, our next objective is to follow the floating candles. Before moving forward, ensure that you attempt the Ghost of Our Love side quest at night because you will be casting Lumos spell.

If not at night, you can open the map from settings and set the time from Day to night without waiting for it to get dark. After that, you need to go to the entrance of the Forbidden Forest. The entrance is connected by a bridge made of stone.

As you are about to cross that bridge, cast Lumos, and you will start to see some candles floating with you.

the floating candles brought close by casting lumos
Follow these floating candles from this point onwards | Image by: VeryAliGaming

Furthermore, keep following those candles as long as possible; they will take you directly to the treasure chest you are seeking.

To know that you have reached the correct spot, the chest will be surrounded by more floating candles, just like you were bringing. The surroundings will be very bright, even in the dark. Upon opening the chest, you will get 400 coins, and by now, your Ghost of Our Love side quest has been completed successfully.

the treasure chest location
Treasure Chest location inside the Forbidden Forest | Captured by: VeryAliGaming

Ending Notes

This is all for the step-by-step walkthrough on a unique side quest, Ghost of Our Love. We hope you had no problem attempting the quest regardless of your house pick. Since you have reached the end, visit VeryAliGaming and read more guides on latest releases.

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