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This guide will feature a complete guide on Harlow's Last Stand from start to finish, and it will also conclude who Harlow is in Hogwarts Legacy!

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Hogwarts Legacy lets the players have activities with NPCs and often considers them side quests. In Harlow’s Last Stand, our friend Natsai Onai (Natty) warns us that Theophilus Harlow is trying to ambush us, and we rush into it before he does what he intends. This side quest in Hogwarts Legacy involves the player, Natty, and Harlow. Follow the guide to get through the side quest!

Key Takeaways

  • Theophilus Harlow is a former Hogwarts student who turned to the dark side.
  • He is an arrogant and bullying dark wizard who worked for Rookwood.
  • During the quest “Harlow’s Last Stand,” he showcases his mastery of dark magic and dueling skills.
  • The quest starts by meeting Natty near Manor Cape in Bainsburgh.
  • After confronting enemies, including dark wizards and Ashwinders, Harlow appears and attacks.
  • To defeat Harlow, players should block his attacks and keep up the defense and attack.
  • You have to repeatedly press the required button to overpower Harlow and defeat him.
  • After defeating Harlow, Natty saves the player from his final attack and gets injured.
  • The quest ends by talking to Natty about Harlow’s whereabouts and receiving rewards, including 180 XP and a trophy called “The Avenging Gazelle.”

Who Is Harlow

Theophilus Harlow wearing a hat and his outfit.
Theophilus Harlow. Image Credits: MyThreeLife

Theophilus Harlow was once a Hogwarts student who took a wrong turn and turned against those who only did him good. Harlow is an arrogant dark wizard who bullies students and people at the campus and Hogsmeade. He resides near the Manor Cape area in Bainsburgh. Additionally, Harlow works for Rookwood, and it could be said that h was his right hand before Rookwood got eliminated.

He showcased the mastery of his dark magic during the quest Harlow’s last stand, in addition to his magical abilities. Moreover, Harlow was a highly skilled duellist who prided himself on his fighting skills, having defeated numerous witches and wizards throughout the Highlands. He was also an expert in apparition, capable of performing it even amid combat.

Starting The Quest: Harlow’s Last Stand

Harlow's Last Stand
Harlow’s Last Stand. Image Credits: MyThreeLife. 

We already doubt Harlow’s intentions and are waiting for a lead. Your friend Natty might have a lead on Harlow as she sends you an owl to meet her near Manor Cape. We will have to go to the point near Manor Cape to talk to Natty to start the quest. To go to Manor Cape, we must travel to Bainsburgh first. Follow the following steps:

Harlow's Last Stand Quest Started
Harlow’s Last Stand Quest Started. Image Credits: MyThreeLife
  • Open the map.
  • Fast Travel to BainsBurgh.
    Travel to Bainsburgh
    Travel to Bainsburgh. Image Credits: MyThreeLife
  • When you reach Bainsburgh, there is still a lot of distance to cover till you reach Natty.
  • We’d recommend using your flying broom to fly the remaining distance to reach Natty.
  • Reach the highlighted area to wait for Natty.
  • The quest will start once you are done talking to Natty.
    Natty telling us about harlow's Intentions
    Natty tells us about Harlow’s Intentions. Image Credits: MyThreeLife

Finding Harlow’s Location

We have to go to Manor Cape with Natty after the quest starts. There we will have to confront some enemies before we will finally get to see Harlow. Follow the steps written below to get through this without any hardships:

  • Run with Natty towards Manor Cape.
  • Once you reach the entrance, look around to see if you can spot Harlow.
  • Wait for a while and set up all your potions and spells that you are going to use to fight off suspected enemies.
  • Prepare in advance as you are about to see some dark wizards pop up. The dark wizards won’t be alone as soon, Ashwinders will also come aboard.
  • Lock on the targets and use spells like Glacious, Expelliarmus, and Confringo to get rid of them. Using these spells will quickly deplete their health.
  • Defeat all the Ashwinders and the Dark Wizards at Manor Cape.
Fighting off Ashwinders with Natty harlow's
Fighting off Ashwinders with Natty. Image Credits: MyThreeLife

Defeating Harlow

Harlow's Appearing after defeating the Ashwinders
Harlow Appeared after defeating the Ashwinders. Image Credits: MyThreeLife

Harlow will pop up out of nowhere after you have defeated all of the Dark Wizards and Ashwinders. You need to set up a strategy in your mind before you start fighting Harlow. Follow the steps written below to see what spells will do more damage and keep you safe against Harlow:

  • Harlow’s attack pattern only consists of 2 spells, i.e., Expulso and Reducto.
  • Expulso is a blockable attack which means that you can save yourself by blocking the attack.
  • Get out of the way when Harlow shouts Expulso, and that will shock him as that was unexpected to him.
  • Now you will have enough time to attack him before he tries to do that to you again.
  • Harlow can also disappear and reappear in different locations in the area. Keep damaging Harlow.
  • Harlow will also try to shatter your confidence with insults and try to take advantage of you but don’t take his words seriously and keep attacking.
  • Keep us with the defense and attacking, and you’ll get his health at the midpoint.
  • More Ashwinders and enemies will pop up once Harlow’s health gets halfway. You don’t have to worry too much as Natty is also there to fight beside you.
  • After managing to get his health near the end. Harlow will get scared and confront you in a duel.
    Confronting Harlow in a Duel
    Confronting Harlow in a Duel. Image Credits: MyThreeLife
  • You will have to keep on pressing the required button to win over Harlow’s Magic wand.
  • Once you are done spamming and overpowering his magic. Harlow will get a shock and fall to the ground realizing that he has been defeated.
  • You have defeated Harlow
    Harlow lying on the ground after the defeat he just faced.
    Harlow lying after the defeat. Image Credits: MyThreeLife

Finishing The Quest: Harlow’s Last Stand

Completion of the Quest harlow's
Completion of the Quest “Harlow’s Last Stand. Image Credits: MyThreeLife

But we are not done yet! Harlow will then stand up in agony and anger, not accepting his defeat. He will use his wand one last time to attack you, but Natty will transform into a deer and save you from the attack. But that concludes with her taking all the damage for you. The quest finishes when you visit Natty, where she is getting taken care and talk to her about the whereabouts of Harlow.

We find out that Harlow is being sent to the prison in Azkaban, and Hogwarts is safe for now. Furthermore, Natty talks about how this friendship means a lot to her and that it was her instinct to save us from Harlow’s attack.


The rewards and continuation that we get by completing this side quest are as follows:

  • You get 180 XP
  • Finishing the quest “Acting on Instinct.”
  • You will also unlock a trophy, “The Avenging Gazelle.”

Final Words

In conclusion, Harlow is a dark wizard and former Hogwarts student who turned against those who did him good. He resides in Bainsburgh and works for Rookwood. The player must keep defending and attacking until they defeat Harlow. Ultimately, that’s all we could tell you about Theophilus Harlow and the quest “Harlow’s Last Stand” in Hogwarts Legacy.

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