Hogwarts Legacy: How To Fly [Full Guide]

Learn everything you need to know about flying in this guide of Hogwarts Legacy.

hogwarts legacy how to fly
Hogwarts Legacy: How To Fly [Complete Guide]

The launch of Hogwarts Legacy has reunited Harry Potter fans like us once again; where you finally get to immerse yourself fully in the adventures of the magical world in this open-world RPG based-setting game, where you also get to fly, and that’s exactly what we are going to cover in this guide, how to fly in Hogwarts Legacy and how you can achieve this awesome aerial travel tool.

Key Takeaways

  • Flying is a quick mode of travel in Hogwarts Legacy, allowing players to take aerial advantage.
  • Taking flight on a broom will be the first time players get a taste of flying.
  • Brooms can be refurbished to enhance their speed performance.
  • Players must complete the 19th primary quest in-game, Flying Class, to unlock the broom flight mechanic.
  • 3 flying mounts are accessible to players depending on their purchased game edition.
  • A flying mount is the secondary flight mechanic players can get access to.
  • Players must complete The High Keep, the 30th main quest, to unlock the flying mount feature.
  • Flight control settings on brooms and flying mounts for PC and console players are also stated with the option of control customization.

What Is Flying In Hogwarts Legacy

Flying is an amazing mode of transportation in Hogwarts Legacy which enables you to travel aerially and extremely fast from one location to another. Subsequently, this is also a super helpful kit, especially when attempting speed runs or you want to explore locations from an aerial view quickly and efficiently.

Flying Types

Like in the Harry Potter movies, Hogwarts Legacy has also introduced 2 types of flight capabilities in-game for players. This includes broom and mount flying.


Now, this is the first type of flying you will be able to achieve while you’re progressing through the game. You can fly on a magically enchanted broomstick anywhere in the game, but some locations are limited, which will not allow you to take flight.

Broom Flying
Broom Flight Showcase In Hogwarts Legacy | Image Credits: VeryAliGaming

How To Unlock Broom Flying

First things first, you will go through the 19th main quest of the game called Flying Class, which is part of the main campaign. Madam Kaguwa and Everett Clopton will assist you in this mission. Once you’re done with the quest, you will finally unlock the broom flight.

Flying Class Quest
Complete The Flying Class Quest To Finally Unlock Flying | Image Credits: VeryAliGaming

If you need a detailed visual aid for the walkthrough of this mission, we recommend you watch this video.

To unlock your first broom out of 13, you must visit Albie Weekes in the Spintwiches Sporting Needs shop in Hogsmeade. Adding on, you can also refine your broom’s speed to the maximum to increase its physical limitations of agility by taking side quests assigned to you by Albie Weekes.

When you acquire your broom, you can ride it immediately by accessing it from the item wheel. But be aware that you cannot fly while you are in Hogsmeade.


Now onto the second type of flying; these are friendly, fierce, loyal, and magical flying creatures that feature a Thestral and 2 Hippogriffs.

Flying mounts are excellent if you wish to travel longer distances. However, they might feel a bit slow in contrast to the brooms you use for short-distance traveling, but they provide a unique and different experience while you soar with them above the grounds and are super entertaining!

Players who pre-bought the standard or deluxe edition of Hogwarts Legacy can access the Onyx Hippogriff. The Thestral mount is only part of the Dark Arts Pack, which players can obtain if they buy the game’s deluxe edition.

Furthermore, everyone who plays the game can access the regular Hippogriff. Below are the names of the flying mounts in-game;

  • Sepulchria (Thestral)
  • Caligo (Onyx Hippogriff)
  • Highwing (Regular Hippogriff)
All Flying Mounts
Left To Right: A Thestral, Onyx Hippogriff, and Default Hippogriff In Hogwarts Legacy | Image Credits: DPJ

How To Unlock Mount Flying

The method to acquire all these flying mounts is easy, as you will have to complete the 30th main quest you will encounter in the late game, The High Keep, which will unlock all 3 (for pre-bought deluxe edition only) of these flying mounts upon completion. In this quest, you must rescue Highwing, the default Hippogriff. Natsai Onai (also known as Natty) will assist you during this mission.

The High Keep Quest
Complete The High Keep Quest To Unlock Mount Flying | Image Credits: Syrekx

We recommend you watch this video if you wish to see a detailed and visual walkthrough for the quest.

Highwing is initially encountered in a previous main quest, Beasts Class. Once you finish The High Keep quest, you can ride your flight mounts (the only default Hippogriff, Highwing for everyone) by following the same step for riding your broom, accessing the flight mount from the items wheel as well.

However, you will first have to select and equip your mount by going to your gears section and opening the flying mounts tab above the broom tab.

Flight Controls

Now that you know how to unlock all the flying aspects in Hogwarts Legacy, the controls to flying are equally important to be aware of. Below are the controls for flying on PC and console. Players can also customize these control settings according to their ease and comfort.

If you also want to invert your flight controls for both console and PC, go into settings, select gameplay options, and then switch the invert flight controls option from off to on.


Here are the keybindings for flight controls on brooms and flying mounts for PC players:

Hogwarts Legacy Overall Flying Settings For PC
PC Control Options For Brooms And Flying Mounts | Image Credits: VeryAliGaming



Hogwarts Legacy Brooms Flying Settings For Consoles
Console Control Options For Brooms | Image Credits: VeryAliGaming

Flying Mounts:

Hogwarts Legacy Flying Mounts Settings For Console
Console Control Options For Flying Mounts | Image Credits: VeryAliGaming

Final Remarks

To sum up, we have reached the end of our Hogwarts Legacy flying guide, and we hope you can now unlock this awesome flight mechanic in-game! Now carry on with your adventures and show off your unique flying skills. Lastly, make sure to give us feedback below.

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