Hogwarts Legacy: How To Fly + Unlock [With Pictures]

Learn everything you need to know about flying in this guide of Hogwarts Legacy.

hogwarts legacy how to fly
Hogwarts Legacy: How To Fly [Complete Guide]

Flying is a fantastic mode of transportation in Hogwarts Legacy, which enables you to travel aerially and extremely fast from one location to another. Subsequently, this is also a super helpful kit, especially when attempting speed runs or exploring locations from an aerial view quickly and efficiently.

Key Takeaways

  • Players must complete The High Keep, the 30th main quest, to unlock the flying mount feature.
  • Flying is a quick mode of travel in Hogwarts Legacy, allowing players to take aerial advantage.
  • Brooms can be refurbished to enhance their speed performance.
  • Players must complete the 19th primary quest in-game, Flying Class, to unlock the broom flight mechanic.
  • 3 flying mounts are accessible to players depending on their purchased game edition.
  • A flying mount is the secondary flight mechanic players can get access to.
  • Flight control settings on brooms and flying mounts for PC and console players are also stated with the option of control customization.

Like in the Harry Potter movies, Hogwarts Legacy has also introduced 2 types of flight capabilities in-game for players. This includes broom and mount flying.


My personal favorite mode of flying, Brooms, can allow players to fly and travel in most locations in the game. In essence, it offers players a complete control to steer the broom and traverse different locations quickly. 

Broom Flying
Broom Flight Showcase In Hogwarts Legacy | Image Credits: VeryAliGaming

How To Unlock Broom Flying

Flying Class Quest
Complete The Flying Class Quest To Finally Unlock Flying | Image Credits: VeryAliGaming

To unlock broom flight in the game and acquire your first broom, follow these steps:

  1. Complete the Main Quest “Flying Class”:

    • Progress through the game’s main campaign until you reach the 19th main quest, “Flying Class.”
    • In this quest, you will be assisted by Madam Kaguwa and Everett Clopton.
    • Upon completing this quest, you will unlock broom flight as a game feature.
  2. Visit Albie Weekes in Hogsmeade:

    • After unlocking broom flight, visit Albie Weekes in the Spintwiches Sporting Needs shop in Hogsmeade.
    • Albie Weekes will provide you with your first broom.
  3. Improve Your Broom’s Speed and Agility:

    • To enhance your broom’s performance, take on side quests assigned to you by Albie Weekes.
    • These quests can help you refine your broom’s speed and increase its physical agility.
  4. Access Your Broom:

    • Once you acquire your broom, you can access it immediately from the item wheel.
  5. Note about Flying in Hogsmeade:

    • Keep in mind that you cannot fly your broom while you are in Hogsmeade.

If you need a detailed visual aid for the walkthrough of this mission, I recommend you watch this video.


Mounts is another unique approach to take a flight in the expanding world of Hogwarts Legacy. 

  • The Thestral mount is part of the Dark Arts Pack, available in the deluxe edition of the game.
  • The Onyx Hippogriff, Caligo, is available to players who pre-purchased Hogwarts Legacy’s standard or deluxe edition.
  • The Regular Hippogriff, named Highwing, is accessible to all players in the game.

These friendly magical creatures offer a unique and entertaining flying experience, allowing players to travel longer distances in the magical world of Hogwarts Legacy.

    All Flying Mounts
    Left To Right: A Thestral, Onyx Hippogriff, and Default Hippogriff In Hogwarts Legacy 

    How To Unlock Mount Flying

    To acquire all three flying mounts in Hogwarts Legacy (Thestral, Onyx Hippogriff, and Regular Hippogriff), you must complete the 30th main quest called “The High Keep.” This quest unlocks all three mounts upon its completion.

    1. Play through the game’s main questline until you reach the 30th main quest, “The High Keep.”

    2. During this quest, you will be tasked with rescuing Highwing, the default Regular Hippogriff. Natsai Onai (Natty) will assist you during this mission.

      Complete “The High Keep” quest successfully to unlock the ability to ride your flying mounts.

    3. Initially, Highwing is encountered in a previous main quest called “Beasts Class.” Completing “The High Keep” quest will allow you to ride Highwing and the other flying mounts.

    4. To ride your flying mounts, access them from the items wheel by selecting the flying mount of your choice.

    5. You can also equip your mount by going to your gear section and opening the flying mounts tab, which is located above the broom tab.

    Flight Controls

    If you also want to invert your flight controls for both console and PC, go into settings, select gameplay options, and then switch the invert flight controls option from off to on.


    Here are the keybindings for flight controls on brooms and flying mounts for PC players:

    Hogwarts Legacy Overall Flying Settings For PC
    PC Control Options For Brooms And Flying Mounts | Image Credits: VeryAliGaming



    Hogwarts Legacy Brooms Flying Settings For Consoles
    Console Control Options For Brooms | Image Credits: VeryAliGaming

    Flying Mounts:

    Hogwarts Legacy Flying Mounts Settings For Console
    Console Control Options For Flying Mounts | Image Credits: VeryAliGaming

    My Experience With Flying In Hogwarts Legacy

    Flying mechanics was one of the most anticipated parts of the Hogwarts Legacy that truly sets it apart from other games. For me, it was a ride into nostalgia that perfectly depicted the world setting of Harry Potter and the School of Hogwarts in movies. Especially, flying is not only a community favorite but well-demanded because of the huge open-world setting and how it allows players to traverse the map easily. 

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