Hogwarts Legacy: How To Tame Beasts [Complete Solution]

A detailed guide about how to tame beasts in Hogwarts Legacy. You can also learn about rescuing, feeding, and petting through this article.

Tame Beasts in Hogwarts Legacy
Tame Beasts

How adorable can be the idea of keeping beasts as pets? Right? You can tame beasts in the Hogwarts Legacy and keep them as your in-game pets. If, till now, you had no clue how you could do it, you are in the right place, as we will explain everything thoroughly.

Key Takeaways

  • There are 13 beasts in Hogwarts legacy, all of them have their unique characteristics and you can tame them.
  • You can find beasts at different locations in Hogwarts Legacy.
  • Completing the Room of Requirement is mandatory and reach the beast class quest to unlock taming beasts in the game.
  • Poppy Sweeting will become friends with you and teach you about feeding and petting.
  • Deek the Elf will take you to the wild, where you will learn the rescuing techniques.
  • The Vivarium gets unlocked after returning to the Room of the Requirement.
  • There are three types of vivarium rooms, they can be around coastal areas, near a swamp, and in the mountains.
  • Each of the Vivarium rooms gets unlocked by completing specific quests.

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    Unlock Taming In Hogwarts Legacy

    Beast Class Quest
    Beast Class Quest (Image Credits: DPJ)
    1. The first thing you have to do is to play through the main quest until you unlock the Room of the Requirement quest.
    2. After this, continue playing and look for the beast class quest.
    3. This is the main quest from where you will start learning about the general stuff.
    4. Like how you can brush and feed the beasts and obtain the materials from them.
    5. Overall you will learn how to tame and take care of these animals properly. While taking this class, you will become friends with Poppy Sweeting.
    6. She is quite compassionate toward animals.
    7. Through her, you will come to know about two creatures, including Puffskeins and Kneazles. Furthermore, you will be given the feed and brush that you can utilize later on.
    Taming of Beasts
    Tame Beasts In Hogwarts Legacy

    How To Rescue Beasts

    Rescue Beasts
    How To Rescue Beasts
    1. Proceeding further, you will unlock another quest: The Elf, The Nab-Sack, and the Loom side quest.
    2. In this one, you will meet an Elf named Deek, and he will take you to some wild area surrounded by hills.
    3. The elf will teach you about taming beasts in Hogwarts Legacy by using a spell.
    4. To capture or rescue the animals, you must keep your target precise.
    5. Use the Nab-Sack spell as soon as you spot the creature, and this will pull it toward your bag. You can use the other spells (Levioso or Accio) to immobilize the animals.
    Capture Beasts
    Capture Beasts

    These spells can be helpful while rescuing the flying ones. Here are brief instructions that may assist you while capturing the beasts

    • If you find a beast running before your sight, then use the Nab-Sack Spell
    • Wait for the yellow-colored circle to complete
    • Then Capture them in your bag
    • In some cases, you may need to use other spells along with the Sack spell
    • If you fail on the first attempt, keep trying until you get it.
    • The capture meters vary according to the beast type.

    Unlock The Vivarium

    Vivarium in Hogwarts Legacy
    Unlock The Vivarium

    After returning from the wild, you will get access to the Vivarium. It is where you can keep your pets and look after them. You can pet them using the brush and feed them to raise your beasts. To buy the feed, you can visit the Brood and Peck shop, which can be found on the town’s north side.

    Brood And Peck Shop
    Brood And Peck Shop

    The Tomes and Scrolls is another shop where you can buy pet feed. The petting benefits don’t end here, as they also provide materials you can use for the gear upgradation. In Vivarium, you can also change their name as per your desire or sell them to earn money in Hogwarts Legacy.

    Besides this, you can also breed them. Finish the Foal of the Dead side quest first, then purchase the Breeding Pen for 1000 Gold. It will be available at Tomes and Scrolls. After this, get to the Vivarium and use the Conjuration spell to place this pen to carry out the breeding process.

    Types Of Vivarium Rooms

    There are certain vivarium locations in Hogwarts Legacy, which are given below.  

    • Coastal: You will have to finish The Plight of the House Elf side quest to unlock this location. It looks more like a beach with rocky surroundings.
    • Swamp: As the name says, it’s a watery dark place, you may not like it, but some creatures adore this area to live in. To unlock the swamp vivarium, you must complete Charles Rookwood’s Trial main quest and then another side quest: Foal of the Dead.
    • Meadow/Mountain: This is an alluring grassland area and gets unlocked after playing through the Phoenix Rising side quest.

    How To Find Beasts

    Beast Locations in Hogwarts Legacy
    How To Find Beasts

    In Hogwarts Legacy, there are magical dens where you can look for these beasts. They are present at different locations, and the easiest way to identify these locations is to check out the paw symbol on the map.

    There are many creatures in this world, and you can visit these dens to find them. To save the animals, you can use the learned methods and techniques.

    My Beasts Recommendations

    Here are some of the more beasts that I recommend taming for your gameplay. 


    Favorite ToyDark Wizard Dummy
    DropGraphorn Horn

    It’s a tough creature with a spiky head appearance and two horns over it. This beast seems a bit aggressive in nature and can be found in the Clagmar Coastal area. You can also look for it while completing the San Bakar’s Trial main quest.


    Favorite ToyBoegy Ball
    DropPuffskein Fur

    This is the soft puffy beast you may love to own. You don’t need to worry about their feed as they can eat everything offered. Head to the South Hogwarts region or Forbidden Forest to look for Puffskeins.


    Favorite ToyQuaffle
    DropJobberknoll Feather

    Complete the Elf, the Nab-sack, and the Loom quest to access this bird. Jobberknoll is also available in the Forbidden Forest.


    Favorite ToyQuaffle
    DropFwooper Feather

    It is also a bird, but its ability to sing makes Fwooper different from others. Look for it while wandering around the Forbidden Forest.


    Favorite ToyTumbleweed
    DropDiricawl Feather

    These birds can’t fly and just walk on land. But in alarming situations, they can disappear and then appear again to save themselves. Once again, complete the Elf, the Nab-sack, and the Loom quest to access Diricawl birds.


    Favorite ToyQuaffle
    Quest GiverDeek
    DescriptionI wonder what Deek wants to talk with me about. I need to speak with him.

    The phoenix bird is admired by many as it is considered a unique bird reborn from its ashes. You must get this rare bird and save it as a beast pet in the vivarium.


    Favorite ToyUnpoppable Bubble
    DropUnicorn Hair

    You can own another loveable and magical beast in Hogwarts Legacy. This elegant creature seems shy, so it is rare to find them, but not impossible at all. Visit Forbidden Forest to capture the Unicorns.


    Favorite ToyGold Ball
    DropNiffler Fur

    These small furry and chaotic beasts can track and pick out shiny items with the help of their long snouts. Head to Hogwarts valley if you want to have a Niffler as a pet.


    Favorite ToyMoon Ball
    DropMooncalf Fur

    The right time to look for these beasts is at night, as they only appear in the dark. They got big mesmerizing eyes and dance when the full moon is shining brightly and lighting up the ground with its shine.

    Giant Purple Toad

    Favorite ToyLearther Football
    DropToad Warts

    These enormous toads have an amazing appearance with the shade of purple.

    Hippogriff: It’s half eagle and half horse. This beast can soar high and make you travel long distances.


    Total Thestral Dens2
    YieldsThestral Hair

    This winged beast is known for pulling the carriages and can only be seen by those who have witnessed deaths.


    Favorite ToyYarn Ball
    DropKneazle Fur

    It is a cat with long ears and can easily detect people who seem distrustful. Furthermore, Wizards and witches are most likely to keep this beast.

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