Hogwarts Legacy: Level Cap Guide

Here's all you need to know about maximum level in Hogwarts Legacy and how to reach their quickly.

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Hogwarts Legacy: Level Cap

When I started playing the early game of Hogwarts Legacy, I quickly realized that leveling up required me to progress through the story and explore the open world to earn XP points. These XP points were crucial for increasing my character’s level. Here is everything you need to know in this guide.

Key Takeaways

  • The maximum level that you can reach in Hogwarts Legacy is 40.
  • Each time you level up, you will get talent points.
  • After this level, you won’t receive any more talent points for upgrading spells and becoming a more powerful wizard.
  • Leveling up is very important for defeating stronger wizards and other enemies.
  • For quicker level-ups, you need more XP points.
  • You can level up faster by going to the Dark Arts Battle Arena and completing several waves of fighting multiple enemies, giving you many XP points.
  • You can also catch Puffskeins from the front of Forbidden Forest that give 30 XP on each Puffskein added in the Nab-sack.
  • Other than that, you can collect Field guide pages that give you 80 XP on each page you add to your collection.

Max Level In Hogwarts Legacy

I aspired to reach the highest level possible in the game, which turned out to be level 40. Although rumors were suggesting a potential maximum level of 50 or more before the game’s release, it became clear that 40 was the ultimate goal, and it wasn’t an easy task to achieve.

Access to the open world of Hogwarts became available once I passed the prologue. It’s important to note that increasing my level didn’t unlock more of the map, as the entire map was accessible from the start.

Leveling up was vital because it granted me talent points, which in turn made me a more powerful wizard. These talent points allowed me to unlock and master more potent spells, enhancing my abilities significantly.

To gather XP points and level up faster in the early stages of the game, I focused on interacting with various elements in the open-world map, such as completing challenges or collecting items. This proved to be the quickest way to farm XP and expedite my journey to reach level 40.

hogwarts gameplay
Completing an objective during story campaign

The Dark Arts Arena

dark arts arena is located over hereFly on your broom to this location – Image by VeryAliGaming

In this area, you’ll encounter various enemies like spiders and dark wizards in escalating waves. To farm XP, you need the Deluxe Edition of Hogwarts Legacy, which includes access to the Dark Arts Arena. Remember to use a broom to reach this location, which is far from Hogwarts.

To find it, look for a statue in the center with two pillars nearby, marking the Dark Arts Arena’s location on your mini-map. Access the arena from here.

To access the Dark Arts Battle Arena, you must find 20 trophy-shaped pots scattered around that place and destroy them using your wand.

Destroy 20 of them to enter arena
Use spells and your wand to destroy them – by VeryAliGaming

You can see these pots from afar due to the white highlight around them. After you destroy all 20 pots, a cut scene will start playing, showing the statue opening up.

entrance of dark arts arena is opening
The entrance opens after this cutscene plays – Snapshot by VeryAliGaming

Now, you can enter the arena by standing in front of the statue. Before that, we suggest you switch your difficulty to Story, so leveling up requires less effort.

When you enter the arena, enemies will start showing up in multiple waves that need to be destroyed using different spells. After each wave ends, you will get a lot of XP. You can always restart the challenge after completing all the waves.

On average, one complete round of taking part in all waves will take you roughly 10 minutes. Moreover, after every 10 minutes, your level will increase by one. By doing the math, if you repeat this six times, it will take you an hour, and you will be up six levels.

So, maxing your level will take around six and a half hours, which is too little for a game that takes about 25 hours to complete.

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The Puffskein Farm

For this tip, you must complete the main story quest called The Elf, the Nab-sack, and the Loom. This is important because it will give us the necessary Nab-sack for applying this technique.

A Nab-sack is a type of bag used to rescue magical beasts by trapping them inside. Ensure you have equipped Nab-sack in your spell inventory to use during the farm.

Our objective will be to capture or rescue one type of these beasts, known as Puffskeins, that will be found in the Hogsmeade region. There are two places you can go in there but focus on the one at the entrance of the Forbidden Forest.

If we save one Puffskein, the game awards us 30 XP points. Moreover, eight Puffskeins will spawn at the marked area simultaneously.

At a time, you can rescue 60 magical beasts; this can also be seen from the Room of Requirement in your menu under the heading Challenges. By doing the math, if we save 60 of them and it gives us 30 XP each, we are getting 1800 XP.

The method is very straightforward. Head towards the location on the map marked with the paw symbol.

entrance of the forbidden forest
Travel on your broom to this location

There, you will see the eight spawned magical beasts. Take out the Nab-sack and press the look at the Puffskeins. Please press the button the screen tells you to capture them.

how to use nab-sack
Catching Puffskeins in Nab-sack – Snapshot Credit to DPJ

To farm XP from Puffskeins in Hogwarts Legacy:

  1. Capture eight Puffskeins.
  2. Fly on your broom away from their spawn location.
  3. Open the map and advance time forward two times in 12-hour increments.
  4. Return to the same spot, and you’ll find Puffskeins again.
  5. This process takes around 6-7 minutes initially, but with practice, you can reduce it to 5 minutes.
  6. Repeat this process about ten times, which will take approximately an hour.
  7. You can earn almost 18,000 XP this way.
  8. You have the option to release or sell the captured Puffskeins at the Hogsmeade store; your choice won’t affect the farming method.

Collecting Field Guide Pages

At the start of the game, Professor Weasly will give a Field Guide to your character that can be used to check out different locations around Hogwarts, and the activity around that place.

  1. Explore Hogwarts, Hogsmeade, and other areas to discover these pages.
  2. Use the “Revelio” spell to reveal hidden or invisible objects, including Field Guide pages, when you’re close to their location.
  3. Some pages will float in the air when you approach them; use the “Accio” spell to catch them and add them to your collection.
  4. Employ the “Levioso” spell to lift statues and reveal hidden Field Guide pages behind them.
  5. Additionally, consider using spells like “Incendio” and “Lumos” for this purpose.
  6. Collecting each page grants you 80 XP, which can significantly boost your character’s level.
finding guide pages
A Field guide page found in Hogsmeade area

Don’t panic and follow the tips we have shared so you can level up faster and become a more powerful wizard in no time. Ensure you follow VeryAliGaming to get the latest updates on Hogwarts Legacy.

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