Hogwarts Legacy Main Quests And Walkthroughs

A full walkthrough guide on a list of Main Quest in Hogwarts Legacy along with their requirements and rewards.

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A complete walkthrough of Hogwarts Legacy Main Quest list.

One of the most engaging aspects of Hogwarts Legacy is its quite intriguing quests. The game is based on multiple quests, which include the main plus side, contributing to a great storyline. Hogwarts Legacy’s main quests alone take up to 25-30 hours to complete. And if you’re curious about the sequence of these main quests or what they include, you’re looking at the right place. Continue reading our Hogwarts Legacy main quest walkthrough and find out what each of these quests offers.

Key Takeaways

  • Players will perform 47 main quests in Hogwarts Legacy, excluding the other three house-exclusive quests.
  • There are a total of 12 chapters, each with a number of main quests.
  • Almost every quest rewards players with something once the quest is completed.
  • Chapter 9 includes the most quests out of all, but these quests are shorter compared to later ones.
  • You also get to perform two extra main quests in the postgame.

Table of Contents

Main Quests

Chapter 1Chapter 2Chapter 3Chapter 4Chapter 5Chapter 6Chapter 7Chapter 8Chapter 9Chapter 10Chapter 11Chapter 12Post-game Main Quests
-The Path to Hogwarts-Welcome to Hogwarts
-Charms Class
-Defense Against The Dark Arts Class
-Weasley After Class
-Professor Ronen Assignment
-Welcome To Hogsmeade
-The Locket’s Secret
-Professor Hecat’s Assignment 1
-Secrets Of The Restricted Section
-Tomes And Tribulations
Herbology Class
-Potions Class
-The girl from Uagadou
-Trials of Merlin
-The Hunt For The Missing Pages (Gryffindor)
-Prisoner Of Love (Hufflepuff)
-Scrope’s Last Hope (Slytherin)
-Ollivander’s Heirloom (Ravenclaw)
-Professor Hecat’s Assignment 2
-Jackdaw’s Rest
-Flying Class
-In The Shadow Of The Undercroft
-The Room Of Requirement
-The Map Chamber-Percival Rackham’s Trial-Beasts Class
-The Caretaker’s Lunar Lament
-The Helm Of Urtkot
-In The Shadow Of The Estate
-The Elf, the Nab-Sack, and the Loom
-Astronomy Class
-Professor Garlick’s Assignment 1
-The High Keep
-Back On The Path
-Charles Rookwood’s Trial
-Fire And Vice
-Professor Weasley’s Assignment
-In The Shadow Of The Mine
-It’s All Gobbledegook
-The Headmistress Speaks
-The Polyjuice Plot
-Niamh Fitzgerald’s Trial
-In The Shadow Of The MountainLodgok’s Loyalty
-San Bakar’s Trial
-Wand Mastery
-The Final Repository
Weasley’s Watchful Eye
-The House Cup

Summary Table. 

Overall, Hogwarts Legacy comes with 47 Main Quests, and whether you perform additional activities or not, you will run across each of these by following the main storyline. 

Each main quest belongs to one of the 12 Chapters available in Hogwarts Legacy, and if you follow the playthrough simply, you get to complete each of these Chapters. Let’s get started and learn about all the Main Quests available in sequence in each Hogwarts Legacy chapter.

Prologue (Chapter 1)

The first Chapter, “Prologue,” only contains one Main Quest named “The Path to Hogwarts.”

The Path to Hogwarts

Path to Hogwarts

The first-ever quest you run into is while you are on your way to attend Hogwarts along with your companion, Professor Fig. 

Mission Objective

  1. Follow Professor Fig
  2. Professor Fig asks you to clear the blocked path. You unlock a Basic Cast attack here. Keep following Professor Fig then Explore the Ruins.
  3. You run across an enchanted stone on a wall again. You have to Interact with the Magic of that stone to teleport inside the room with Professor Fig.
  4. Wake the Goblin sleeping on the desk. The goblin will take you and Professor Fig to Vault 12.
  5. Once there, follow Professor Fig. You learn to cast Revelio Spell in the vault.
  6. Proceed into the Vault you just revealed.
  7. Stay close to Professor Fig.
  8. You will run across another magic glow on the floor, which you need to interact with.
  9. You’ll be instructed to determine how to proceed and will learn the spell Lumos during the process.
  10. Now you have to discover the appeared statue’s secret.
  11. After a combat, find him as instructed.
  12. Interact with the Magic on the floor and activate the statues. Destroy these statues once activated.
  13. Now you have to find Professor Fig.
  • Requirements: None
  • Reward: Revelio Spell, Lumos Spell, Protego Spell, Stupefy Spell

Attend Your First Day at Hogwarts (Chapter 2)

The second Chapter, “Attend Your First Day at Hogwarts,” consists of six main story missions.

Welcome to Hogwarts

When you’re done with the House Sorting Ceremony, Professor Weasley escorts you to your House Common Room. You wake up on your First Day at Hogwarts. The quest “Welcome to Hogwarts” officially starts.

Mission Objective

  1. You need to do is Find your Common Room in your Dormitory.
  2. Here, you get a task to introduce yourself to Cressida, Garreth, and Nellie.
  3. Then you need to Meet Professor Weasley outside the Common Room.
  4. You must follow her.
  5. Collect the Guide Page from a painting by casting Revelio as Professor Weasley instructs.
  6. Continue to follow Professor Weasley.
  7. Once you are in the Central Hall, continue following Professor Weasley.
  8. Talk to Professor Figs once she leaves in order to end your quest.
  • Requirements: Completed “The Path to Hogwarts”
  • Reward: 260 XP

Charms Class

Professor Ronen in Charms Class – Image Credits: VeryAli Gaming

After you have introduced yourself to your Housemates and talked to Professor Fig, you get a new quest to attend your first class of the day, the Charms class.

Mission Objective

  1. Go to the Charms class by following the trail on your minimap.
  2. Professor Ronen will take the class and teach students the Accio Spell. , Master Accio even further by casting it on spheres outside in a small game against Natsai Onai.
  3. Once done, talk to Natsai in the classroom and then talk to Professor Ronen to complete the Charms class quest.
  • Requirements: Completed “Welcome to Hogwarts”
  • Reward: Accio Spell, 260 XP, First Class Student Trophy achievement.

Defense Against The Dark Arts Class

Now, you need to attend your second class of the day, “Defense Against the Dark Arts.” Follow the trail on the map and make your way to the class in order to start your next quest.

Mission Objective

  1. Professor Hecat teaches you Levioso charm at the very start of the class.
  2. Next up, Professor Hecat introduces a dummy and asks you to use Basic Cast on it after using Levioso.
  3. Duel against Sebastian Sallow. If you defeat him, you gain points for your house.
  4. Finally, speak with Sebastian Sallow and complete your quest.
  • Requirements: Completed “Welcome to Hogwarts”
  • Reward: Levioso Spell, 260 XP

Weasley After Class

Weasley After Class – Image Credits: VeryAli Gaming

You unlock Weasley After Class quest once you complete both your classes on the first day. You gain instruction to meet Professor Weasley in the Transfiguration classroom.

Mission Objective

  1. Once the quest starts, talk to Professor Weasley.
  2. She tells you about your trip to Hogsmeade and gives you the option to bring either Natty or Sebastian Sallow on your trip. The choice you make here doesn’t matter, so choose whoever you’d like.
  • Requirements: Completed Charms and Defense Against the Dark Arts classes
  • Reward: None

Professor Ronen’s Assignment

Your first assignment of the day is the Charms class one. You must visit Professor Ronen in the Courtyard. He will assign you a quick task. Once you say yes to the task, the Quest “Professor Ronen’s Assignment.”

Mission Objective

  1. Collect two pages flying in the air. The first page is right ahead of where Professor Ronen is. The second flying page is in Defense Against the Dark Arts Tower.
  2. Use Accio to collect both of these pages.
  3. Once collected, report back to Professor Ronen. He will teach you the Reparo spell, and the quest will end.
  • Requirements: Completed Defense Against the Dark Arts Class
  • Reward: Reparo Spell, 150 XP

Welcome To Hogsmeade

Welcome To Hogsmeade

The last activity of your first day includes a Trip to Hogsmeade to buy your supplies. Whoever you chose earlier in the Weasley After Class quest to bring with you to Hogsmeade will be waiting for you near the entrance to Hogwarts. Interact with them for the quest.

Mission Objective

Follow your companion to Hogsmeade.

  1. Once there, you need to visit Tomes and Scrolls, Ollivanders, J. Pippins Potions, and the Magic Neep.
  2. Once done, meet Natty/Sebastian at the town circle.
  3. After the conversation, Hogsmeade gets attacked by an Armoured Troll.
  4. You must defend Hogsmeade. You will earn the trophy achievement “Troll with the Punches.”
  5. You’ll have to repair the damage now with Reparo.
  6. Now speak to the shopkeeper as instructed and get yourself a robe as a reward.
  7. Follow Natty/Sebastian to the Three Broomsticks.
  8. After the cutscenes, talk to Natty/Sebastian outside the Three Broomsticks and make your way back to your Common Room. 
  • Requirements: Required Level 2
  • Reward: Ancient Magic Throw, Ancient Magic, Troll with the Punches achievement, 260 XP

Find The Secret In The Restricted Section (Chapter 3)

There are a total of 4 main quests in Chapter 3, “Find the Secret in the Restricted Section.”

The Locket’s Secret

The Locket’s Secret

You will receive an Owl Post from Professor Fig, which you can access from your Field Guide. Open it and get an instruction to meet Professor Fig.

Mission Objective

The only task in this mission is to talk to Professor Fig. He shows a map that leads to the restricted section of the Library. The quest ends after the discussion.

  • Requirements: Completed Welcome to Hogsmeade
  • Reward: None

Professor Hecat’s Assignment 1

After a discussion with Professor Fig, you need to visit Professor Hecat in order to learn a new spell. Interact with her to start the quest.

Mission Objective

  1. She instructs you to Win two rounds of Cross Wands and Complete a round of spell combination practice with Lucan Brattleby.
  2. Visit the location by following the trail.
  3. Once both tasks are done, report back to Professor Hecat. She will finally teach you to cast Incendio.
  • Requirements: Completed The Locket’s Secret
  • Reward: 150 XP, Incendio Spell

Secrets Of The Restricted Section

After learning Incendio, you need to speak with Professor Fig in his classroom. When Professor Fig fails to tell you further about the Restricted Section, you get a task to meet Sebastian.

Mission Objective

  1. Meet Sebastian in the Central Hall at night to proceed.
  2. At night, Sebastian will teach you the Disillusionment spell before both you and he sneaks into the Library.
  3. Get the key to the Restricted Section from the Librarian’s desk while Sebastian keeps her distracted.
  4. Enter the Restricted Section and find the book.
  5. Now, search for a Hidden Secret in the Restricted Section.
  6. Once you do, enter the Athenaeum to find the secret.
  7. Discover the mystery of the Antechamber. You will earn an achievement of “A Keen Sense of Spell.”
  8. When you find the secret and return to Sebastian, the quest finally ends.
  • Requirements: Required Level 3
  • Reward: Disillusionment Spell, 260 XP, A Keen Sense of Spell achievement

Tomes And Tribulations

In the “Tomes And Tribulations” quest, you need to bring the book you collected from the last quest to Professor Fig.

Mission Objective

Return to Professor Fig’s classroom in order to start the quest; your first and only task is to bring the book to Professor Fig. He will inspect the book, and your quest will be complete.

  • Requirements: Required Level 3
  • Reward: 260 XP

Live as a Student Until Professor Fig Returns (Chapter 4)

The third Chapter, “Live as a Student Until Professor Fig Returns,” consists of four main quests.

Herbology Class

Herbology Class

Once you have completed the Tomes and Tribulations quest, you can start taking classes, and your first class to attend is Herbology.

Mission Objective

  1. You need to speak with Professor Garlick.
  2. You will get a task to plant dittany seeds at the Potting Table.
  3. Once done, Professor Garlick will suggest you meet Leander Prewett.
  4. He will accompany you to another Greenhouse.
  5. There, you are required to attack a target dummy with Chomping Cabbage.
  6. After you are done with it, return to Professor Garlick and inform her about the event.
  • Requirements: Required Level 3
  • Reward: The Potting Table, 260 XP

Potions Class

The next class you need to attend is Potions by Professor Sharp.

Mission Objective

  1. Once you have spoken with him, collect Ashwinder Eggs and Dark Mongrel Fur as instructed.
  2. Before that, you will talk to Garreth Weasley, who will ask you to collect another ingredient, a Fwooper Feather.
  3. Once you collect all three ingredients from the office, return the Feather to Garreth Weasley.
  4. Start brewing an Edurus Potion on the Potion Station. After successfully brewing the potion, return to Professor Sharp.
  • Requirements: Required Level 4
  • Reward: The Potion Station, 260 XP

The Girl From Uagadou

You receive an Owl Post from Natty Onai asking you to meet her in lower Hogsfield, a Hamlet.

Mission Objective

There is only one task in The Girl From Uagadou quest. You need to talk to Natty Onai in Lower Hogsfield.

  • Requirements: Required Level 4
  • Reward: 260 XP

Trials Of Merlin

Right after talking to Natty Onai in Lower Hogsfield and completing the previous quest, you gain a task to help a stranger.

Mission Objective

  1. Once you reach the location, you and the stranger have combat against two dark wizards and defeat them both. Complete the rest of the duel within the given time limit.
  2. Once done, talk to the stranger and get the Mallowsweet from the Trunk as asked. Now, you have to solve Merlin’s Trial by using Mallowsweet Leaves.
  3. After successfully completing the task, speak with the stranger.
  • Requirements: Required Level 4
  • Reward: Unlock Trials Of Merlin, 260 XP

Tell Professor Fig About the Map Chamber (Chapter 5)

Three quests belong to Chapter 5; however, the first quest is house-exclusive. If you belong in Gryffindor, you get “The Hunt for the Missing Pages.” The House you belong in is Hufflepuff? Your first quest of this chapter is “Prisoner Of Love.” If Slytherin is your House, you get “Scrope’s Last Hope,” and if you’re in Ravenclaw, the quest you unlock is “Ollivander’s Heirloom.”

The Hunt For The Missing Pages (Gryffindor)

The Hunt for the Missing Pages
The Hunt for the Missing Pages – Image Credits: VeryAli Gaming

Your goal in the quest is to find any trace of missing pages in the book. Go to Nearly Headless Nick to start the quest.

Mission Objective

  1. Once Nearly Headless Nick talks with you, you get your task to follow him.
  2. Obtain Rotten Roast Beef from the kitchen first. After collecting the required food item, return it to Sir Nicolas.
  3. Find the Headless Hunt’s Game.
  4. Play the game and destroy the pumpkins to find the head of Richard Jackdaw.
  5. Once you complete the game, you can finally speak to Richard Jackdew regarding those missing pages.
  • Requirements: Required Level 5, must be Gryffindor
  • Reward: 260 XP

Prisoner Of Love (Hufflepuff)

Instead of Nearly Headless Nick, you get a task to speak to the portrait of Eldritch Diggory.

Mission Objective

  1. Once you have spoken to the portrait of Eldritch Diggory, speak to Helen Thistlewood.
  2. You will travel to Azkaban with her in order to Speak with Anne.
  3. Find what Jackdew left for Anne.
  4. Explore the cave and solve Jackdaw’s puzzle.
  5. Leave the Vault and interact with Richard Jackdaw.
  • Requirements: Required Level 5, must be Hufflepuff
  • Reward: 260 XP

Scrope’s Last Hope (Slytherin)

Start by finding a note Scrope left in the Courtyard regarding the missing pages.

Mission Objective

  1. After collecting the first note from Scrope, your quest “Scrope’s Last Hope” will start.
  2. Search for the next note.
  3. now search the pumpkin patch for another note that is inside one of those pumpkins.
  4. As the note says, meet Scrope at the water’s edge by the broken docks. 
  5. Investigate the Grotto and meet Richard Jackdaw.

Return to Scrope.

  • Requirements: Require Level 5, must be Slytherin
  • Reward: 260 XP

Ollivander’s Heirloom (Ravenclaw)

Mr. Ollivander, the wandmaker in Hogsmeade, needs to meet you, but it is not quite sure why.

Mission Objective

  1. Visit Mr. Ollivander in Hogsmeade and talk to him.
  2. Investigate the Owlery.
  3. Collect the statues there and return the bird sculptures to their perches.
  • Requirements: Required Level 5, must be Ravenclaw
  • Reward: 260 XP

Professor Hecat’s Assignment 2

The second assignment you get assigned from Professor Hecat requires you to perform two main objectives.

Mission Objective

Simply complete the two assignment objectives, “Successfully avoid enemy attacks by dodge rolling ten times,” and “Cast Incendio on enemies five times.” You can perform this during any duel or enemy combat. Once done, attend Defense Against the Dark Arts class and return to Professor Hecat. In return, she will teach you Expelliarmus, a disarming spell.

  • Requirements: Complete Tomes and Tribulations
  • Reward: Expelliarmus Spell, 150 XP

Jackdaw’s Rest

Meet Richard Jackdaw at the Forbidden Forest and start the quest.

Mission Objective

  1. Follow Richard Jackdaw through the Forbidden Forest.
  2. Find the cave where Richard Jackdaw died.
  3. Once there, whisper the password to the marked location to access the cave.
  4. Before you can go inside, you face combat against Ranrok’s Loyalists, you need to defeat them.
  5. Investigate the cave where Jackdaw died.
  6. Here, find the missing pages.
  7. Defend yourself against the ancient defenders and then investigate the traces of ancient magic.
  8. Talk to a Portrait with Percival Rackham in it. Now, simply exit the Map Chamber.
  • Requirements: Expelliarmus Spell
  • Reward: Professor Sharp’s Assignment 1, 260 XP

Complete The First Keeper Trial (Chapter 6)

The 6th Chapter Complete The First Keeper Trial consists of 3 main quests in Hogwarts Legacy.

Flying Class

Flying Class

You can finally attend your first flying classes by Madam Kogawa in Hogwarts Legacy.

Mission Objective

  1. Visit the Flying Class, which is located near Hogwarts North Exit.
  2. The first task in your Flying Class is to fly through three rings.
  3. Now, fly through the rings around the ground.
  4. Follow Everett Clopton and return to the Courtyard once the whistle blows.
  5. Land and dismount.
  • Requirements: Required Level 6, complete Jackdaw’s Rest
  • Reward: 260 XP, Brooms available to purchase in a shop

In The Shadow Of The Undercroft

You can meet Sebastian near the Defense Against The Dark Arts classroom to start the quest “In The Shadow Of The Undercroft.”

Mission Objective

  1. After talking to Sebastian, enter the secret room, Undercroft.
  2. Explore the room.
  3. Go to Sebastian and talk with him; he will teach you the Confringo spell.
  4. Practice casting Confringo.
  5. Check back with Sebastian when you are done.
  6. Leave the Undercroft.
  • Requirements: Required Level 8
  • Reward: Confringo Spell, 260 XP

The Room Of Requirement

The Room of Requirement – Image Credits: VeryAli Gaming

Professor Weasley has asked you to meet her in the seventh-floor corridor of the Astronomy Tower. 

Mission Objective

  1. After meeting her, follow Professor Weasley into the Room of Requirement.
  2. She will teach you the Evanesco spell to cast it on an obstacle.
  3. Continue to follow Professor Weasley till you get to Explore the Room of Requirement.
  4. Afterward, the Desk of Description will get unlocked, so use it.
  5. Speak to Professor Weasley, and she will teach you the Conjuring spell.
  6. Now you gain two objectives: Conjure a Potting Table and Conjure a Potions Station.
  • Requirements: Required Level 6
  • Reward: Evanesco spell, the Conjuring Spell, Desk of Description, 260 XP

Improve Your Magical Abilities to Access the Next Trial (Chapter 7)

There is only one Main Quest in the entire Chapter 7.

The Map Chamber

Completed the Map Chamber quest – Image Credits: VeryAli Gaming

To start the quest, Report to Professor Fig about everything relating to the missing pages.

Mission Objective

Enter the Map Chamber with him and let the cutscene play. Once done, Speak to the portrait of Professor Rackham. The quest finishes after the cutscene.

  • Requirements: Required Level 10
  • Reward: 260 XP

Prepare For Your Search For the Next Keeper (Chapter 8)

You will run across only one quest in Chapter 8 of Hogwarts Legacy.

Percival Rackham’s Trial

Percival Rackham's Trial
Percival Rackham’s Trial – Image Credits: VeryAli Gaming

Meet Professor Fig outside the tower and start the quest Percival Rackham’s Trial.

Mission Objective

  1. Meet Professor Fig.
  2. Investigate the Goblin Presence along with him.
  3. Get past the Goblins and then search the tower.
  4. Inside, find the entrance to the first trial.
  5. Now, enter Percival Rackham’s trial and complete it, which will take you quite some time.
  6. You will run across some guards, defeat them, and you will learn the trial’s secret through a Pensive memory.
  7. Return to the Map Chamber and speak to Professor Fig and Professor Rackham. Now, speak with Charles Rookwood one last time.
  • Requirements: Required Level 11
  • Reward: That’s a Keeper achievement, 260 XP

Prepare For Your Search For the Final Keeper (Chapter 9)

In Chapter 9 of Hogwarts Legacy, players will run across 10 main quests, meaning this chapter consists of the most out of all main quests.

Beasts Class

During your twenty-first main quest in Hogwarts Legacy, you attend your first Beasts class.

Mission Objective

  1. Go to the Beasts Class in the Bell Tower Wing.
  2. Brush the Puffskein. You will unlock a Brush for this.
  3. Now, you need to feed the Puffskein with the food that got unlocked.
  4. Brush and feed a Kneazle.
  5. Speak with Professor Howin.
  6. Now go talk to Poppy. She will ask you to come with her and meet someone in the forest, go with her.
  7. Here, you get to meet a Majestic beast, Highwing.
  8. Brush and Feed Highwing.
  9. Talk with Poppy.
  • Requirements: Required Level 13
  • Reward: Beast Brush, Beast Feed, 4 Beast Collections, 260 XP

The Caretaker’s Lunar Lament

Completed the Caretaker’s Lunar Lament quest – Image Credits: VeryAli Gaming

The Hogwarts Caretaker, Gladwin Moon, wishes to talk with you.

Mission Objective

  1. Talk to Gladwin Moon, and he will show you a statue.
  2. Remove the moon from the statue as he asks, and the statue will vanish.
  3. Start following Gladwin.
  4. After that, you get to learn Alohomora Spell. Use Alohomora to open the Faculty Tower door.
  5. Retrieve the Demiguise Moon in the Prefect’s Bathroom.
  6. Next up, retrieve the Demiguise Moon in the Hospital Wing.
  7. Return them to Gladwin and complete the quest.
  • Requirements: Required Level 13
  • Reward: Alohomora Spell, 260 XP

The Helm Of Urtkot

You will partake in the quest “The Helm of Urtkot” by interacting with Sirona inside the Three Broomsticks at Hogsmeade.

Mission Objective

  1. Speak to Sirona in the Three Broomsticks
  2. Look for Lodgok at the Hog’s Head Inn. He will ask you to gather any needed supplies and meet him near the witch’s tomb.
  3. Follow Lodgok to the tomb’s entrance and enter the Collector’s Cave once ready.
  4. Start searching the tomb for the Helmet.
  5. After clearing obstacles and taking down enemies, Return to Lodgok.
  6. You will have to recover the helmet from the thieves now. Once you take the enemies down and retrieve the Helmet of Urtkot, return it to Lodgok.
  • Requirements: Depulso Spell, Required Level 12
  • Reward: 260 XP

In The Shadow Of The Estate

In The Shadow of the Estate – Image Credits: VeryAli Gaming

Start by meeting with Sebastian in Feldcroft after completing the Helm of Urtkot quest.

Mission Objective

  1. After starting the quest by meeting with Sebastian in Feldcroft, follow him to his home.
  2. Enter the Sallow home upon arrival.
  3. Speak with Anne and Solomon by going back inside the house.
  4. Go back to Sebastian and talk to him.
  5. He wants to show you the place where Anne got cursed; follow him.
  6. A lot of Rankrok Loyalists will appear, defeat them, and Defend Feldcroft.
  7. After combat, follow Sebastian and talk to him afterward.
  8. Search the Estate for clues.
  9. Talk to Sebastian. Afterward, search the Estate for clues again.
  10. You will run across a hidden stairway, so explore the cellar.
  11. Speak to Sebastian after you find a passageway in the form of a mirror.
  12. Enter the Undercroft. Examine the note afterward and show it to Sebastian.
  • Requirements: Required Level 15
  • Reward: 260 XP

The Elf, the Nab-Sack, and the Loom

The Elf, the Nab-Sack, and the Loom

The quest The Elf, the Nab-Sack, and the Loom requires you to obtain a nab-sack to rescue beasts.

Mission Objective

  1. Go to the Room of Requirement and Check in with Deek. He will introduce you to the Nab-Sack. Let Deek know when you are ready to leave and rescue magical beasts.
  2. Follow Deek and get ready to Rescue a Puffskein with a Nab-Sack.
  3. Talk to Deek, and once he is gone, meet him near the Jobberknoll habitat.
  4. Upon talking to him, you get a task to rescue a Jobberknoll.
  5. When you successfully rescue one, go back and Talk to Deek.
  6. Now meet Deek near the Mooncalf habitat and Rescue a Mooncalf. After rescuing one, Talk to Deek.
  7. Return to the Room of Requirement.
  8. Meet Deek inside the new creation that just appeared. The place is a Vivarium.
  9. You can care for the released beasts and collect their furs. Collect a Jobberknoll feature, a Puffskein fur, and a Mooncalf fur. When you collect all three items, speak with Deek.
  10. You need to exit the Vivarium now and conjure an Enchanted Loom.
  11. Once conjured and placed, you can interact with it and need to perform two tasks: add a trait to an item of clothing and upgrade an item of clothing.
  12. Let Deek know you have used the Enchanted Loom.
  • Requirements: Required Level 15
  • Reward: the Nab-Sack, Conjuration Spellcraft, Conjuration Spellcraft, Loom for Improvement achievement, 260 XP

Astronomy Class

To attend the class, visit the Astronomy Wing located in the Astronomy Tower.

Mission Objective

Professor Shah will take your class. After talking to Amit Thakkar, find Amit’s telescope in the Storage Area and find him on the Lower Deck. Follow Amit after talking to him and find the Astronomy Table. Use it once you find it.

  • Requirements: Required Level 16
  • Reward: Astronomy Table, 340 XP

Professor Garlick’s Assignment 1

You are required to field test a venomous Tenatacula and a Mandrake as Professor Garlick assigned.

Mission Objective

  1. Visit Dogweed and Deathcap right outside Hogsmeade as you need to purchase a Venomous Tenatacula and a Mandrake.
  2. Now perform your first assignment task of Aquire and Use a Venomous Tenatacula.
  3. Once done, go outside, find a group of enemies, and use a Mandrake on multiple enemies simultaneously as a part of your assignment.
  4. Once completed the assignment, attend Herbology class during the day.
  5. Return to Professor Garlick after the class ends. She will teach you how to cast Wingardium Leviosa, a more advanced form of Levioso.
  • Requirements: Required Level 16
  • Reward: 150 XP, Wingardium Leviosa

The High Keep

To start one of the Hogwarts Legacy main quests, “The High Keep,” you must meet Natty, who is waiting for you near a castle ruin.

Mission Objective

  1. Visit the Falbarton Castle and meet Natty waiting nearby.
  2. Climb the battlements, then enter the Gatehouse.
  3. Once you’re inside, open the main gate and follow Natty.
  4. You must get to the roof. Here, you meet Highwing, free him, and escape on the Hippogriffs along with Natty.
  5. Follow Natty on Highwing. 
  • Requirements: Wingardium Leviosa, Required Level 17
  • Reward: Hippogriff Mounts, 260 XP

Back On The Path

Time to get back on the path and meet Professor Fig in the Map Chamber for the next trial.

Mission Objective

Travel to the Map Chamber through a Floo Flame quicker and Talk to Professor Fig standing there.

  • Requirements: Required Level 18
  • Reward: 260 XP

Charles Rookwood’s Trial

Percival Rackham and Charles Rookwood want you to complete the next trial as soon as possible.

Mission Objective

  1. To start the quest, meet Professor Fig at Rookwood Castle.
  2. Enter Rookwood Castle further and defeat some Loyalists.
  3. Find Charles Rookwood’s portrait.
  4. You will find ancient magic, connect with it, and open a portal.
  5. Enter the portal and then the door to start your next trial.
  6. After a long trial filled with puzzles and enemies, continue exploring Charles Rookwood’s Trial to learn more.
  7. Now, exit Charles Rookwood’s Trial to go back to the Map Chamber.
  8. Speak to Percival through his Portrait and then finish the quest by talking to Professor Fig.
  • Requirements: Complete Back On The Path
  • Professor Howin’s Assignment, 260 XP

Stop Ranrok And Rookwood (Chapter 10)

There are seven Main Quests in chapter 10, “Stop Ranrok and Rookwood,” for you to perform.

Fire And Vice

Poppy is waiting for you in the area far North of Hogwarts, meet her there.

Mission Objective

  1. Follow Poppy till she stops and wonders if the poachers are still around.
  2. Search for signs of Poachers and collect a goblin metal.
  3. Speak to Poppy about it and follow her till you run into a bunch of poachers.
  4. Take down the poachers and enter the tent.
  5. Investigate the Horntail Hall and speak to Poppy afterward.
  6. Collect the Dragon Egg Poppy found.
  7. Next up, you need to defeat the Poachers and stop them from torturing the Dragon.
  8. Free the dragon by using Accio once the enemies are down. 
  • Requirements: Required Level 19
  • Reward: Defender of the Dragons achievement, 260 XP, Professor Weasley’s Assignment

Professor Weasley’s Assignment

Unlock Professor Weasley’s Assignment after reaching Level 20 and completing the Fire and Vice quest.

Mission Objective

  1. Start by collecting the first Field Guide page from Underground Harbour.
  2. Now, head to the Library and talk to a student named Sophronia Franklin.
  3. After the quiz ends, you can collect the Field Page from the book on Intermediate Transfiguration.
  4. Once the two required pages are collected, attend the Transfiguration Class. You will learn the Transformation spell during the class.
  5. Speak with Professor Weasley as your final task and finish the quest.
  • Requirements: Required Level 20
  • Reward: Transformation Spell, 150 XP

In The Shadow Of The Mine

To start the quest, meet Sebastian, who is waiting near the entrance to the Overlook Mine to the Northeast of Upper Hogsfield.

Mission Objective

  1. Meet Sebastian and start the quest.
  2. Reach the entrance to the mine while leading Sebastian and sneaking by them.
  3. Search the Rune Symbol once inside and take down any Loyalist Warrior you run across.
  4. You will stumble upon more enemies; therefore, defeat them.
  5. Investigate the Cavern till you find a Chamber.
  6. Explore the Chamber.
  7. Check on Sebastian, then use the magic passageway to travel back to Hogwarts.
  8. The piece of canvas you found, place it into the triptych.
  9. Talk to Sebastian.
  1. Requirements: Required Level 22
  2. Reward: 260 XP

It’s All Gobbledegook

It’s All Gobbledegook

Lodgok wants to meet you at a goblin mine south of Hogwarts. Bring someone who speaks Gobbledegook along with you.

Mission Objective

  1. Start by speaking with Amit to get him on board.
  2. After he agrees to join you, meet Lodgok near the mine entrance.
  3. When you are done speaking with him, enter the goblin mine.
  4. Now, you need to search for evidence of Ranrok’s plan.
  5. When you do so, exit the mine.
  6. Speak with Amit once outside, then talk to Lodgok.
  • Requirements: Required Level 21
  • Reward: 260 XP

The Headmistress Speaks

A portrait of Professor Niamh Fitzgerald has appeared in the Map Chamber, and you need to speak with her to start the quest.

Mission Objective

Travel to the Map Chamber through the Floo Flame. Here, speak to the portrait of Professor Niamh Fitzgerald.

  • Requirements: Required Level 23
  • Reward: 260 XP

The Polyjuice Plot

  1. You must meet Professor Fig in his office to start the quest and discuss the third trial.
  2. Mission Objective
  3. Speak to Professor Fig in his office, and you’ll take Polyjuice Potion to change into Professor Black.
  4. Now, speak to Madam Kogawa about Scrope.
  5. Go to Scrope and learn the password from him.
  6. After speaking with him, you must hide before the Polyjuice Potion wears off.
  • Requirements: Completed “The Headmistress Speaks,” Required Level 23
  • Reward: 260 XP

Niamh Fitzgerald’s Trial

The third trial, also known as the “Niamh Fitzgerald Trial,” starts by accessing the Headmaster’s Office.

Mission Objective

  1. Once you whisper the office password and get into the Headmaster’s office, find the book.
  2. You will arrive in a black-and-white town. Make your way through the town without being seen.
  3. Use the Clock of Invisibility to advance further.
  4. You will find a Resurrection Stone; now complete the trial of the stone.
  5. You will find a Pensieve by following Niamh, so witness Niamh Fitzgerald’s memory by using it.
  6. When you are back, return to the Map Chamber.
  7. Lastly, speak to the newly arrived keeper, San Bakar.
  • Requirements: Required Level 23
  • Reward: The Hallowed Hero achievement, 260 XP

Prepare For Your O.W.L.S (Chapter 11)

There are three main quests you run across in Chapter 11 of Hogwarts Legacy.

In The Shadow Of The Mountain

You must meet Sebastian Sallow along the coast to start this main quest in Hogwarts Legacy.

Mission Objective

  1. You need to travel up the switchbacks.
  2. You will encounter multiple enemies, so defeat them all.
  3. Continue up the mountain, here, defeat some guards. Now, enter the caverns after collecting items.
  4. Search for runes once inside. Defeat all of the enemies you encounter.
  5. Finally, unlock the rune door.
  6. Search for the triptych segment once inside the door. You will encounter a Troll; defeat it.
  7. Continue searching for the triptych segment now.
  8. Unlock the Rune Door and investigate the chamber.
  9. Once you obtain the final piece of the triptych, use the magic passageway and return to the Undercroft.
  10. Lastly, place the canvas into the triptych.
  • Requirements: Required Level 24
  • Reward: 260 XP

Lodgok’s Loyalty

Lodgok is trying to infiltrate the Coastal Mine alone; you must find him in the 43rd main quest in Hogwarts Legacy.

Mission Objective

  1. Start by finding the entrance to the mine.
  2. Enter the mine once you locate the entrance.
  3. Search for Lodgok inside the mine.
  4. Defeat all enemies that you come across.
  5. Next up, you must collapse all five pillars to destroy the drill.
  6. End the quest by exiting the mine.
  • Requirements: Required Level 24, read the second letter from Lodgok.
  • Reward: 260 XP

San Bakar’s Trial

To start the Hogwarts Legacy main quest, meet Professor Fig at San Bakar’s Pensieve Chamber.

Mission Objective

  1. Once you have met Professor Fig, you must find the clue to open the Pensieve Chamber.
  2. Then, search for the Lord of the Shore.
  3. Proceed to enter the Graphorn’s Den.
  4. Here, you need to Subdue the Lord of the Shore.
  5. Return with the Graphorn to the Pensieve Chamber.
  6. Finally, you can witness the Pensieve memory.
  7. After that, use the magical passageway to return to the Map Chamber.
  8. Finally, end the quest by speaking with the keepers’ portrait.
  • Requirements: Required Level 24, completed Lodgok’s Loyalty.
  • Reward: 260 XP, Grappling with a Graphorn achievement, the one who mastered the memories achievement, Graphorn Mount

Stop Ranrok (Chapter 12)

In the twelfth chapter, Stop Ranrok, there are the final two main quests in Hogwarts Legacy.

Wand Mastery

Wand Mastery

Visit Mr. Ollivander in his shop and see if he can craft the Keeper’s wand with the artifacts you acquired from their trials.

Mission Objective

  1. Start by visiting and consulting with Gerbold Ollivander.
  2. Defend yourself from Rookwood’s Lot.
  3. And finally, you’ll face the man himself, Victor Rookwood, in the battle, so defeat him. The quest will end once you take him down.
  • Requirements: Completed San Bakar’s trial, Required Level 24
  • Reward: 300 XP

The Final Repository

The wand is ready with the Keeper’s artifact. Now time to go back to the Map Chamber with it and perform the final main quest in Hogwarts Legacy.

Mission Objective

  1. When you return to the Map Chamber, talk to Professor Fig.
  2. Now, enter the Keepers’ Caverns and make your way to the Repository.
  3. Stop the Goblin Loyalists that get in your way.
  4. Reach the Repository before Ranrok.
  5. Defeat the Loyalists and their Trolls once again.
  6. You’ll have to find a path through.
  7. Reach the Repository before Ranrok and defeat another wave of Ranrok’s Loyalists.
  8. Again, reach the Repository before Ranrok and defeat any of his Loyalists that cross your path.
  9. Defeat Ranrok’s conjured dragon to save Hogwarts.
  • Requirements: Required Level 24
  • Reward: The Hero Of Hogwarts achievement, 260 XP

Postgame Main Quests

Once you complete the Hogwarts Legacy main quests, you have two more main quests in the postgame.

Weasley’s Watchful Eye

You have to meet Professor Weasley in her office in the Transfiguration classroom.

Mission Objective

Talk to Professor Weasley, who is in her office. She will check your Wizard’s Field Guide and inform you about the upcoming O.W.L.s.

  • Requirements: Completed The Final Repository, Required Level 24
  • Reward: none

The House Cup

The end-of-year feast in the Great Hall is being celebrated. This is officially the last main quest in Hogwarts Legacy.

Mission Objective

Reach Level 34 by completing side quests and Field Guide. Then, go to the Great Hall and attend the feast.

  • Requirements: Required Level 34
  • Reward: None

Personal Experience

The gameplay holds multiple main quests in Hogwarts Legacy, leading to a beautiful – and, in my case – an emotional ending. You will get to rescue beasts, attend classes, complete assignments, and defeat the antagonists of the story. For me, Chapter 9 took most of my time, as there is a whopping 10 quests in that chapter alone. The few final quests, including “The Final Repository,” were also time-consuming, but the challenge these quests brought is what kept me engaged. Since I cleared the playthrough without any walkthrough, it did become overwhelming at times. But there’s no need to worry for you guys; I’ve listed them all here so you don’t feel lost while clearing these quests. Good Luck, Wizards and Witches!

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