Hogwarts Legacy Natty Or Sebastian Choice

Who's a better tour guide? Natty or Sebastian?

Hogwarts Legacy Natty or Sebastian
A detailed guide on the choice between Natty and Sebastian.

Getting sorted into a House was not the only time you made a decision in Hogwarts Legacy. Soon after that, players need to make another choice, though not as important as the previous one.

Here, Professor Weasley suggests you take a classmate on your trip to Hogsmeade as a tour guide and the options are Natty and Sebastian in Hogwarts Legacy. Wondering which one of them you should pick? Well, keep on reading and find out.

Key Takeaways

  • After attending the two classes, players are instructed by Professor Weasley on their first day at Hogwarts to visit the nearby village of Hogsmeade in order to get replacement items that were lost.
  • Professor Weasley makes a suggestion to bring along a classmate for the trip and gives the options of Natty, aka Natsai Onai, or Sebastian Sallow.
  • It does not matter which of the two characters the player chooses as it barely makes any difference to the main storyline. Therefore, pick the character you like the most.
  • After talking to Professor Weasley, players need to perform another quick task by completing Professor Ronen’s assignment, then they can start the Hogsmeade trip from their Wizard’s Field Guide.
  • Meet the student you chose for the trip near the entrance to Hogwarts and follow them till they reach Hogsmeade.

Should You Choose Natty Or Sebastian

Professor Weasley giving Natty or Sebastian Option
Professor Weasley giving Natty or Sebastian Option – Image Credits: VeryAli Gaming

On your first day at Hogwarts, after attending the two classes and performing a few side quests, you will be instructed to meet Professor Weasley in the Transfiguration classroom. Upon meeting, she announces a trip to the nearby village of Hogsmeade so you can replace the supplies you lost on your way to Hogwarts. She suggests you take one of your classmates with you and two options pop up. These options include:

  • Natsai Onai or Natty (from Gryffindor)
  • Sebastian Sallow (from Slytherin)

No matter which House you choose, the options will remain the same. However, the real question is, which of these two would be a better companion on your trip to Hogsmeade? Will any of these two characters come with a character-exclusive quest?

The answer is no, it does not matter which NPC student out of the two you choose for your trip. Picking Natsai Onai will not sabotage your potential friendship with Sebastian Sallow and vice versa. Moreover, the trip to Hogsmeade for supplies is an early part of the playthrough, meaning that you will have multiple opportunities to befriend any of the two characters later on.

Although, the trip consists of quite a bit of conversation between you and the character you pick; therefore, we suggest you choose the character you want to befriend earlier and want to get to know better.

How To Visit Hogsmeade

After you have selected the student for your trip, there is another quest you need to perform beforehand. Meet Professor Ronen in order to complete the quest. He will give you your assignment for the day which includes collecting two flying pages by using the Accio spell.

Once you manage to collect both the floating pages, revisit Professor Ronen and complete the quest so you can start your trip to Hogsmeade. Finally, open your Wizard’s Field Guide, go to the quests option, and start the “Welcome To Hogsmeade” quest.

You get the instruction to meet Natty or Sebastian near the entrance to Hogwarts. There are other quests you can partake in during this time but it is better to stick with the one you are currently working on. So, go to Natty or Sebastian and interact with them. After a loading screen, you will be outside the gate.

Meeting Sebastian near the entrance to Hogwarts – Image Credits: VeryAli Gaming

Start following Natty or Sebastian in Hogwarts Legacy as they guide you to Hogsmeade. The trip to Hogsmeade is surely not boring as you get to know your travel buddy a bit and you also get to meet the Hogwarts Caretaker. Soon enough you will arrive at Hogsmeade and a list of items will pop up for you to purchase.

Following Sebastian to Hogsmeade – Image Credits: VeryAli Gaming

Final Remarks

Finally, the much anticipated Hogwarts Legacy is out, and not just the Potterheads but the entire gaming community had been looking forward to its release. Get sorted into your favorite house, befriend other wizards and witches, attend classes, and explore the grounds outside Hogwarts. The game also contains tons of quests for players to complete and progress forward.

On your very first day of studying at Hogwarts, you get to enjoy a free trip to the Hogsmeade village. However, you must have Natty, aka Natsai Onai, or Sebastian Sallow as your tour guide. Choose the character you like the most and stop worrying about missing any character-exclusive quest, as there is none. Simply follow your companion to visit Hogsmeade and get ready for some school shopping!

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