Hogwarts Legacy: How To Open Level 1 Lock [Time-Saving Tips]

Here’s how to open doors with the Level 1 Lock in Hogwarts Legacy and unlock brand new areas, treasures, and mysteries for you to peruse.

Hogwarts Legacy How To Open Level 1 Lock
Hogwarts Legacy: How To Open Level 1 Lock

Much like Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, there are plenty of closed areas throughout the world of Hogwarts Legacy that are unavailable for the players as they start the game. As such, you will run into many locks as you explore the castle, such as the Level 1 Lock.

These locks are divided into three tiers: the Level 1 Lock, the Level 2 Lock, and the Level 3 Lock. Appropriately, the Level 2 Lock and the Level 3 Lock can only be opened after you have learned to unlock doors with the Level 1 Lock. Here’s how you can achieve that.

Key Takeaways

  • The Level 1 Lock is opened with the Alohomora Spell.
  • Gladwin Moon teaches Alohomora in The Caretaker’s Lunar Lament chapter.
  • The lockpicking minigame is solved by holding both lights at the proper position where the gears start turning.

How To Access Doors With Level 1 Lock

Hogwarts Legacy How To Access Doors With Level 1 Lock
How To Access Doors With Level 1 Lock
  1. Before you begin to learn the technicalities of the Level 1 Lock in Hogwarts Legacy, you need to know how to access it.
  2. Even before attempting to unlock doors with this particular lock, you must learn a spell that allows you the chance to try to open the doors: the Alohomora Spell.
  3. Not to worry, this spell is not a pesky side quest.
  4. You will learn it in the 22nd Main Quest of the game: The Caretaker’s Lunar Lament, which comes after Percival Rackham’s Trial chapter.

How To Learn The Alohomora Spell

Hogwarts Legacy How To Learn Alohomora
How To Learn Alohomora
  1. The Alohomora Spell is one with which most Wizarding World fans are familiar.
  2. Simply put, it opens locked doors, which makes it very appropriate for this task.
  3. You must find Gladwin Moon, the Hogwarts Caretaker, to learn the spell.
  4. He has a quest for you that requires you to sneak around the castle.
  5. To help you do this, he teaches you the Alohomora spell. Afterward, you’ll be able to attempt to open doors with such a lock.

How To Unlock Doors With Level 1 Lock

Hogwarts Legacy How To Unlock Doors With Level 1 Lock
How To Unlock Doors With Level 1 Lock
  1. Once you’ve learned Alohomora, you will immediately find some doors with the Level 1 Lock as part of the same quest to help Gladwin Moon.
  2. Furthermore, once you cast this spell on these doors, a lockpicking minigame will open up, making things a little more complicated.
  3. In the minigame, you control two colored lights with your controls: the joysticks.
  4. Using these two lights, you can manage the two-layered dials of the lock.
  5. The green light controls the outer dial, and the red light controls the inner dial.
  6. To make the process as simple as possible I would recommend using the left joystick to move the green light and spin the outer dial until the gears at the bottom right of the screen start to move.
  7. Now, keeping the green light where it is, repeat the steps for the red light, moving it to spin the inner dial until the gears start moving.
  8. The lock will open whenever both lights are held in the correct position.
  9. The minigame is primarily a test of patience since the controls are susceptible, and the lights slip around too quickly. Remember, practice makes perfect!
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