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Do you want to learn how to rescue Rococo in Hogwarts Legacy? Well, you have come to the right place, as this article contains all there is to know about rescuing Rococco in Hogwarts Legacy!

Rescuing Rococo featured
Rescuing Rococo

The rescue of Rococo, a unique and magical creature that dark wizards have captured, is one of Hogwarts Legacy’s most exciting tasks. The methods required to rescue Rococo and the difficulties players could encounter successfully are covered in depth in this article below!

Key Takeaways

  • Sneaking into the dark wizard’s lair requires players to use their stealth skills and spells to avoid detection.
  • Players must defeat the dark wizards guarding Rococo using their spells and potions.
  • Subdue all Ashwinders occupying the chamber.
  • The player can rescue Rococo by unlocking the cage where it is being held after eliminating all the dark wizards from the place.
  • Use a magic spell on Rococo so he does not escape or try to run away.
  • Gather all the stuff you can, then head to the front end of the room to find Henrietta’s Hideaway’s entrance.
  • Players must complete the assignment by combining their abilities, knowledge, and tactics to rescue Rococo!

Getting The Side Quest: Rescuing Rococo

The player must go to Manor Cape Hamlet in Bainburgh to start the Rescuing Rococo Side Quest. Rococo is hiding in Henrietta’s Hideaway, which is a secret area under the ruins in the southeastern part of Manor Cape.

Manor Cape Location
Manor Cape Location. Image Credits: Ventus SGN

I must warn you because the ruins are guarded. You will have two options to consider and complete the task. To get to Henrietta’s Hideaway, follow the path toward the Merlin Trial.

Go and find the secret entrance. If it’s your first time in the area, be aware that the ruins above the hideaway are heavily guarded, so be ready for a fight if you can’t sneak in undetected. You can follow the steps below for a walkthrough of properly starting the quest.

Here are the steps to start the Rescuing Rococo side quest:

  1. Visit the Manor Cape Hamlet of Bainburgh.
  2. Go to the Hamlet Shop and speak to Agnes Coffey, the shopkeeper.
  3. Agnes will explain that Rococo has run away and you will get the task of rescuing him.
  4. Head to the southeastern tip of the Manor Cape peninsula, where the Ashwinder-guarded ruins are located.
  5. Rococo hides in Henrietta’s Hideaway, a secret area directly below the ruins.
  6. Ashwinders are all around the ruins guarding the place. You will also find Dunstan Trinity lurking around in the ruins.
  7. You will have two options now. You can choose to fight the enemies and get inside. Another way is to use the Disillusionment Spell and get in there without getting spotted.
  8. Follow the path southeast and turn left towards the Merlin Trial to find the entrance to Henrietta’s Hideaway.
  9. Walk down the steps to reach the secret entrance and start the rescue mission.

The moment to be ready for the task has come once the participants have acquired sufficient data. This entails making sure they have all the tools at their disposal, including potions, wands, and spells, to aid them in navigating the evil wizard’s stronghold.

To complete their task, they can also desire to seek the aid of other game characters, such as other students or teachers.

Players can produce potions that will aid them in their mission by visiting the school’s potion class. For instance, a potion that makes them invisible or one that strengthens their magical prowess.

To be prepared for the trials that lie ahead, players must also make sure that their wands are in excellent shape and that their spell knowledge is current.

How To Rescue Rococo

Rescuing Rococo Image Credits Ventus SGN
Rescuing Rococo. Image Credits: Ventus SGN

Here are thorough steps to rescue Rococo and bring it back to Agnes Coffey:

  1. You need to light up the cask to see the puzzle and solve it.
  2. Use the spell Confringo to light it up near the left statue.
  3. Use the spell Windgardium Leviosa to place the block next to its pedestal in front of the door.
  4. Use the spell Confringo on the left pane and use Glacius on the block sitting on the right one.
  5. Light up the cask located in front of the right statue. You will see a chest full of gears and items.
  6. Defeat all the enemies there by using Revelio.
  7. Ascend the staircase and take a right.
  8. Use Arresto Momentum on the floor to not get trapped by it.
  9. Subdue all Ashwinders occupying the chamber.
  10. Approach the southern wall. You will also find the area featuring the Musical Map.
  11. Utilize Wingardium Leviosa on the fire block.
  12. Go to the area where you were before.
  13. Use the spell Incendio to activate it on its corresponding altar.
  14. Use the spell Accio to retrieve the second block and position it on the remaining altar.
  15. Utilize the spell Levioso to open the doorway.
  16. You will see Rococo lurking around in that hall and he may try to run away from you.
  17. Use Levioso on Rococo to catch him so he won’t run away.
  18. Gather all the stuff you can, then head to the front (northern) end of the room to find Henrietta’s Hideaway’s entrance.
  19. Return to Agnes Coffey to get your reward for the side quest.
Bainbugh Location rococo
Bainbugh Location Rococo. Image Credits: Ventus SGN

Players must first learn the location before starting the task of rescuing Rococo. Beginning with a tour of the castle and its surroundings, they can then interact with other wizards, students, and faculty. The location of the evil wizards’ lair where Rococo is being kept will be revealed to the player.

Players can search the school’s library for information on the dark wizards who kidnapped Rococo. Players will benefit from this knowledge as they get ready for the difficulties that lie ahead and develop a successful rescue plan for Rococo.

Infiltrating the Dark Wizard’s Lair 

It is difficult to get inside the dark wizard’s lair. Dark wizards and other magical creatures always guard the lair as its name suggests. Players will need to employ their stealth abilities. No one will be able to discover them, and they will be able to get to the chamber where Rococo is being kept.

  1. You can slip past guards and other obstructions by using their invisibility potion.
  2. I strongly recommend using spells like Silencio to hush their footsteps, making it simpler for them to walk around undetected.
  3. Once at the room where Rococo is being kept, they must vanquish the dark wizards securing the place. Their familiarity with spells and potions is useful in this situation. 
  4. Rococo must be protected from harm throughout the conflict at all costs.
  5. To fight the evil wizards, the players must be strategic in their approach.
  6. They have spells like Expelliarmus that they may employ to disarm the dark wizards and make them helpless.
  7. Eliminate all the Ashwinders in the room. They can also utilize spells like Stupefy to temporarily paralyze the dark wizards so they have time to devise an offensive strategy.
Rococo in the blue hue
Rococo in the blue hue

It’s time to save Rococo at last. You will see Rococo lurking around in that hall and he may try to run away from you. To rescue it from its captivity, the player will need to use their magic to open the cage. Cast the spell Levioso on Rococo and catch him.

Furthermore, gather all the stuff you can, then head to the front end of the room to find Henrietta’s Hideaway’s entrance. Once Rococo is secure, the player may finish the quest by putting it back in its home environment.

Return to Agnes Coffey to get your reward for the side quest. She lives in Bainsburgh if you forgot that!

My Experience With The Quest

Ultimately, rescuing Rococo in Hogwarts Legacy is an action-packed quest that calls for players to utilize their understanding of spells, potions, and strategies to go through barriers and vanquish wicked wizards. It’s a quest that gives players a sense of accomplishment and enables them to communicate with fictional magical beings. 

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